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The Girl of Fire and Thorns meets The ueen of the Tearling in this thrilling fantasy standalone about one girl’s unexpected rise to power Freya was never meant to be ueen Twenty third in line to the throne she never dreamed of a life in the palace and would much rather research in her laboratory than participate in the intrigues of the court However when an extravagant banuet turns deadl I only bought this purely because a few people kept comparing it to The ueen of the Tearling and since that is one of my favourite trilogies I thought could never go wrong with thatSo right off the bat let me just say that this is NOTHING like TotT Not by a mile Aside from the fact that these two girlswomen have to come to terms with their new reality of being a ueen in a corrupt kingdom there is not much else that resembles the trilogyI found the story engaging but my reading experience was somewhat hindered by the main character I thought she was manipulative and sketchy but what I found even irritating was how the book was trying to paint her as this noble all innocent and upright ueen whereas I just saw a self righteous and inconsistent girl who tried to come off as overly virtuous by being self deprecating It was not cute The plot is pretty straightforward and there isn't much complexity to it our MC Freya who is twenty third in line to the throne becomes ueen after the royal court is decimated by a mass poisoning Rather than use violence or magic Freya relies on science and naiveté to save herself and her kingdom FreyaAs I've said I didn't exactly like Freya but one thing I did appreciate was how science focused she was Aside from that her rule in sum was hopelessly naive and simplistic The decisions she made later on specifically those that involved Sten Fitzroy and Madeleine only made her seem inconsistent than she already was For someone who so greatly prized science and the scientific method her reactions were pure emotion Not to mention she seemed to look down on people who weren’t interested in science and automatically thought everyone else around her was a vapid idiot Well excuse youAlso I applauded the author’s choice to have her – and others in the story – suffer from a variety of mental disorders but somehow the social anxiety issues seemed to have miraculously disappeared once she gained a bit of confidence Not an expert on mental issues but pretty sure you don't turn it on and off as you please Just not how it worksPlotOn the whole this book’s about self discovery and acceptance but while also becoming the sovereign ruler of a kingdom fraught with uncertainty and reeling from large scale murder As much as I disliked Freya her story is empowering and I appreciate how she learns her strengths and embraces her responsibility as a leader HOWEVER and complaining about this’s become almost a daily occurrence everything was you guessed it too convenient For someone who is innocent and lacking in basic strategic skills and who is so guileless such that people can read her emotions on her face at a glance everything seems to turn out shockingly well for herEvery idea she conjures up whether it be a lead she follows or when she decides to procure a way to test the presence of arsenic in food instead of using poison testers or every other plot point in general all ends up magically working to her benefit How positively frustratingWorldThere was no world building whatsoever None Everything was so vague and thin that I was continually pulled out of the story I had so many uestions none of which were answered ⤗ What’s the story with the Forgotten They’re mentioned uite often but always in a way that

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Long May She ReignY and the king and those closest to him are poisoned Freya suddenly finds herself on the throneShe may have escaped the massacre but she is far from safe The nobles don’t respect her her councillors want to control her and with the mystery of who killed the king still unsolved she knows that a single mistake could cost her the kingdom and her lifeFreya is determined to survive and that m I tried I really did and some things I loved but mostly I couldn't get into it and that makes me sad The book has a beautiful cover that actually goes with what's in the book Freya is thrust into being ueen when everyone at the castle is killed Well almost everyone Freya was wayyyy down the line to become ueen and it was very scary for her I loved that she was into making things in her science lab I loved her friend Naomi and her cat But I just couldn't get into this book I have been picking it up and reading a few pages and putting it back down for a little while now and I just had to get it done I will say I enjoyed the end very much so there is that I'm happy for all of the other people out there that loved the book MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Long May She Reign Book ´ 432 pages Download ï Randarenewables ✓ The Girl of Fire and Thorns meets The ueen of the Tearling in this thrilling fantasy standalone about one girl’s unexpected rise to power Freya was never meant to be ueen Twenty third in line to the throne she never dreamed of a life in thEans uncovering the murderers herself Until then she can’t trust anyone Not her advisers Not the king’s dashing and enigmatic illegitimate son Not even her own father who always wanted the best for her but also wanted power for himselfAs Freya’s enemies close in and her loyalties are tested she must decide if she is ready to rule and if so how far she is willing to go to keep the cro This book is like the princess diaries meets murder mystery What drew me to this book was the stand alone aspect There are rarely fantasy stand alone books and sometimes I am not in the mood to read multiple books to find out how a story ends Unfortunately there was no fantasy in this but I still enjoyed it in general What I liked I liked the plot in general awkward science loving girl called Freya just wants to be a scientist and far away from the court She never saw herself being ueen because she was 23rd in line for the throne Unfortunately an accident during the King’s party left all the people in front of her to die making her automatically the ueen Now not only does she have to learn to act like a ueen she also has to solve the murders I like a good mystery so I loved trying to figure out who might have been the killer Could it be the king’s illegitimate son Or the girl who is next in line for the throne after Freya or a group of people who hate the royals and would do anything to get rid of them There were so many suspects and she herself was a suspect to other people I liked Freya she was awkward overthinks has social anxiety and just relatable in general What I didn’t like Like I mentioned above Freya overthinks which I could relate to but sometimes it was too much She can think about something simple for pages and pages It got annoying sometimes The reveal was kinda anticlimactic I guessed who it was to be fair I suspected everyone so no one would have surprised me but even the reasons why they did it was not satisfying to me and somethings did not make sense view spoiler she said she gave the king the poison for months but he didn’t die even though he took it than once but then suddenly everyone died taking the poison just once during the party and Freya let her go at the end after killing hundreds of people hide spoiler