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Desejava pertencer Mas tudo isto se transforma com o DramaOito anos depois do dia ue tudo mudou é a história da sua família ue Marcus Goldman decide investigar Movido pelas memórias felizes dos tempos áureos de Balti procura descobrir o ue se passou no dia do Drama ue mudaria para sempre o destino da família O ue aconteceu realmente aos Goldman de Bal. I am still under the spell of the Goldman cousins so it is going to be hard to rate this book I don't know if it is great or just average I'm not sure if I have fallen in all the writer's traps or if I was able to see them in advance I guess it is like chocolate you know it is not the healthiest thing you can eat but you try a little and its so bittersweet so milky that without realising you have eaten a whole barI enjoyed The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair it was such a page turner but I didn't know what to expect when I first lay hands on this one I just knew Marcus Goldman was back he was trying to write a new book again and that something wrong had happened The Drama What Marcus Goldman is trying here is to untangle his family history explain the deeds of the two branches of the family the Golden Balti and the grey Montclair To do it he makes use of flashbacks and moves through different time lines narrating the story of three cousins who love each other than anything in the world Hillel Woody and Marcus their childhood teenage years and early youth Their loves their dreams their friendships and their ambitions are shared with us But we always see the gang through Marcus's eyes and that's when I have to face my reading demons I always trust the characters I always believe what they say and see the world though their eyes Therefore I got as infatuated with Hillel the skinny weak only son turned gifted teenager with leader aptitudes and Woody the outsider and disfunctional kidHillel's shadowfuture football star As Marcus I believed love and friendship lasts forever and that it can overcome everything and that when it appears at a very tender age it doesn't faulter through the years but grows stronger and stronger So when Marcus's gaze gets mature and objective wiser because he gets all the pieces of the puzzle and all the sides of the story I get a slap in the face Because it doesn't matter if it's in books and real life I hate reckoning that heroes often than not have feet of clayAs I said at the beginning I might be under a spell with the bookMaybe it is not perfect there might be stereotyoping and a certain dislike of the female love interest which reminds me of Taylor Swift but it is a sweet story weirdly warm and familiar Maybe within a few days I will see the truth and the mask of perfection will fall but it still will be an enjoyable reading

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Le Livre des Balti«Se encontrar este livro por favor leia o ueria ue alguém conhecesse a história dos Goldman de Balti»Até ao dia do Drama existiam dois ramos da família Goldman os Goldman de Balti e os Goldman de MontclairO ramo de Balti próspero e bafejado pela sorte mora numa luxuosa mansão Encarna a imagem da elite americana abastada e influente ue vive em bairro. Great book I like this writer although others seem to have reservations re the first book The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair but I loved that one too This book takes the reader through a tragic family chronicle The Balti Boys The Goldman Gang It kept me intrigued from start to finish Only remark I would make think I made this one for the first book too the text could have been edited in my opinion to make the book a bit to the point and lean Other than that that's a detail 5 stars and truly worthwhile to read Slowly the story unfolds you get pulled into the lives of the cast in Florida Balti and New York and you just know the outcome can't be that good Talented writer Interesting to see most book descriptions here as well as the reviews are in different languages I Dutch read the English translation of a French language book So here is the description Fresh from the staggering success of his book The Truth about the Harry uebert Affair Marcus Goldman is struggling to write his third novel A chance encounter in Florida throws him some inspiration Alexandra Neville the beautiful successful singer and Marcus' first love Memories of his childhood and growing up come flooding back Memories of a family torn apart by tragedy and a once glorious legacy reduced to shame and ruin The Balti Boys The Goldman Gang That was what they were called Marcus and his cousins Hillel and Woody Three brilliant young men with their dazzling futures ahead of them before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies jealousy and betrayal For years Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past but now he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the true and astonishing story of the Balti Boys

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DOWNLOAD å Le Livre des Balti ↠ «Se encontrar este livro por favor leia o ueria ue alguém conhecesse a história dos Goldman de Balti»Até ao dia do Drama existiam dois ramos da família Goldman os Goldman de Balti e os Goldman de MontclairO ramo de Balti próspero e bafejado pela sorte mora numa luxuosa mansão Encarna a imagem da elite americanaS exclusivos passa férias nos Hamptonse freuenta colégios privados Já os Goldman de Montclairsão uma típica família de classe média e vivem numa casa banal em Nova Jérsia É a esta família modesta ue pertence Marcus Goldman autor do romance A verdade sobre o caso Harry uebert Mas era à família feliz e privilegiada de Balti ue Marcus secretamente. The Balti Boys by Joel Dicker is his second book translated from French The first The Harry uebert Affair is one of my all time favourites So I was eager to read this one Three cousins Marcus Hillel and Woody are bound together as the Goldman Gang We live through their childhood college years and start of adulthood Hillel Woody are part of the wealthy Goldman family in Balti and have a idilic life massive luxury homes in Balti and Florida However Marcus is from the not so wealthy Goldman family in Montclair living under the Balti Goldman’s ‘golden’ shadow You know from the start there has been a tragedy and the story weaves through the years to bring you to a neat conclusion This epic family tragedy is seen through the eyes of one of the cousins Marcus Goldman who becomes an established author the same author as in the Harry ubert Affair to be honest I didn’t realise until after I finished the book I am so hopeless at remembering names and characters 😊 Overall I was sad to finish this book and to be leaving the Goldman’s behind but I think it will sit just behind The Harry ubert Affair in my affections