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Kestrel jovem filha do poderoso general de Valoria tem apenas duas opções alistar se no exército ou casar se Ela tem no entanto outras aspirações e procura libertar se do seu destino rebelando se contra o paiNum passeio clandestino pela cidade Kestrel vai parar a um le. There comes on occasion those moments in the lives of readers when they find themselves putting a book down pausing looking around at all the glowing reviews and five star ratings and asking themselves the uestion did I read the same book When it comes to language dialogue and general storytelling of small events in The Winner's Curse it's obvious that you are in the hands of a competent writer with a talent for description and a nicely spun phrase But this book is so tame Way too tame for my tastes So much of the novel is in dire need of an injection of badassery or action or tension that goes beyond the romance I wanted an interesting fantasy but instead I got a dragged out tale of the forbidden romance that blooms between a Valori General's daughter and a Herrani slaveI will admit that the book starts to pick up in the last third approx but even that was way too little and far too late for me I noted the page when my interest piued slightly for the first time page 103 because before that I'd been treated to sitting rooms parlor games and polite pleasantries Honestly I would have put this book aside by page 50 if I hadn't been spurred on by all the positive reactions from other people There's a whole lot of swanning about doing nothing There's balls with pretty dresses and high society gossip A whole lot ofAnd a lot of passages where Kestrel and Arin study each other's faces in great detail Arin knew this her gaze would measure him and he would sense a shift of perception within her Her opinion of him would change as daylight changed growing or losing shadow Subtle Almost indiscernible She would see him differently though he wouldn’t know in what way He wouldn’t know what it meant This had happened again and again since he had come here The story starts several years after the Valorians have conuered the Herrani people Herranis are now prisoners and slaves of their conuerors The main character Kestrel finds herself at a slave auction one day and makes a rather spontaneous purchase of a male Herrani slave called Arin What begins as a masterslave relationship between two people who are foes by birth gradually turns into friendship trust and love But Arin is not all he first seems and carries a dark secret that could threaten not just their relationship but the whole empire It is essentially a romance Which could be exactly what you are looking for In which case I'd say step right up and grab this book as soon as you can But I found it disappointing as a fantasy While there are some references to past wars and other parts of the land where the book is set the world building remains disappointingly vague There is very little reason to call this book fantasy; it could just as easily be labelled a dystopia as it reminds me of many I've read that were romance stories hiding in the dystopian section I would recommend The Winner's Curse to fans of Shadow Bone andor Throne of Glass Those books that are light on the fantasy and heavy on the romance This book is set up nicely for a seuel that should be eually dramatic in the romancing department Who knows Perhaps it will be like the seuel to Throne of Glass and appeal to me a lot I will be keeping an eye out for the reviews of the second book All I ask for is this a little less conversation a little action Please

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The Winner's CurseIanos Além de ser um ferreiro exímio revela se também um cantor extraordinário despertando a curiosidade de Kestrel Arin contudo tem um segredo e Kestrel não tardará a descobrir ue o preço ue pagou por ele poderá custar muito mais do ue auilo ue alguma vez imaginara. I still love Arin and Kestrel l but I found myself becoming bored with this at the beginning but then it definitely got better Not sure if I should bring my rating down to 4 stars or keep it at a 5 because I definitely didn’t experience what I did the first time I read this my reviewThis book is fucking awesome I'm literally speechless and blown away by how enjoyable and gripping this book was I am so fucking shook I can't even begin to describe how fucking amazing this book was The Winner's Curse was a book I thought was about ballrooms kings and ueens and it was a book was not expecting to love at all I never read the blurb of a book I literally just dive into it blind and take and see how it goes for me So I was so surprised when I found out this was about politics I knew this had slaves in it but I had no clue about the country's enslavement and stuff war FUCKING HEARTBREAKING ROMANCE forbidden love strong heroine politics and Arin A lovely Arin Not gonna lie the beginning was a struggle It took me about 70 pages to get into and really start enjoying what was going on Once Kestrel bought Arin things got 200% interesting ○Politics was a huge surprise I usually don't like politics and all that stuff because it's boring for me But in this book though there wasn't much of it the political aspect was super interesting and fun and I found myself wanting to read about it and enjoying it very much The military strategies the whole issue about the war between the Herrani's and Valorian's was super fucking cool and I loved it ○Kestrel is one of the most strong female characters ever and I love this girl so much Don't worry she's not a I'm not like other girls and she's not overly badass and does not hate dresses She's strong loving caring clever brave sweet respectful selfless and determined She is perfectly okay with wearing dresses She fights She's very clever and uses strategy to win There was this one part where she won a duel by being clever not physically strong ○Arin was a character that annoyed me in the beginning He was so rude and such a dickhead but considering he was sold off and his people were enslaved I kind of understood But Kestrel was nice to him and he was just a dick However as the romance developed he became sweeter and loving and akjslskdalkdj I'M SWOONING This was intriguing gripping political with swoon worthy characters a likeable MC and engaging plot ○The romance is A I love Arin and Kestrel They are perfect I love them Perfect GoodbyeInitial reactionkahdkabzlabxjdbzoebxigeisveodbdoabxoxbsidbzidvdovdaohdiwgeeegowhrodbrosbxkxbdoefdgisvdkfhsoabsksvdidbduhrvdkxejodhdsusksnnxksjdbddhjznddbdhdhbdnxjsbsisgeisbakabdskvdvisabowueyrxicnldhsnkGdjshsnsidgekdnxkgdiwhdosjsajhsehjaehdhidhdwjbdkshawidhfkxbshsisksnvxxvsjsjbduddjensushsjkxbsnskxhdnxkxjsbskxjdbdjdjwoeufjmddlkxvsjskdbdksndhudwkbddibdsinaznidejdbdjwkbdksnxkzdjdndnndnxnddhbzdjkebsjdisdbsisbxkdbsodbsobdskdbsobdkzsnsohrsohdixbdizvxbwohawoyewogfwoeuopaknxxbbxznkzgdbxjfhskavsogworuupeknavzxhkcbjkdiwiduskbskxidosndjdowhwopeybfkzmsosuekoigdbxkxidgsvzkfuwoplabdaishskbdkabsoavsosywowpoegeiwpjegowbzlzobdkzlahsksjffsafkwowueyrnclzkwdmxldnkeuwowysghope you all enjoyed my review i literally cant even form proper words im THAT shook yalls

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Read & download ✓ The Winner's Curse ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Kestrel jovem filha do poderoso general de Valoria tem apenas duas opções alistar se no exército ou casar se Ela tem no entanto outras aspirações e procura libertar se do seu destino rebelando se contra o paiNum passeio clandestinoIlão de escravos onde se depara com um jovem Arin ue parece uerer desafiar o mundo inteiro sozinho Num impulso ela acaba por comprá lo por um preço tão alto ue a torna alvo de mexericos na sociedadeArin pertence ao povo de Herrani conuistado dez anos antes pelos Valor. I cannot get over how good and underrated this series is Reading it puts me under a complete spell I’m transported to a world that’s richly built and full of political intrigue that only gets better and better with each book Every reread seems to make this story even better and appealing to me Kestrel is trapped in a world she can’t seem to escape from her destiny chosen for her She wants something else believes there’s something out there for her Her mind is beautiful But her choices are limited and her society has now been conditioned into believing there are certain paths a woman can choose Anything else will have everyone turning your back against you Everyone Arin is a slave that has been placed into Kestrel’s household He’s intense clever and has been serving his life away to a kingdom that has enslaved his people Kestrel’s kingdom There’s so much heart to this story that gripped me and pulled me in The writing did a phenomenal job at creating the intensity and the tension as war is looming and people are getting restless and a forbidden romance ensues I can’t get over what a magical reading experience this was