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FREE DOC ↠ READER Real in Memphis ☆ 9781533234759 ´ Its 1979 in Memphis Tennessee Sam South son of second generation star Bull South wants to make it big on the professional wrestling circuit; all to win his estranged father's respect Sadly the promoter Harvey Wallbanger doesn't see him as a top star But through aD is one of the few remaining free agents in wrestling His services are well sought after Sadly his bodacious attitude and lust for women might be than the Memphis faithful and the Fearsome Monroeville Mauler are willing to contend with Both Hex and his promoter Milton Morton may have their work cut out for them in the cut throat territory of Memphis Tennessee One way or another everyone is finding out that wrestling might be 'Fake' but business is about to get Real in Memphis I'm not 100% sure how to do this review without spoiling any of the book itself but here goes there is a guy to root for in Sam South Harvey Wallbanger is a character to dislike I didn't live the memphis era being born in the 1980's but from footage I could imagine this book is a pretty good representation of what things were really like I have no idea how the author is going to write another book yet alone another 9 to finish the 10 part seriesI can't wait to read the next onethem all

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Astor Bull South who Co owns the territory has turned to religion Now he and Harvey are at odds with one another Hopefully he and his aide de camp Vixen Vegas can amend any and all problems that the lord might cause for the territory 'The Golden Wonder' Rod Golden is on the verge of losing his world title and in turn a whole load of money That's something that his tearaway daughter and avaricious wife aren't going to be too happy about 'The Chattanooga Nightmare' Hex Clearfiel More often than not when writers try to tackle the unsavory aspects of the human condition it comes off as cheap and affected It takes a true wordsmith to navigate the putrid waters that can inhabit the human soul I can honestly say I found many of the stories that make up Real in Memphis truly disturbing and haunting Pearson’s world is virtual Island of DrMoreau inhabited by characters that are both perpetrators and victims all at once carny’s perverts hustlers and drunks; devoid of any redeeming ualities Yet with enough humanity to make them seem authentic Professional Wrestling in Memphis is a cold place where only the strongest survive and thrive Prepare to observe a different carnage the likes of which I have only witnessed in nature documentaries – pure savageryWeak of heart people beware Real in Memphis is a detour through Hell without taking the scenic route

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Real in Memphis Its 1979 in Memphis Tennessee Sam South son of second generation star Bull South wants to make it big on the professional wrestling circuit; all to win his estranged father's respect Sadly the promoter Harvey Wallbanger doesn't see him as a top star But through an audio recording of Harvey's shadier business practices Sam might just get the chance to prove himself after all Harvey Wallbanger however has his own problems micro managing his talent Former wrestler turned Church P This is a wonderful book from first time author Stevie Pearson detailing the complex and colourful lives of several professional wrestling personalities in the late 1970's in Memphis Tennessee It's full of very complex characters that make up the story with Harvey Wallbanger and his group at odds with both one another and their wrestler's they employ Harvey is the Boss through whom all decisions are made Allegiance first and foremost are too Vixen Vegas His lover and aid de camp And when a young upstart wrestler called Sam South whose father Bull South co owns the Memphis wrestling territory forces his way to top against Harvey's will set's off a chain of events that naturally cause friction throughout the territoryStevie's writing is crisp colourful detailed and explanatory but not to the point of disturbing the pace of the narrative and most readers will find enjoyable Each character is developed with enough clarity that you'll be able to understand their motivation and maybe even predict their actions somewhat No one feels safe in this world and everyone is seemingly one bad mistake away from losing it all and the story has an air of tragedy about itSuch power comes at a price and the sword of Damocles hangs over Harvey and his colleagues and there's a lot than just Harvey Wallbanger's character to the book there's the aging world champion 'The Golden Wonder' Rod Golden Whose tearaway daughter and oppressive wife make his grasp on both reality and his top money drawing spot in the business a compelling fall from grace Keratin Stye and Dahlia Sacs the tag team of the Canadian Pugs who are led by Ruby Tuesday their valet who Keratin is romantically involved with yet his hazy drunken ways have diminished their romance a thing that the younger and less scrupulous Dahlia has certainly noticed The sneaky Chattanooga Nightmare Hex Clearfield who'll go to any lengths to get ahead in the business Nelson Knucks the booker for the Memphis TerritoryWrestling Jargon for matchmaker Whose efforts to keep up the pretence that his sport is legitimate lend him to a world of trouble A rival promoter by the name of Milton Morton whose a polar opposite in both style outlook and financial success than Harvey and the Memphis territory The Monroeville Mauler whose a dangerous and backwards thug whose violent and brutish ways lead to a very complex and engrossing character It's hard to do justice to such a wonderful book in a reviewBased purely on the writing style this book is as good as any you will read Based on the content this book is a cut above most due to the complexity and the lifestyle these people live by You will learn things about professional wrestling as you wade through their lives and their circumstances Even a non wrestling fan like me will have a hard time not enjoying the world of offer hereIt's a decent sized book and the prose is very direct but that's seemingly works in its favour as it feels like you're hearing locker room stories unfold from senior wrestlers You'll read absorb and you'll want once you're done