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CHARACTERS Ã Peter Steele È Type O Negativen keulahahmon synkkä ja sykähdyttävä elämä Peter Steele kertoo tummanpuhuvan metallibändi Type O Negativen laulaja basistin tarinanKuolemaansa 2010 saakka huumeiden ja masennuksen kanssa kamppaillut Steele eli vaiherikkaan elämän katolisesta lapsuudesta metallimaailman huipulle ja Playgirl lehden sivuillEita henkilöitä perheenjäseniä ystäviä bändikavereita ja musiikkialan kollegoita Kirja sisältää runsaasti ennen julkaisematonta kuvamateriaalia niin perhealbumista kuin bändikuvauksistak. I thought this book was well written fascinating and introspective for a biography It's a shame that it's such a limited printing I'm pretty sure they had to order it from the author's website after I placed it on hold at the library and so expensive because I feel like Peter Steele fans would really benefit from reading this It provides great insight into who this enigmatic yet ultra mysterious man really was at his heartThe author's deep appreciation and love for Peter's work really shone through in the way he lovingly described every song on every album and sent me off to listen to Carnivore which I probably never would have done otherwise Type O kind of gets written off by folks of my generation who thought they were campy and alt goth and riding on the coattails of artists like Nine inch Nails I did the same when I was a dumb teenager though I always had an affinity for Peter's Am I Good Enough wail in Love you to Death it sounded like he meant it Like he was really asking It was nice to read a biography written by someone who really loved the guy It showed through And it gave the music the respect it deserved My one gripe with the book was the glossing over of Peter's various shall we say prejudices Not gonna lie it's an interesting line to stand on being a huge Peter Steele fan and also a leftist feminist Peter Steele in his early 20s probably would have hated the sight of me I think it's easy enough to realize that Peter was a product of his time a young white man raised in NYC during a time when attitudes about various things race relations LGBT issues and second wave feminism were all starting to turn So many people are uoted in the book adamantly insisting that Peter wasn't this or that wasn't racist wasn't sexist didn't have a judgmental bone in his body and I think it does Peter a disservice to gloss over these issues in such a way The man himself is on record as having changed his mind about a lot of subjects he admitted that he'd been ignorant He was a young dumb kid writing lyrics that were meant to poke the bear Many of his lyrics were tongue in cheek; not all were I think it's okay to say it He was a bit of an asshole He held some beliefs that were decidedly shitty and bigoted He changed a lot Life changed him Life forced him to confront his own prejudices I would have loved the book even had the author just said simply Peter had some prejudices As your basic liberal nightmare I still love the guy and his work He was a deeply flawed individual who hated himself than any one group Therein lies his humanity And who among us doesn't have a problematic faveWhitewashing of his attitudes aside I really loved this book I loved the tiny little details of things he loved like renovation cycling nature his cats While the latter half of the book is unbearably sad you really emerge from reading it with a clear picture of what kind of man he was and a vision of the life he might've led had depression and a reckless view of his own wellbeing not taken over If you're into biographies of musicians especially enigmatic dead rock stars give this one a read for sure I understand that the Peter Steele estate did not sign off on this work so it's up to the individual person as to whether or not they choose to read I enjoyed it but took everything within the book with a boulder of salt Maybe one day one of his bandmates or sisters will write a memoir


Ksen kanssa kamppaillut Steele eli vaiherikkaan elämän katolisesta lapsuudesta metallimaailman huipulle ja Playgirl lehden sivuille Kirjaa varten on haastateltu Steelen henkilökohtaisesti tunten. This book is a poorly written compilation of articles and interviews previously published The hack who wrote this seems to have little grasp of consistency and seuencing of events as the book skips ahead years reverts to previously mentioned timesand repeats itself again and again Example s of this hack's laziness in his writing and research are too numerous to listIf you are a Type O fan or an admirer of Steele do yourself a favor and stay away from this oneThis is a steaming pile of dogshit that will only disappoint the literate fans of the band who paid attention and don't have short memoriesNo wonder why the estate and the band members didn't support this piece of literary garbage

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Peter SteeleType O Negativen keulahahmon synkkä ja sykähdyttävä elämä Peter Steele kertoo tummanpuhuvan metallibändi Type O Negativen laulaja basistin tarinanKuolemaansa 2010 saakka huumeiden ja masennu. Hoping this book will be amazing Okay guys Let's finally talk about this book as everyone has something to say about itFirst there was the little “controversy” over whether or not fans should support the book The Type O Negative members weren’t involved in the process from the beginning and though Peter’s family worked with the author for the majority of the book they withdrew their support about two months before the release of the book The author explained in the prologue that the Type O members didn’t have anything personal against the author or the project but they had their reasons for not getting involved The prologue is available for free on the facebook page Now can people please un bunch their panties about the book Read it or don’t read it No one gives a fuck Calm titties On to the review The book is actually pretty much exactly what the author said it was going to be Pleasantly surprised by that It was a thorough well as thorough as possible under the circumstances telling of Peter Steele’s life and music It gives background info about Peter’s childhood family and his musical career If you are expecting something to be in the book it’s probably there BUT you have to critically think about everything written and said in the book Don’t expect any of it to be the absolute truth because who knows why anyone said what they did Seriously uestion all motivesThe author said something like people usually female fans were possessive of Peter and everyone felt like they understood Peter uniuely I personally felt like pretty much everyone in the book including the author acted the same way It’s like a let’s psychoanalyze Peter party Annoying and completely unnecessary The disappointing part for me the photos Honestly I bought the book mainly for the pictures The pictures were in black and white No joke Some of those pictures had to be in black and white because of when they were taken but there were many others that should have been colored And they weren’t the best size or uality either I’ve seen several of those pictures in better uality elsewhere I got the ebook which had bonus pictures and they were great but I wanted about a hundred pictures Realistically the pictures were the same uality as those found in most other biography book Example I don't own the pictureThere were a few writing flaws that were irksome such as repeated information and in one part weirdly presented order of events There’s a lot that can be said about the book but who the hell is going to actually read it No one So I’m going to move on saying that there are many things in the book that can piss people off Josh is uoted in the prologue to have said that the only way this book could be done right is if it pissed everyone off It seems to have really done its job So that’s great This book isn’t your perfect factual book but you shouldn’t have been expecting one anyways Don’t take it seriously Read it with one eyebrow raised Stay skeptic and it’ll be a great read