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summary Ready Player One ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Em 2044 o mundo tornou se um lugar triste devastado por conflitos escassez de recursos fome pobreza e doenças Wade Watts só se sente feliz na realidade virtual conhecida como OASIS onde pode viver jogar e apaixonar se sem constrangimentos uando o criador do OASIS morre dDe jogadores tentam solucionar o enigma inicial sem sucesso Até ue Wade por acaso desvenda a primeira chave De um momento para o outro vê se numa corrida desesperada para vencer o prémio uma corrida ue rapidamente continua no mundo real e ue põe em risco a sua vida. WARNING UNPOPULAR OPINION BECAUSE I DIDN'T FUCKING LIKE READY PLAYER ONEanyone I saw writing a negative review for this got like abused in their comments BUT Im going for it anyway unmarked spoilers ahead ft appearances from the voices of adele and beyonce sum up Ready Player One in a single word wankyreplace with that 400 page book which used 80s references to condescend people not invested in that culture was incomparably wankyokay I'm going to start with the good stuff• the worldbuilding around the OASIS and the setting was really good I thought that the way that OASIS was built described and functioned within this world was very well thought out and clever It was definitely something high tech enough to be interesting but also realistic enough to be plausible The setting in 2044 and the way the Earthliving standards are set up are well thought out • The other tech industry was a good villain in that I thought their motivations were plausible and the interaction between them and the OASIS made sense The gamers motivations to prevent the Sixers from winning and ruining OASIS were believable and the worldbuilding was intertwined with the motivations of characters which I liked• It was reasonably fast paced • OG WHAT A GUY HIS NAME IS FUCKING OG THE GREAT AND POWERFUL IM LAUGHINOKAY AND NOW I GET SALTYFirst things first back to my point about it being wanky I KNEW I was coming into this book to get lots of 80s references I was fine with that I was excited for it I wanted the nostalgic feel of Stranger Things because thats what people told me I'd get I wanted that homage • things I didn't get that What I got instead was a gate keeping attitude in which any personcharacter who didn't have enough knowledge of the 80's was deemed not smart enough and not cool enough The overabundance of 80s references reached the point of insanity I can't get over this bit when Art3mis orders some drink and Wade is like 'OH SHE'S GETTING THAT BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME AS CHARACTER DRINKS SO COOL SHE'S WORTHY'The 80's references were so oversaturated I couldn't actually separate them from their characters Like these characters literally WERE 80's references the whole time it just felt like the author was leaning over me like yeah yeah i know so many references mhhm another one another one YOU THINK I don't have HAHA fooled Have another have ten I know everything there is to know about the 80's don't test me kid you don't know explicit detail of every spider man comic ever released FAKE FAN FAKE FAN' Anyway it was really fucking annoying It should have been a nice throwback to the 80's not a fucking wank fest in which everyone loses their fucking mind and can't keep it together over pac man But seriously the condescending tone about people who don't LIVE THE EIGHTIES annoyed me so fucking much Right next up characters Wade was so fucking annoying First of all his attitude sucked But that aside his charactersation was just not good His knowledge of the 80's was just unbelievable He mentions at least a dozen shows that he's watched a dozen or so times now I'm struggling to believe he actually had time to watch the amount of shit he has that many times His knowledge was all consuming and it was just unrealistic He has literally no flaws his main flaw he's overweight and a geek boy who can't get girls Well do not worry Welcome to Wade's Biggest Loser Story I spent 4 weeks doing pushups in the morning and now I look like an Abercrombie model You're a geek boy well don't worry you're superior to all those other boys anyway You're a nice boy and anyway beyonce voice who run the world geeks geeks Wade owns 5 fedoras JFGHFJG HE JUS ANNOYED ME SO MUCH ALWAYS BITCHING ABOUT HOW GIRLS FIND HIM WEIRD WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T LIKE STALK THEM FAM Wade honestly felt like such a self insertwish fulfilment type character He annoyed me so fucking much he was just rude and weird and his obsession with Art3mis wasn't healthy His obsession with Hallidays and OASIS genuinely wasn't healthy The female characters were so ghdh WE DESERVE BETTER Art3mis had potential to be a great character but she was ultimately reduced to a love interest She tried to separate from Wade to focus on the Easter Egg but then he stalks her and she ends up with him Also I found it annoying we were supposed to give Wade Nice Boy Points for thinking her curvy avatar was hot when we ALL KNOW it was the KimK type curvy and SHE LITERALLY IS TINY THIN IRL ANYWAY Aech is so adele voice WE COULD OF HAD IT ALL Representation is NOT real when it's a twist It's so disappointing Aech was a black female lesbian and we didn't get to see that AT ALL We get 1 chapter before she goes back to being a 'male' in the OASIS Urgh it's just annoying I know Ernest Cline was trying to do a oh look you treated this person a certain way thinking they were whitemalestraight now treat them the same when u know they're blackfemalegay BUT IT WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN WAY BETTER IF WADES BEST FRIEND WAS REPRESENTED AS A GAY BLACK GIRL You can't even say this is a diverse book because thats a spoiler urrhtgtjhgkjalso fml because Kira is also the reason Og and Halliday stopped being friends like why do they only exist for male relationships angst urghThe main evil guy in the evil corporation who's name I can't remember was so plain He was such a stock villain and he just died Deus ex Machina• Can't pass a level Don't worry I will magically whip some obscure knowledge out my ass to save the day• Party got crushed by a sinister army lucky some guy at this party happens to be able to fight them with unbelievable rule defying levels of power• don't have somewhere to stay NO WORRIES a random billionaire is gonna show up in a space thats supposed to be barred to all characters to offer you sanctuary didn't the rules of this universe establish this was a private chat room yeah they did but turns out there's this other rule where thats not true SURPRISE• Died Well no worries Turns out you're the first person in history to get a FREE LIFEit annoyed me how convenient some plot points wereOTHER STUFF I JUST DIDN'T LIKE• There is a bit when a character calls paraplegic people repulsive• YOU CAN'T GO FROM OBESE TO MUSCULAR IN 8 WEEKS FROM DOING 20 MINUTE EXERCISES ACTUALLY FUCK OFF IDK WHY THIS ANNOYED ME SO MUCH BUT IT DID• the fact he's called Wade like Wade Wilson it says alot tbh• stalking stalking stalking• the fact I had to read an entire chapter of Wade talking about the sex he had with a doll and masturbating and how it's like THE COOLEST BOY THING EVER• TOO MUCH detail it felt like a slog I was skimming entire pages of irrelevent detail about exactly what model of haptic suit Wade decided to buy that daySo yeah overall I just didn't have a good time with this book it was just so obnoxious and annoying I couldn't get into it at all lmfao worst hype ever aaaaanddddd

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Re deixa a sua imensa fortuna e o controlo da realidade virtual a uem conseguir resolver os enigmas ue aí escondeu Os utilizadores têm apenas como pistas a cultura pop dos anos 1980 Começa assim uma frenética e perigosa caça ao tesouro Nos primeiros anos milhares. That one star is probably misleadingI thought this was going to be a 4 5 star book for a good portion of the time I spent reading it The 80s pop culture references are so pervasive and so relevant to my life that at times the book felt like it been written specifically for me The love interest is described as being like Jordan from Real Geniusc'monButAll of the Star Wars Ferris Bueller and Highlander references in the world can't hide that this story is at best empty and at worst ugly Rote plotting un earned dickensian coincidences clumsy deus ex machina I still don't know how to pluralize that term the worst kind of tokenism disguised as actually valuing diversity a profound neglect of the complexities of the realvirtual world dichotomyCline has adopted some of the style of Gibson and Stephenson but none of the substanceIn a nice manifestation of the novel's lack of self awareness Cline at one point derides the villains of the book for simply using Johnny 5 style robots from Short Circuit instead coming up with their own design This appropriation he explaines demonstrates a lack of imagination a valid criticism that only too accurately applies to the ostensible heroes of the book as well as to Cline himselfUpdate The plural of deus ex machina is dei ex machinis Thanks The Awl

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Ready Player OneEm 2044 o mundo tornou se um lugar triste devastado por conflitos escassez de recursos fome pobreza e doenças Wade Watts só se sente feliz na realidade virtual conhecida como OASIS onde pode viver jogar e apaixonar se sem constrangimentos uando o criador do OASIS mor. For most of the first half of this book I was unimpressed The writing was flat and the story was unremarkable The book gets hype because of its pervasive use of 1980s popular culture particularly its references to science fiction fantasy and video games The problem was that most of these references served no purpose Something would be described by pointing out its resemblance to something from a film or television show—a particularly annoying form of telling rather than showing given that a reader of the wrong age or background won't know the reference—but said reference would add nothing to the events at hand Either that or the reference would be carried to cringe worthy fan fiction grade extremes For instance in one scene the online avatar of the main character Wade Watts known online as Parzival pilots a DeLorean DMC 12 resembling the one used in the Back to the Future films except for the addition of the computerized voice and sweeping red light of KITT from Knight Rider a pair of Ghost Busters logos adorning the doors and a license plate reading ECTO 88 Whether mentioned in passing or over the top like the aforementioned mash up car however virtually all of these allusions are brought up and then dropped in the space of a sentence The DeLorean for example takes up a couple of paragraphs and is then never used again Ready Player One doesn't draw from 1980s popular culture; it just name drops it all over the place Sometimes it seemed the only purpose for these references was that the author and reader could share a knowing self congratulating smileThe notion of a massively multiplayer online role playing game becoming the human race's main form of entertainment presents some amusing possibilities though and Ready Player One doesn't completely suander its potential The moment when I started to enjoy the book came about halfway through in a chapter describing a day in Wade's life some time after his view spoilerbreak up with Art3mis Cline shows him putting his life in order rescuing his health and habits from the pallid flabby state a life online had put them in His avatar Parzival previously a penniless high school student becomes one of the coolest most powerful characters in the OASIS But then at the end of the chapter in a moment of insight Wade realizes that all the good things in his life only exist inside in a world that isn't real Despite his accomplishments he lives alone in a featureless one room apartment never going or even looking outside Cline takes the familiar narrative arc of boy meets girl boy loses girl boy falls into depression boy turns his life around and twists it in a way that I found interesting hide spoiler