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Free download Winter Tide æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í After attacking Devil’s Reef in 1928 the US Government rounded up the people of Innsmouth and took them to the desert far from their ocean their Deep One ancestors and their sleeping god Cthulhu Only Aphra and Caleb Marsh survived the camps and they emerged witEcrets that could turn the Cold War hot in an instant and hasten the end of the human raceAphra must return to the ruins of her home gather scraps of her stolen history and assemble a new family to face the darkness of human nature. The blurb doesn't give a very accurate account of what actually happens in the book There's no real spy story the fact that it takes place in the late 40s is barely relevant and it's way interested in the magic meditation and rituals that the main character Aphra who really doesn't have much in the way of personality does as religious practice that she seems both very protective of but also totally cool with bringing total strangers in toI think than third of the book is spent in a library looking at books that have nothing to do with why the FBI guy asked Aphra for her help Another third is meditation I think this book would be less frustrating for me if it HADN'T been incorporating stuff from the Lovecraft Mythos Having read Shadow Over Innsmouth it was hard to reconcile the iconic insular town of people who sacrificed their community to the Deep Ones to ensure their personal survival and comfort with the town Aphra describes The elder things like Dagon and Shub'Niggurath get name checked like they're the Roman pantheon rather than creatures so indifferent to life on this planet that human interaction with them leads inevitably to madness Innsmouth heritage could be swapped out for something of the author's own invention with nothing lost The story just needed something to make Aphra an other so why use InnsmouthI don't know how to describe the Innsmouth people of Winter Tide other than they have been Deeply Wronged It felt almost like that trope of the noble savage rolled up with an attempt to represent all marginalized persecuted and nearly wiped out groups that have ever been The Innsmouth of Aphra's memory has absolutely nothing in common with the one from Lovecraft's original story She makes it sound like a perfect bucolic haven for a beatific community who want only to practice their religion in peace while living in relative harmony with others and never giving anyone a moment's worry And there's nothing to indicate Aphra is anything other than a perfectly reliable narrator She's almost always right about other things in the story so why wouldn't the reader believe her version of Innsmouth to be the absolute truthThat's boring There's no real conflict in the book as a whole especially not for the reader because it's always so clear who is right and who is wrong Aphra and her brother are right and good and anyone not affirming them is wrong and bad Even when it's a subtle bad like mistrust You guys know magic and maybe that can be used as a weapon the person who isn't 100% behind Aphra is the antagonist Aside from the weird why bother use of the Lovecraft Mythos the story also had some serious pacing issues a Japanese American character who goes by Neko and waaaay too many characters who don't seem to reallydo anything No one really does anything until around the end of the book and even then it's a pretty small contained plot Even if the expectations brought on by the blurb hadn't been let down the boring unchallenging version of the Innsmouth legacy would have done it I might try something else by this author but I don't feel the need to hear about Aphra or the Mayberry version of Innsmouth

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After attacking Devil’s Reef in 1928 the US Government rounded up the people of Innsmouth and took them to the desert far from their ocean their Deep One ancestors and their sleeping god Cthulhu Only Aphra and Caleb Marsh survive. It's impossible to think that most of you will have to wait until April to read this and I say that for one reason It's amazing Take the Cthulhu mythos take it seriously have your sympathetic main character be a Deep One and make us care for her family's plightWhat's add a than liberal dose of book loving research that include Enochian and all the best beloved titles from HPL perhaps turn it into a uest to build or re build your family's lost collection and of course butting your head against the Miskatonic UniversityAnd of course that's just a start I loved learning about the Human races of of Air Water and Earth about the great danger that the Outsiders representedThis novel paints all of the happenings in HPL's works in an all new light defines and redefines all the happenings on a much solid framework of the universe There's much less racism and fanaticism and sexism for one There's a LOT of interesting magic however And linking the plight of the Japanese Internment Camps with the two surviving children of the race of the Deep Ones was a brilliant stroke Getting us involved with the government never felt suishy especially when the main action is set in the dawn of the McCarthy eraI can't rave about this book enough It may be intended for readers who love magical realism historical novels HPL awe inspiring fantasy or anyone with a taste for vengeance against those who would steal your books but honestly I think it works on a universal scale of awesomeAnd because most of you can't get your hands on it yet Well I pity you Sincerely Just keep your eyes open for it in April and weep with joy and wonder as you read Thanks goes to Netgalley for the ARC

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Winter TideD the camps and they emerged without a past or a futureThe government that stole Aphra's life now needs her help FBI agent Ron Spector believes that Communist spies have stolen dangerous magical secrets from Miskatonic University s. actual rating 25 starsIf you're not familiar with Aphra's story you should read Litany of Earth novella read it here I enjoyed this short story way than Winer Tide I really liked it but this book was so slow I read it almost directly after starting this book I expected Winter Tide to be as enjoyable but sadly it wasn't Even though this book didn't meet my expectations it certainly made me curious enough to check out Lovecraft work in the future I had no idea it held such influence before starting this book The only knowledge about this topic was Cthulhu and only by name My friend even told me that the Drowned God and the Greyjoys’ religion in general in ASOIAF is inspired by H P Lovecraft work so naturally I'll definitely read some of his booksI think no I know that a person with experience in this field would've liked this book since he'd understand all the references I didn't know what was Ruthanna Emrys' creations and what wasn't and we had lots of new words So it's me not you kind of bookWhile I appreciated the descriptions of the world and traditions it was a bit too much because it made the book slow paced The characters were likable enough Their character development was obvious by the end of the book But I still couldn't relate to any of them or even get attached to themI'd recommend this book for the fans of Lovecraft world but if it's your first try like me you might want to learn about his work to fully enjoy Winter Tide arc provided via netgalley