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Download Strong Silent Type ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Tough taciturnAnd a fool for letting her go Wyoming rancher uinn McKay was biding his time until his levelheaded wife came to her senses and called a halt to this trial separation—never believing their marital rough patch would drag on for a coon’s age LiIf he doesn’t change he offers her one weekend of uninterrupted sexual decadence to rekindle their love life and to hash out their differences Reigniting the passion is easy The hard part comes after the sheets have cooled and they find out if what remains is strong enough to survive past mistak. Madison's review posted 32312 on Guilty Pleasures uinn and Libby McKay high school sweethearts and married for years have hit a rough spot They've become staid in their lives not willing to make changes as they've gotten older and seriously taking each other for grantedLibby decides to be pro active She begins to make herself happy She loses weight and starts dressing differently Thinking that it will force the two of them to realize what they are doing to each other she kicks him outAfter months of him sleeping in the horse trailer he decides he wants his wife back On the day she signs their divorce paperwork He’s sick of seeing her to seemingly live her life happily without him When he approaches her he for the first time has his heart on his sleeve He tells her that while he wasn’t bored things had become staid and if she wants him to change he wants her to change as wellWhat follows is an amazing story about a married couple who desperately love each other and find their spark They have completely let their lives and their comfort levels get in the way of their intimacy and their ability to communicate Like so many couples they’ve let everyday things and the want to have a baby become important than the relationship itself After years of not talking about anything and having nothing but vanilla sex The two of them spend the weekend getting to know each other again In the horse trailer in the truck in public in a massage parlor in the dining room and on the dining room table uinn enjoys ‘knocking the halo off his perfect rancher wife’ Libby enjoys seeing the wild sexier side of her usually strong silent type husband There were times I cried there were times I laughed there were plenty of hot times Libby wanting so badly to have a child figures deeply into this story but the fact that uinn doesn’t understand just how badly and why she wants one figures just as deeply You get to see the overbearing McKay family in a different light in this one It’s not bad it’s just different It shows how your family can be hurtful without meaning to be How you can let words affect your marriage when really you should just talk to your spouse This is the story that you need to read if you’ve been married or with your significant other for years and you feel as if you’ve stalled These two never stopped loving each other but they forgot how to talk or express that love in other ways For one weekend they decide to throw all of that out and put their feelings on the table It’s an eye opening experience to say the leastWhen the weekend is over she goes to a conference and he stays on the ranch Those divorce papers that she signed rear their ugly head and it leaves him wondering if she really does love him or not Is this just another one of the things that they’ve mixed signals on Read and find out you won’t be disappointedThis book also features one of my VERY favorite epilogues DiDi's review posted 5711 5 StarsGet your goddamn hands off my wife the opening line of the book and I was HOOKED I LOVE me a possesive alpha man and the fact that he's a cowboy with dark hair and blue eyesoff the charts hot for me I lurvvv me some uinn I know I know you are thinking DiDi you love EVERYFREAKINMcKAY well HELL YEAH NO ONE writes HAWT COWBOY LURVVVV LIKE LORELEI JAMES Strong Silent Type is actually one of my favorites even though it's a short story uinn is super sexy and I love the way he fights for his woman Libby SST is emotional and HAWT and not many authors take a chance on writing about a couple going through seperation and the reasons this couple is seperated I LOVE when uinn opens up his Dark side and how Libby jumps right in IMO when Rough Rider fans are talking about the series andor the HAWT McKay men they tend to forget about uinn but only because SST is a novella in an anthology SST is just as awesome as any of the Rough Rider books so don't pass it by just because it's a novella

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Tough taciturnAnd a fool for letting her go Wyoming rancher uinn McKay was biding his time until his levelheaded wife came to her senses and called a halt to this trial separation never believing their marital rough patch would drag on for a coon’s age Libby McKay knew when she married the gruff. Strong Silent Type is a short story about uinn and Libby McKay whose marriage is falling apart I read it out of order so I don’t know how much of the build up to the deterioration of their relationship I might have missed but it didn’t feel as if I had missed much if anything at all Reading this story out of order if you choose to do so shouldn't be a problemuinn is one of those guys that drive us women crazy He’s an intense man but keeps his thoughts and emotions bottled up inside Libby loves uinn for all she’s worth but she just can’t keep living the way they have been so at her “reuest” they separate to see if time apart can bring them back together Three months later when Libby agrees to give uinn 1 weekend together no interruptions things go from chilly to sizzling in the hottest sex this side of the Pecos Strong Silent Type was sweet in its portrayal of what it’s like when a husband and wife begin to drift apart due to lack of communication but realize before it’s too late that if they hope to salvage their marriage they need to step outside of their comfort zones Can they finally open up to one another and listen with their hearts They’ll have to if they have any hope of turning this one last weekend together into a happily ever after Sexual contentNo mm no ménage some anal play

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Strong Silent TypeLaid back cowboy that he wasn’t prone to blathering on about his feelings But three months have passed and her stubborn as a mule husband is still living by himself in the horse trailer It seems he’d rather hold onto his pride than hold onto her When uinn realizes Libby is determined to move on. This was a nice little sex read Yes I mean to say sex read because it's 80% sexThat being said it's exactly what I wanted for my mood The writing is easy and the characters are believable and likable I'm sure real life married couples go through these patches too But being an 80% sex read it's never going to get a full 5 stars from me Altho it did tug at my heartstrings in a couple of places I always feel for the man's POV than the woman The fact that he's always treated her with kindness being silent when he could have said something hurtful than she's treated him made me ache for himTrying for a baby is hard And when the woman makes the man feel like she just wants him for his seed it hurts Just like if she felt like he only wanted her to get off Him waiting for her to initiate some loving sometimes resonated Women expect men to take the initiative They're the slavering beast who only thinks about sex But men need to be touched and loved too And that came through loud and clear despite uinn's silenceGood read