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Mobi ´ The Pure And The Hated 152 pages Download ¼ From The Acclaimed Author of SAVAGE HIGHWAY and APOSTLE RISING comes his latest thrilling noir mystery Godwin writes intelligent noir from a uniue psychological perspective delving deep into the nobler motives and emotions of his engaging characters while examining the darkest cFiancée was murdered He becomes part of the family and Shepherd’s nieces Marigold and Joyce and his sister Holly instantly take to Maxwell who is a sincere and religious man seeking to understand the nature of forgiveness The father of Shepherd’s nieces Dwight Fisher ran off years ago and Shepherd takes an active part in their lives Maxwell feels like another family member He tells Shepherd and Mary of the man who killed his fiancée Temple Jones is a dangerous psychopath who preys on women He has escaped justice Maxwell fears he has followed him to Vermont Shepherd tries to allay Maxwell’s fears Maxwell disappears leaving a note saying he has seen Temple Jones Then Temple Jones turns up Using the natural beauty of Vermont as a backdrop to the action the novel explores forgiveness and our understanding of one another It explores family relations and the mind of a psychopath A psychological crime novel about the past the nature of justice family secrets the nature of forg Disclaimer I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review of it Thank you vmlsOn the surface one might think The Pure and The Hated a simple straight forward tale of loss and the serendipitous crossing of paths with psychopathOne might think that one who was not familiar with the writings of Richard GodwinThere is nothing ‘simple’ in the tales Richard puts to paperShepard Butler lost his son in a hunting accident several years ago and with that loss also came the loss of self and a distancing between him and his wife Mary A 'gap' if you will in their relationship neither seems able to closeGrief can be an incredibly destructive forceShepard is also a man whose past is about to catch up with him With a vengeanceTemple Jones is a psychopath Of that there can be no doubt But he is than just a cold blooded sadistic killer The psychopath usually targets a 'type' not a specific individual; but not so with Temple Jones The psychology of Jones like that of many of the characters Richard creates is never ‘textbook’ and in Temple Jones the author remains true to his style in bringing to life a character both fascinating and frighteningThe Pure and The Hated is a taut drama set in the Vermont woods Moody and atmospheric I could almost hear the crunch of footsteps in the snow Richard's latest offering is somewhat of a departure from the dark psychologicalhorror urban thrillers he does so well with nothing lost in the translation There is a poignancy to The Pure and The Hated so subtle as to almost be an undercurrent in the story The themes of loss revenge forgiveness redemption are explored with a profoundness and sometimes brutal honesty that will be familiar and welcome to fans of the authorSome lesser writers overuse plot twists to the point of cliche Not so Richard GodwinThe twists in this dark little morality play are timed perfectly and executed with chilling certainty This is 'trademark' Godwin and just one reason his stories are so compelling and memorableThe 'duality' of man is well on display here as Shepard battles not only with a ruthless killer but the man he himself is and the man he wants to be; the need to punish and to be punished The desire for forgiveness and the need to carry the burden of guilt; As Shepard delves deeper and deeper into the mystery of the man bent on destroying his family he has to come to terms with his own past and how his actions then planted a seed that has now come to fruitionWith deadly furyThe Pure and The Hated offers a view in to the soul of a man and the monster he has wrought Richard Godwin weaves a tale that captivates and draws the reader in from the first page often times leaving the reader in fearful anticipation of what will come next but unable to put the book downNot for the faint of heart but then what of this author’s vast repertoire is? I recommend The Pure and The Hated without hesitationThank youVeronica Marie Lewis Shaw8 May 2016

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From The Acclaimed Author of SAVAGE HIGHWAY and APOSTLE RISING comes his latest thrilling noir mystery Godwin writes intelligent noir from a uniue psychological perspective delving deep into the nobler motives and emotions of his engaging characters while examining the darkest corners of the human heart The faceless villain in this chiller is as real as a razor cut THE PURE AND THE HATED is a story of love generosity betrayal courage evil and hope All set against a beautifully rendered backdrop of Vermont Before you sit down on a cool dark night to enjoy this one make sure the doors and windows are lockedPhil Bowie author of the John Hardin suspense series A man takes a stranger into his house only to unleash a savage lesson from the past Shepherd Butler and his wife Mary are grieving the death of their son Felton to a hunting accident in Vermont When Shepherd finds a stranger freezing in the forest he offers him a home The man Maxwell Heed has suffered personal tragedy when his Family man Shepherd Butler is mourning the death of his son when he decides to take in a homeless man who has also suffered a violent tragedy Things then uickly spiral violently out of controlRichard Godwin’s The Pure And The Hated starts as an atmospheric tale of loss then twists into a graphic cross between Cape Fear and Grande Guignol horror

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The Pure And The Hated Iveness revenge identity hunting and predation A master of the noir genre Godwin is like finding a brilliant gem stone in a vast wasteland of sand and rock A writer to watch for the decades to come Vincent Zandri New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of The Remains and Orchard Grove An exceptional writer with an extraordinarily fine mind His novels are always good with crackling dialogue Read himLuke Rhinehart bestselling author of The Dice Man Also make sure you read Godwin's SAVAGE HIGHWAY for the best in mystery noir The road novel from hell a scarifying terrifying tour of a nether world that Godwin convinces us is right beneath our feet a surrealist inferno that makes Dante's version look like a Rotary breakfast By no means for the fainthearted SAVAGE HIGHWAY has one lesson for any readers who plan a visit to the American Southwest take the train Castle Freeman Jr author of THE DEVIL IN THE VALLEYb For great WildBlue Press reads visit our website at wildbluepressco This is not the usual type of book that I read so I did not know what to expect I was very pleasantly surprised at how uickly I was drawn into it and I had a hard time putting it down It is an amazing story full of turns and twists I really enjoyed this very exciting book I am uickly becoming a big fan of author Richard Godwin I highly recommend this book