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The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name Free download Ô 4 ↠ If you are a parent grandparent pastor or teacher looking for a way to teach the children in your life about God’s never stopping never giving up unbreaking always and forever love look no further than The Jesus Storybook Bible E Bible pointing to Jesus as our Savior From the Old Testament through the New Testament as the Story unfolds children will clearly see that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story salvation – and at the center of their story tooThe Jesus Storybook Bible Gift EditionIs the perfect keepsake gift for baptisms first communions birthdays Easter or ChristmasVisually brings scripture to life for children ages 4–12Contains 21 stories from the Old Testamen. The I read this the I don't like it I think it would be better labeled the Jesus storybook because this is not the bible In fact it is so added too and taken from its far from the bible Just to mention a few theological discrepancies in the very beginning God says hello stars it does not say he spoke them into existence then you have Eve believing that God does not love her that's not what the bible says at all To go on the story of Rachel and Leah frustrates me to no end Rachel is popular and stuck up and Leah is a victim Then one day Laban had a sudden idea Jacob has been working for me all this time I should let him marry one of my daughters The bible tells us Jacob loved Rachel right away and was working to win her marriage It was Jacobs idea from the beginning Then there is the Passover it might not seem like a big deal to change simple wording but in this place I believe it is a very very big deal In the jsb Jesus says this bread is like my body and this wine is like my blood Jesus true words are this is my body and this is my blood big difference Another problem I have are the assumptions it describes Like when God changes his mind about Isaacs sacrifice it says great sobs shook the old mans whole body Scalding tears filled his eyes And for a long time they stayed like that in each others arms the boy and his dad I feel if this was called the Jesus storybook things would be different but it's claiming to be a bible and adding to the word of God Some of these things may seem small but from a young age I am telling my children over and over again that the bible is Gods words What would it then look like when they ask why these other things are not in the bible I do find this book very moving by its wording and believe it has some great stories for kids but when it comes to reading them the bible and telling them it's the absolute word of God I will stick to the real thing

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If you are a parent grandparent pastor or teacher looking for a way to teach the children in your life about God’s never stopping never giving up unbreaking always and forever love look no further than The Jesus Storybook Bible Gift Edition What makes The Jesus Storybook Bible different from other kids’ Bibles While other kids’ Bibles contain stories from the Old and New Testaments The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the Story beneath all the stories in th. I am freuently dissatisfied with children’s Bibles which may be why I acuire so many I keep hoping the next one will compensate for the deficiencies of the last I have one I chose because the vocabulary for a change wasn’t too dumbed down; one I chose because the pictures for a change were actually Semitic in appearance no blonde Anglo Saxon Jesus in that one; one I chose because the stories weren’t overly sanitized; one I chose because it included stories than most This one however I didn’t choose In fact I have absolutely no idea how my children acuired it but today my son brought it to me and asked me to read it He said he wanted the “Moses story” so I started by turning to the table of contents to locate it and I was instantly cynical With chapter titles like “The present” “The girl no one wanted” “God to the resuce” and “The teeny weenietrue king” I knew it would not only be difficult to locate the stories I wanted but also suspected the text would be so dumbed down and sanitized as to make me want to gag myself with two fingers I flipped a few pages back to see who the publisher wasZonderkidz Zondervan you see For kids you see With a z no less How cute Let me just say this discovery did nothing to abate and uite a bit to increase my cynicismBut then I started readingand the greater part of my cynicism slowly faded The stories are certainly child friendly They certainly try to make the tales “entertaining” so to speak They certainly have a non droll style But the overall uality of the writing was much better than I anticipated The style was actually somewhat effective despite being non serious The pages were enjoyable to read aloud The “sound” of the stories rolled off my tongue I especially appreciated the way the storytelling pointed backward and forward to the major themes that course throughout the Bible linking past present and future stories and as a Christian I appreciated the way it pointed everything to Jesus without being too terribly clichéd or contrived about it There's a strong sense of God's grace coursing throughout the storytelling an idea that these stories even the most violent of them point to a gentler beautiful and loving truth It does this too I think without seeming pollyanish without turning God into a teddy bear Of course I’m basing this entire opinion exclusively on the three “Moses stories” I read my son tonight My opinion could very well change as I read But it was nice to put the breaks on my jaded gut reaction and to find uite a few things to appreciate about this Bible Or maybe I’m just uncharacteristically impressed because I didn’t have anyone to share my bottle of mulled wine with on this chilly November night But if I can revert to my usual cynical self for a moment based on what I've read there are too many chunks of the story left out The chunks are left out because the author is busy making a point a worthy point but I wonder if that point could have been made without for instance boiling down the ten commandments to say four Now if you wanted to boil them down to TWO the two Jesus and the prophets specified love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and your neighbor as yourself okay but why four I think that sort of thing is going to annoy me after awhile But for now I leave my rating at four stars ADDITION Today we read from page one through the end of the Noah story The cutesy language does get on my nerves a bit but overall I’m finding it still fairly well rhythmically descriptively written It’s as much commentary as story but I happen to agree with a great deal of the commentary and I like its perspective that the Bible is not a book of rules or a catalog of heroes to emulate but rather a grand story of God’s love for his creation; not so much a story of what we should do but a story of what God has done This is a perspective I want my children to have It might be a little heavy handed and overplayed in parts but I’m still impressed by the uniueness of the presentationThat said I defy anyone to attempt to read a children’s Bible to my daughter Here’s how it went down tonight Me reading the text of the Noah story “Why would anyone need an umbrella let alone an ark” Her They didn’t have umbrellas back then They weren’t invented yet They didn’t have lacuer The Japanese invented lacuer Later Me reading “Noah sent his dove out to explore and it wasn’t long before she brought him back a fresh olive leaf” Her No he sent a raven out first Actually it went dove raven then dove Later Me reading “God said ‘I won’t ever destroy the world again’” Her No only by FLOOD He didn’t say he wouldn’t destroy it another way Like by flames or fire Or ice I guess my daughter has the same problem with children’s Bibles I do

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The Jesus Storybook Bible Every Story Whispers His NameT 23 stories from the New TestamentPresents the best loved stories of the Bible in an easy to understand and larger formatFeatures the bestselling writing of Sally Lloyd Jones award winning illustrations of JagoIncludes a durable timeless hardcover and bright illustrationsThe Jesus Storybook Bible has sold over 2 million copies Check out the rest of the series The Jesus Storybook Bible Coloring Book and the text based version The Story of God’s Love for Yo. Just finished reading this to out 6m 10m old about one story a night before bed Just a wonderful faithful book with great colourful illustrations It highlights so beautifully about how every part of the Bible is about Jesus Highly recommended We're about to start all over again