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You Are Here Free read ´ 4 ð Lucie Gideon wakes up in a hospital alone Her family is dead and her home is gone but she can’t remember a thing She soon discovers however she can glimpse the future and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she's never met Greyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade As a contGreyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade As a contract killer he's learned to deaden himself so he doesn’t have to think or feel for anything or anyone His carefully buried memory cracks open and reminds him of what he. “You must be an angel”“Did you dream of me” Imagine waking up and having no clue as to who you are where you’ve been or where to go Now imagine you’re all alone in a hospital bed being told everyone you’re connected to are dead You’re a sole survivor of a murder massacre Well this is our Lucie Lu; but not only does she have to suffer this knowledge she’s also experiencing glimpses of the future Premonitions if you will However those are not as terribly bad as they feature a potential love interest in the form of specific scenes playing out with a sexy dark mysterious stranger Intrigued We certainly were‘For someone who had no past to have issue with there was than enough emotion chained to my purported future to sink me’Lucie’s receiving help from Vivi the hospital on staff therapist however through a whirlwind of circumstances Vivi ends up being a friend to Lucie and that’s when the story really gets started as connections emerge and mysteries unravel We meet Nash and Drew and fell in love with this crazy arsed group We had so many theories whilst reading and only one really came true but we’re not going to reveal which one as that would be a total spoiler There were a multitude of twists and turns drama and high emotion It was literally jam packed but alleviated by laughs aplenty‘I felt my eyes go dead as I bored the threat into him A cleansing relief flooded me as the numb and nameless reappeared to take care of business I could breathe again’How long can memories stay buried before a reminder brings back the locked away little by little And what happens then What if you don’t like what’s uncovered Will what you have now be enough to overcome tragedy and violence We fell in love with You Are Here and with Drew Vivien and Nash And well Grey LUSH and Lucie were fabulous characters Their story is one of laughs and passion emotion and thrilling suspense What a great first story from SM Lumetta this is no ordinary romance and we highly recommend it‘The spark between us was so strong it was a physical sensation Whatever was happening was extraordinary and while I believed in it that didn’t mean I understood it It was hard enough believing he was here ’Come visit and follow us at✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest

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Left behind When Lucie and Greyson meet head on destinies collide Grey doesn't want to care about let alone fall in love with the crazy girl who has visions of him but she's in the crosshairs of a murderer and he may be the only one who can save her. DNF

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You Are HereLucie Gideon wakes up in a hospital alone Her family is dead and her home is gone but she can’t remember a thing She soon discovers however she can glimpse the future and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she's never met. Review in english and portugueseResenha em inglês e português ARC provided by the author Thank you45 starsCuriosity That's what led me to the author SM Lumetta I am extremely curious and the fact I saw so many people sharing posts about YOU ARE HERE made me even curious Then it came the blurb Intriguing And that beautiful cover YES The download bar of I want to read it right now aaaaahh had just completed 100%The book already starts leaving us drawn to it showing Lucie awake in a hospital bed after suffering an accident with no memory of her life However she has glimpses of the future and in that future she always sees the same man Now she just want to get to know herself and perhaps one day find this mysterious manThe first time I saw Grey I thought this guy is a Jason Bourne for sure and it was good to see that I wasn't the only one to think like that Grey is a killer He left his life in the past he doesn't think of his family friends or has any other feeling except coldness And that makes him great for the jobYOU ARE HERE is different It has a very rich text and let us hooked to it It is a romance with a bit of suspense and a few times made me laugh too Vivi Charlotte Nash and Drew were responsible for making me laugh In fact the book is of suspense and romance but the other characters were so captivating so I wanted of them Especially Nash and Drew Their interaction and the way they were picking on each other was hilarious However the story here is about Lucie and Grey With alternating POV we can know them better Especially their fearsSince their first meeting if it had happened to me I would run scared of it haha you can feel the connection of these two It caught fire from the first sight I loved how their relationship was developed Different but real Despite Lucie's previews this isn't the highlight of the book I think that it can’t even be considerate in the supernatural category because it was so subtle that we really believe in that story And their love I could feel that those two were falling for each other even and From the first chapter we get attached to the plot You don’t know what's going on You formulate a thousand theories And it's cool to try to guess what's going on I loved the story Love that even in the all of that suspense the romance prevailed And congratulations to the author for the hot scenes Because OMFG Really well described Because of the direction the story took at the beginning I thought it was going to be PG 13 but no When it was time to ignite it all burnedSM Lumetta did a great job on her first solo book she also wrote along with 12 other authors THE FELONY EVER AFTER released earlier this year YOU ARE HERE is a really good standalone I loved the author's writing style and can’t wait to read her next work ARC fornecido pela autora Obrigada45 estrelasCuriosidade Foi isso ue me levou a autora SM Lumetta Sou extremamente curiosa e o fato de ver muita gente compartilhando sobre YOU ARE HERE me deixou mais curiosa ainda Depois veio a sinopse Intrigante E a belíssima capa Pronto A barrinha de download do Eu uero ler isso agora aaaaahh tinha acabado de completar 100% O livro já começa nos atraindo mostrando Lucie acordada em uma cama de hospital depois de sofrer um acidente sem nenhuma memória de sua vida Entretanto ela tem vislumbres do futuro e nesse futuro ela sempre vê o mesmo homem Agora ela só uer se conhecer e uem sabe um dia encontrar esse homem misteriosoA primeira vez ue vi o Grey pensei esse cara é um Jason Bourne só pode e foi bom ver ue não fui a única a achar isso Grey é um assassino por encomenda Ele deixou sua vida no passado não pensa em seus familiares amigos ou tem ualuer outro sentimento a não ser frieza E isso faz