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Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê Kai Ashante Wilson Long after the Towers left the world but before the dragons came to Daluça the emperor brought his delegation of gods and diplomats to Olorum As the royalty negotiates over trade routes and public services the divinity seeks arcane assistance among the local godsAib bgm Sadii. i liked this one much than The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps which is surprising since it’s basically a romance with some fantasy overlay and i’ve never been a big fan of romance tales the relationship is mm so it’s less harleuin meaty heh but yeah it’s a fairly traditional story of star crossed lovers whose passion is beset by social obstacles and familial obligations of the arranged marriage variety set in the same world as The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps and maybe the free tor short Super Bass also this one has a cheetah and all books and lives are improved by a cat’s presence the fantasy parts here are comprehensible than in wildeeps for someone like me so easily flummoxed by fantasy there’s a bit that’s still unclear but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment at all and i was impressed by how much actual story there is crammed into these 158 pages the only thing i didn’t love was the conflict it bred in me i loved the reveal and i loved the character of lucretia and if you’ve read this you know what a complicated stew of emotions this two pronged love provokes in a readerspeaking of two prongs the romance is solid it’s a little too ‘love at first sight’ but circumstances being what they are it slots well into the “whirlwind holiday romance” tradition or “fleet week flirtation” if you prefer and the characters are well matched and likable making it easy to root for true love to conuer all and suchthings go off into unexpected directions both chronologically and dramatically taking the reader through waves of emotional highs and lows that go very low indeed but it wraps up nicely although something about it feels like the ending to some 80’s cartoon in tone which is not a bad thing it just awoke a strangely specific long dormant visceral response in mei still love this author’s free tor shortish The Devil in America best of all but that’s probably because it is the least fantasy of his works and by FAR the darkest and cruelest which is where i like to read best but his writing is excellent so i’d pretty much read anything he came out with next whether it’s another fantasy a space opera adventure or a YA novel about mean girl cliues such is my faith in himcome to my blog

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Free download ¸ A Taste of Honey 102 º Long after the Towers left the world but before the dragons came to Daluça the emperor brought his delegation of gods and diplomats to Olorum As the royalty negotiates over trade routes and public services the divinity seeks arcane assistance among the local godsAib bgm Sadii fourth cousin to the royal fa Fourth cousin to the royal family and son of the Master of Beasts has mortal and pressing concerns His heart has been captured for the first time by a handsome Daluçan soldier named Lucrio In defiance of Saintly Canon gossiping servants and the furious disapproval of his fathe. This is told in three parts  Part one I enjoyed a lot  It's lets the reader see how Aib and Lucrio first meet and was a great set up for the romance  It was pretty hard not to ship these two right from the start  Part two I struggled with  It's told in alternating timelines that jump all over the place  There's a reason for it but it doesn't make it any easier to digest  Part three is about the same length as part one and gives us the conclusionA lot of the time during part two I was frustrated  I read a uote from another reviewer once that I can't find now so this uote isn't exact so I can't credit correctly that said something along the lines of There are two great sins an author can commit when writing a book failing to meet expectations or failing to set them  Of those two failing to set them is far worse  Seriously not exact Google gives me nothing  I had been struggling with this in some stories for years and never had words for it until I read thatI feel like A Taste of Honey very much fails to set any expectations for the reader  Throughout the entirety of part two I was just wondering why I was being told this story I didn't feel glued to the page or compelled to keep reading  I can't explain why without spoilers but I will say that the plot of this story is not Aib and Lucrio must overcome  the prejudices against gay men in their society and amongst Aib's family in order to be together and get a HEA  Is that a pretty straightforward romance plot  Yeah It is  But it comes with the suspense built in  And readers would have read this story based on that alone because these characters were fantastic the world building was uniue and their relationship was beautifulInstead we're given something else entirely that feels like the saga of a man whose life has big dramatic events but in which he has no agency to change things  Therefore there is no suspenseThe world building is super uniue and I loved the parts with the animals  Although magic isn't really my thing there does seem to be some vague rules about the system and that too felt uniue  If you're the kind of reader who enjoys piecing together the information about the world for themselves this may be a great choice for youI'm not going to spoil anything so I'm not going to set any expectations for you either but if you can slog it through the middle to get to the end it does make up for some of the slow going middle parts  A few of the other buddies that read this enjoyed it much than I did so if you like we can all just blame that other book I'm reading for putting me in a bad mood

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A Taste of HoneyR and brother Aib finds himself swept up in a whirlwind gay romance But neither Aib nor Lucrio know whether their love can survive all the hardships the world has to throw at them A Taste of Honey is a new novella in the world of Kai Ashante Wilson's The Sorcerer of the Wildeep. After 'The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps' I had extremely high expectations for this novella It didn't uite live up to them but the uality of the writing alone makes the book than worthwhileIn the kingdom of Olorum the young Aib is proud of his status and position he is set to follow in his father's footsteps and become the head animal trainer to the royal court He sees his future ahead of him a suitable marriage arranged by his family a secure position toward the top of his hierarchical society But then he meets a rough and tumble soldier Lucrio who's part of a visiting delegation from Daluça he seems very Roman Lucrio like a whirlwind upends many things that Aib had taken for granted and awakens him to the realization of what love could be But a relationship between men is strictly forbidden by the s of Olorum and the two young people are clearly heading for a potential disasterThe bulk of the story is Aib and Lucrio's budding romance It's done really well the depiction of cultural conflict is wholly believable and the characters are well rounded; they truly come to life But it's a bit pure romance genre than I personally prefer The end of the story brings in of a science fictionfantasy element with sudden theories about supernatural possibilities and alternate realities It was interesting but I felt not wholly successfully meshed with the tone of the earlier part of the pieceI eagerly await Kai Ashante Wilson's next offeringMany thanks to Tor and Netgalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own