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PDF ò BOOK Philosophy as Poetry Ä RANDARENEWABLES ô Undeniably iconoclastic and doggedly practical where others were abstract the late Richard Rorty was described by some as a philosopher with no philosophy Rorty was skeptical of systems claiming to have answers seeing scientific and aesthetic schools as vocabularies raIlosophy as a creative enterprise of dreaming up new and humane ways to liveDrawn from Rorty's acclaimed 2004 Page Barbour lectures Philosophy as Poetry distills many of the central ideas in his work Rorty begins by addressing poetry and philosophy which are often seen as contradictory pursuits He offers a view of philosophy as a poem beginning with the ancient Greeks and rewritten by succeeding generations of philosophers seeking to improve it He goes on to examine analytic philosophy and the rejection by som Richard Rorty was my first serious intellectual crush from which I've never recovered His writing converted me to pragmatism which changed the course of my life And reading him has been one of the great pleasures of my life He also put me on the path of reading Dewey which cemented my commitments to pragmatism democracy naturalism and Philosophy for ChildrenIntellectual and moral progress is not a matter of getting closer to an antecedent goal but of surpassing the past p 5Nietzsche gave a different answer than Plato's to the uestion about what makes human being special He said it was our ability to transform ourselves into something new rather than our ability to know what we ourselves really are or what the universe is really like He mocked Plato's appearance reality distinction a distinction that most analytic philosophers take for granted p 31There is no such thing as nondiscursive access to truth The search for truth cannot be separated from the search for justification There is no such thing as simply recognizing the truth when you see it suddenly recollecting what you have always known deep down inside For we are not entitled to call our beliefs true unless we can give satisfactory reasons for them satisfactory by the lights of those whom we accept as rational interlocutors Romanticism becomes the enemy of progress when it elevates private insight over public justifiability p 52

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E philosophers notably Wittgenstein of the notion of philosophical problems that have solutions The book concludes with an invigorating suspension of intellectual borders as Rorty focuses on the romantic tradition and relates it to philosophic thoughtThis book makes an ideal starting place for anyone looking for an introduction to Rorty's thought and his contribution to our sense of an American pragmatism as well as an understanding of his influence and the controversy that attended his workPage Barbour Lectur Really great way to go through how Rorty proposed we choose to see the world Thought provoking and very enjoyable

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Philosophy as Poetry Undeniably iconoclastic and doggedly practical where others were abstract the late Richard Rorty was described by some as a philosopher with no philosophy Rorty was skeptical of systems claiming to have answers seeing scientific and aesthetic schools as vocabularies rather than as indispensable paths to truth But his work displays a profound awareness of philosophical tradition and an urgent concern for how we create a society As Michael Berube writes in his introduction to this new volume Rorty looked upon ph If you have not yet read Rorty you could do a lot worse than beginning with Philosophy as Poetry These lectures are generally accessible Originally prepared as lectures they move at a walking pace presenting Rorty's grand narrative of philosophy Offering a story and vision of this scope is I think what Rorty likes to do bestMichael Bérubé's introduction does many things well too Personally I like the way that it captures some of Rorty's mannerisms his never dismissive now what am I to do with that shrugs but I like best that it captures something of the fraught and exciting Charlottesville scene in the 80's which Rorty contributed to in of all places a graduate English department Bérubé tells one anecdote about the Hirsch Rorty debate which was pretty much par for the course high drama minus any of the ultimate resolution that many were seekingIn Rorty's graduate seminar on Freud and Philosophy which Michael mentions a professor from the English Department sitting in on the seminar declared that Rorty's philosophy had the rigor of what he referred to as a California beach philosophy My own memory is a bit fuzzy but Rorty's response amounted to a few words that were the euivalent of a shrug What does one say to a criticism that reduces years of writing and work to a single flip phrase?In that same seminar after great provocation Rorty confronted another professor who insisted almost from the first class on hijacking the conversation Rorty finally warned him that he would no longer be welcome if he did not behave a warning offered in a direct but gentle way Civil conversation was restored The professor chose not to returnIn what was for me the most interesting moment of that seminar another fellow professor from the English department explained to 'Dick' near the beginning of a session why he thought he was misreading one of the books assigned for that week Rorty considered for a few moments and agreed He moved his seminar notes to the side and basically spun out a new line of argument on the fly for the rest of the class following the thread suggested in the criticism Rorty always fulfilled his role as a listener in the conversational contract with colleagues and students Someone spoke He listened He actually responded to what they had said not to what he wanted to say next If he could not parse what they said or if he perceived that the gap between his words and theirs could not be bridged in a reasonable number of sentences but reuired a lot of unavailable conversational time or that they were merely taking a public ride on their favorite hobbyhorse shrugI can't recall the commentator who upon seeinghearing Rorty for the first time referred to his presence and presentation as that of Eeyore of Pooh fame It is a deft observation When those who have only read him finally seehear him for the first time they might still disagree with the argument but they have grudgingly to admire its presentation Rorty very much cared about the way insights were offered Style and tone matter for professors philosophers and poets Philosophy and Poetry like almost everything Rorty writes captures his respect for other voices and opposing intellects His argument is interesting and useful as well And for some that is enough