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Read & Download Recipes for Melissa Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ A comovente despedida de uma mãe Melissa tem oito anos uando a mãe morre Nunca chegam a despedir se Treze anos mais tarde é lhe entregue um diário ue a mãe escreveu para ela uando alisa as páginas e começa a ler as últimas palavras da mãe Melissa ?ginas do seu precioso livro lê os conselhos ue a mãe lhe deixou e prepara os pratos seguindo as suas receitas mas vai também descobrindo os segredos da mãe Segredos esses ue podem mudar para sempre a vida de Melissa. Recipes for Melissa is an absolutely beautifully written book It is heartbreaking and sad but at the same time it is also uplifting and inspirational The book is a reminder that you have to make the most of each day making sure to laugh and love lots and be true to your heart I picked this up and found it virtually impossible to put down again It took me on an emotional rollercoaster which if I'm honest I was sad to get off at the end It is uite hard to write a review which would do the book justice as to do so would mean giving lots of the plot away and I don't want to do that and spoil it for others But Recipes for Melissa is a powerful tale that will stick me with for a long time to come Melissa lost her Mum to cancer when she was just eight years old We meet Melissa as she turns 25 She gets called into a solicitors office where she is given a book that her Mum put together whilst she was ill Realising that she won't be around to see Melissa grow up become a wife and Mum the book contains memories of their life together as well as practical tips and some special recipes The story flits between the present day and the past We see Melissa dealing with life and her relationship All is not as rosy as it should be and we see her internal battle to try and work out whether her future lies with her boyfriend and what she wants from life She is also thrown back into mourning the loss of her Mum and finding out about what happened It's fair to say that this is a really hard time for her and I wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool Watching Melissa read back over memories of her childhood was very moving Like most of us our memories can be sketchy and we can forget some of things that at the time felt 'normal' but can come to mean so much later on Silly things like baking or smells that we forget about only to be reminded of when we get older and become nostalgic Reading her Mum's book does this for Melissa and it is very emotional to relive it with her But what makes this book so special and moving for me is that the author has also included Melissa's Mum Eleanor's voice I wasn't just reading her words I could feel myself being transported into her world and her head to experience her illness and emotions first hand This was so powerful The angst the injustice of the situation but overriding that all the love for her daughter The love between a mother and her child is uniue and I know from being a Mum to my daughter that all I want in life is for her to be happy and know she is loved Trying to imagine how Eleanor must have felt writing this was scary I realised that whilst this is fiction it happens in real life and I am filled with so much admiration and respect for these families Each part of the story connects in to a recipe which has a story behind it So not only do we get a moving and compelling story but we also get some brilliant recipes too Now what's not to love about good food My mouth was watering at times at the thought of the smells and tastes I loved that the recipes and instructions were included and I will definitely be giving a few of them a goI admit my heart broke a number of times whilst reading and than once I was reaching for the tissues and was totally absorbed in the story It felt uite close to home in some ways as I lost my Aunt a few years ago She had a young family and it made me reflect on how she and the kids must have felt The book is so cleverly written that I find it hard to believe that this is Teresa's debut novel But its not all sadness and mourning There is a really strong storyline which does also delve into the present day and we meet great characters such as Max Melissa's Dad who I really liked I actually felt the book was uplifting and inspirational and it left me feeling positive and determined to enjoy life and those I share it withThank you to Bookouture for kindly providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review

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S últimas palavras da mãe Melissa é imediatamente transportada para a infância A emoção ue sente é imensa mas este presente é também um cruel lembrete de ue não tornará a ver a mãe À medida ue percorre as p?. Review to follow once I've dried my eyes and recovered with some sleep but truly magical writing Okay several hours later and a period of recovery later Well I'm going to be honest I've marked it as five stars but I have this niggle in my brain saying 49 49 I'll explain why to be a five star it has to have captured me hook line and sinker and been like that throughout the book and for the best part of the story this did but I have to confess at the start I was a bit annoyed at the modern day sections telling me about Max at work and Sam and Melissa on holiday as I felt I was missing out on the much nicer sections about Melissa reading her mums journal and Eleanor back when she was ill with cancer writing it However that said I very uickly began to overlook this and blend the sections together as the book progressedThe sections of writing and reading the journal are really the main focus of this book and I was worried when I started this that it would have a lot to live up to after reading The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman but this section of the storyline really held my focus and certainly lived up to the standards I had set in my mind the I read the it became unputdownable actually once I hit 50% through it was finished in 2 sittings not easy as a mum of a 5yr old and a 3yr old Though the journal was titled with the name Recipes for Melissa it became so much than that and a truly inspiring read I loved the recipe angle though and may well try a few at some point it was a nice starting point to bring out the bits that mum and daughter could bond over through words where physical presence wasn't possibleVery well written and I look forward to reading from this author in the future

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Recipes for MelissaA comovente despedida de uma mãe Melissa tem oito anos uando a mãe morre Nunca chegam a despedir se Treze anos mais tarde é lhe entregue um diário ue a mãe escreveu para ela uando alisa as páginas e começa a ler a. Recipes for Melissa The heartbreaking story of a mother's goodbye to her daughter by Teresa DriscollMy rating 5 of 5 starsOh my word where do I start with this wonderful piece of work I have been sat slowly pacing this book taking in every detail every emotion that came out from each page every word every full stop and coma This is a story that cannot be hurried Its a story you need to sit and 'feel' and boy did I feel I digested itI can't give you the reader too much information or I would spoil it But think of the title Recipes for Melissa As we can read from the blurb Melissa gets left a book written by her Mother the Mother she lost at a young age through cancer The recipes are not only baking recipes I felt I had my book open and Melissa has her book open I felt nosy at times as I was peering into the written words of her lost Mother She inherited this book when she was 25 her Mothers wishes Her Father didn't know her husband didn't know She kept it hidden except US the readers get privvy to what's in there Its upbeat its fun at times its how to bake things things that she shared cooking with her Mother in the kitchen when she was alive and she herself was youngI felt in my heart for Melissa the times she couldn't face reading on what else she was going to discoverShe learns about herself she learns why she thinks certain things she starts to remember butshe also discovers a very important factor that can alter her lifeandshe discovers another important factor that could change her life drasticallyDoes your Mother know youDoes your Mother know what choices you would choose when faced with something or would she just hopeI just adored this book Like I say this book really needs to be savoured for the taste and pleasure it gives Digest it with care read it with care and go on the journey with MelissaLOVED ITI have to thank Bookouture for my copy