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Clichéd LoveE stories without wanting to hurl herself off the nearest cliff So much for her brilliant ideaBy the time she arrives in Seattle she’s already had enough of interviewing couples but she’s determined to see it through After all if the readers of a national newspaper can recognize a love story as a love story regardless of sexuality she might change a few minds out there Helping to temper the discontent is new friend Iris who seems to know everyone’s story and importantly shares Vega?. I just read the review Alexis K left and remembered reading this a few years ago Alexis review was spot on for me Though I didn’t think this a bad book and in fact liked the premise of the story it fell short of the expectations I had I uite like some of the other books Galli wrote but this book dragged a bit for me maybe because it felt repetitious So no than 3 stars

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Clichéd Love characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Vega a journalist by trade and a cynic for life came up with a brilliant pitch for a series of articles Recount the tales of lesbian and gay couples to assure the heterosexual population that the institution of marriage isn’t at risk now that gay marriage is legal Her edit?s take on them As the interviews continue and her friendship with Iris grows Vega wonders if her lifelong cynical attitude toward love might be softening a bit NOTE This is a romance wrapped in a satire You’ll get your romance but along the way common romance themes character traits and plot points are mocked a bit or a lot If you cherish every word ever written in all your favorite lesbian romances and never once thought Oh come on That would never happen then this book isn’t for you. I was excited and surprised to see a new book appear as in; I was poking around and happened to notice a book had been published a couple days before I noticed it even existed I really need to pay attention to things like that publication schedules and stuffI was not sure what to expect from this book in July of last year I'd basically read everything by Galli all in the same month except for a book here or there And I had rather enjoyed all of them mostly So I was vaguely nervous about trying a new book after a 9 month gap especially with the way this book was structured a series of interviews by a journalist who would learn the 'love story' of many couples Luckily for my peace of mind what I vaguely suspected would happen didn't This isn't a series of connected short stories 'connected' by having a 'narrator' move from couple to couple No there's a real story here a real novel with some rather deep characters Much deeper than some I've seen in a whileVega is a 46 year old journalist who has come up with a ‘brilliant’ proposal to write a series of articles based on interviews with long term LGBT relationships there is a mixture of gay and lesbian couples interviewed though I am not sure based on how she seems to set up in lesbian bars if the gay couples were originally part of the proposal The point of the series would be to showcase LGBT couples in a ‘good’ light to ‘humanize’ them now that that Supreme Court ruling had come out regarding lesbian and gay marriage I put brilliant in uotes because Vega has come to the conclusion that she has found herself a goodish long term project to work on but she is kind of tired of how clichéd everyone’s stories seem to be ETA this isn't a spoiler so much as something I left out to cut down on the details but then after reading my review a few times made it seem like I probably should mention this specific factoid after beginning her series of interviews Vega hits on a variation of her plan and proposes it to her editors they accept this change now the articles will involve two couples in each article one LGBT one straight with the names changed to make them as unisex as possible; then people would vote on which couple they thought was gaylesbian; or straight winner would get a 100000 wedding or a really nice vacationThe book opens with Vega stopping on her tour of interviewing in a bar in Seattle She plans to be there for a certain amount of time gather interviews and then move on That’s the plan at leastThe point of view by the way is purely from Vega’s point of viewIris is a woman who Vega spots in the Seattle bar Vega’s intrigued by the roughly 46 year old woman though not specifically attracted to her – not really her type But still intrigued Many people oddly come up to Vega while she’s in the bar to do interviews to note that Vega should ‘watch out’ for Iris Iris apparently is a one night stand type woman Vega doesn’t particularly care re ‘not really her type’ but is still intrigued in a maybe new friend typeVega sets up a temporary place of residence close ish to the bar Conducts interviews mostly in the bar Hangs out with people and over the summer months develops a friendship with Iris Playing tennis Going on stake outs etc Oh did I not mention that Iris is a private investigator Vega initially laughed at Iris assuming she was pulling her leg The book is a rather fun humorous neat book – deeper than I expected Considering I was somewhat hesitant to start the book I am somewhat surprised by my reaction The reaction being that this is one of the best books I’ve read in a while Oh and there’s at least one rather good sex scene in this here bookTwo last notes 1 I’m purposely being less detailed than I might normally be so that others would have even less chance to be spoiled by anything I note like I’m completely leaving out the part about how important a role a third person plays in this book – Lane; and how others – in the bar and meet elsewhere have their own deeper roles to play; 2 those who have read prior books by Galli will likely notice a few familiar names here and there – mostly side characters in prior books though a few ‘name’ as in main in prior books characters are mentioned but not seen April 26 2016

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Vega a journalist by trade and a cynic for life came up with a brilliant pitch for a series of articles Recount the tales of lesbian and gay couples to assure the heterosexual population that the institution of marriage isn’t at risk now that gay marriage is legal Her editor loved the idea Vega loved the notion of a long term assignment that paid regularly What she didn’t realize until too late was that she’d have to sit through every one of these often banal regularly nauseating lov. Vega is a freelance journalist writing a new series for a major daily newspaper Her current project is to interview both straight and LGBT couples on how they met and fell in love unfortunately Vega is less disinterested in her premise and rather activity loathes it Sadly for her the series is well received by the general public and her interviewing must continue for the good of her wallet Having holed up in a lesbian bar in Seattle Vega meets Iris Iris is charming worldly and a good tennis partner the best kind of friend when one is on the road But the friendship slowly creeps towards something even as Vega tells herself she isn't that keen on love and that nor seems Iris I feel ambivalent about this book Look let's not piss about here rightio Galli has written a tonne of books all of them like lollies made of rainbows The slight edge of frustration lurking behind all of her characters acts like a spice than a sour taste So let's talk about how this novel is different from the ones you've read before okay And if you haven't read any of the others then alas the central joke of this book might escape Perhaps I might suggest you start with maybe One Off It's a standalone well written and the target of the chaos rage is something everyone hates wedding planningFor those who have read her other novels first it must be said that Galli gives fair warning on the blurb of the book; she states she's going to mock tropes and this she duly does Stepping back for a second this is probably the first joke; her corpus is comprised almost exclusively of conventional romance novels indeed their conventionality is a large part of their charm Is the central conceit of this novel then a self deprecating joke on herself or a rather less well meaning one on her readers Possibly probably both It was a thought I pondered without malice at multiple points during this book It gets especially meta when Vega falls into a conventional lesbian fictional romance of her own which the author makes sure to point out she understands This book is the mutually assured destruction device of the fluffy lesbian fiction world and one can only admire its ambition Alas however no amount of clever meta humour can make the book a slam dunk read It takes charming characters for that Vega alas is surprisingly difficult to like especially in the first half of the novel I say 'surprisingly' because creating likable characters is a strength of Galli This is due to a single and recurring problem; mocking lesbian romances tropes is done through Vega rather than it being enabled by her Let me explain that a bit clearly Instead of presenting tropes in a narrative way ie abstracting short stories for their inherent silliness and then trusting the reader to laugh Galli instead opts to place in text plausible short stories which feature the tropes about which then Vega makes sarcastic comments At times this does work esp for the awful tropes in lesbian fiction the bossemployee relationship as well as those featuring cheating deserved all the scorn that Vega provided But other times it felt like perfectly lovely people with perfectly acceptable if conventional love stories get shit on by Vega for no reason The process of grizzling about people's happiness is mostly via internal dialogue but sometimes she just outright tries to make people feel bad about their relationship Oooooo yeah Yeah that was hit and missSo let me be clear I understand that mocking tropes is the point I bought the book to laugh there is a certain joy in watching tropes get cleverly deconstructed yes But just presenting them straight and then telling us how bad they are is not deconstruction Nor and I point this out with regret is it especially clever Conventional stories are kind of boring and that meant well the novel was boring as well Half way though this novel came with a great gasp; alas stories being conventional might well have been the obvious problem with laying them out instead of abstracting To be honest the commentary didn't work for me either Perhaps I was not the target audience but often the characters being mocked were far sympathetic than Vega At a couple of points Vega even contradicts previous grizzles during latter criticisms giving the impression she's less interested in understanding the relationship she's got in front of her and way interested in just being a total dick She just didn't really come off well It would have worked better and did work better when the absurd was emphasised into sublime abstraction For example the lesbian rancher trope story The lesbian rancher trope story made me physically cringe laugh with no commentary reuired It burned my eyes and I loved itEven those times the author needed to be a little careful Not about the tropes but about making sure her character was accessible During the couple of stories that were inherently absurd for example the story about two couples who ended up swapping partners mostly everyone inside the relationship seemed happy and stable enough the judging was coming entirely from Vegathe author But the problem was if they're happy then how can we laugh Their relationship worked Happy people who are fine with how they came to be happy don't necessarily present the easiest target for scorn Not unless we're some sort of cheerleader cliue in high school Perhaps if those targets laughed at themselves then that would be an avenue we as readers could be invited to laugh as well but instead we are treated to the only person determined to be bitter Vega Again sometimes this doesn't workTo the author's credit there is actually a part of the story maybe about 40% in where she has Vega admit this bitterness to herself and I thought for a good 30% of the novel afterwards that Vega had been written difficult on purpose Perhaps the realization would actually go somewhere from bitter about love to at least a reluctant embrace But aside from Vega falling in love herself THANK GOD FOR IRIS it doesn't really That was a shame Character growth would have been niceAnyway I suspect the above criticism might be a product of the structural limitations of the novel The book is trying to place multiple thematic short stories inside a larger framework very postmodern It might have been a tactical decision to make Vega act like a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 rift commentator in order to get her voice in there and point out specific ways in which lesbian tropes sometimes fall short For my money it didn't work for me but other people seem to have really liked itIris saved the novel for me; she had charisma she had conseuential motivations and she genuinely seemed to care about everyone she came into contact with Compassion was a critical component in her success So I enjoyed it I enjoyed thinking about the ways it was mocking us all Iris was lovely and I loved watching her catch fraudsters and the premise was inherently interesting But since so much of the novel reuired Vega's internal dialogue and she set such a poor impression every time she met a new couple I found it difficult to read with any enthusiasmThree starsPs The competition that Vega's hypothetical audience plays by the way is easily enough solved About 79 of the LGBT relationships presented in the novel are somehow flawed are weird or have inherent problems or failures of communication whereas only probably 39 of the heterosexual relationships are presented in this way One can only draw the conclusion that if you want a long term functioning relationship then it pays to be straight Lol; yes I know the LGBT couples were the author's vehicles for the tropes and the straight couples didn't necessarily fit that matrix But the overall impression was pretty tilted Perhaps the lovely overall romance was supposed to balance the scalesEDITED for spelling because apparently I type as messily as a gorilla punching bananas