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FREE DOWNLOAD ç Idle Ingredients Sin du Jour #4 ´ Catering for a charismatic motivational speaker the staff of the Sin du Jour catering agency find themselves incapacitated by a force from within their ranks A smile and a promise is all it tookAnd for some reason only the men are affected It’s going to take cunning guile and a signCatering for a charismatic motivational speaker the staff of the Sin du Jour catering agency find themselves incapacitated by a force from within their ranks A smile. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum on your chefs hats and smocks because it’s time for another crazy adventure starring the ragtag crew of New York’s most exclusive kitchen and catering company And if the first three books of the Sin du Jour series can be considered the early courses of a meal then with this fourth installment we have come to the entrée—the meat of this story arc so to speakThe last we saw these characters Lena had just dropped the big news on everyone that she was leaving Sin du Jour As we would soon discover at the start of Idle Ingredients however her so called bombshell of a decision ultimately led nowhere for it didn’t take long for Bronko to track her down pluck her up from her new place of work and unceremoniously drop her right back into his kitchen line That’s because it’s all hands on deck again for their next big assignment catering a series of campaign events for the underground supernatural community’s upcoming elections Bronko has even brought on a new liaison named Luciana Monrovio to help him streamline Sin du Jour’s operational processes and salvage their reputation after their last few disastrous gigsBut instead of improving things around the place Luciana ends up driving a wedge between Bronko and his staff Jett the event planner is one of the first to be pushed out Then Ryland loses his home as his trailer is towed away Boosha ends up comatose in the hospital after a mysterious accident Lena becomes infuriated after she is banned from the kitchen reassigned to work with Nikki on deserts and pastries Darren and his new boyfriend James are inexplicably sent off on vacation in the middle of this busy time The Stocking and Receiving department a mainstay of the company gets ordered off the premises and put on call Worse the women seem to be the only ones noticing these odd changes since the men seem to be unnaturally smitten with Luciana like they’ve all suddenly come under a spell Something is seriously wrong at Sin du Jour and it’s up to the ladies to figure it out and put a stop to whatever’s happeningWhile it’s true that Pride’s Spell was an improvement over Lustlocked this installment might finally be the one to bring the complexity and substance I feel has been sorely needed since Envy of Angels Granted the introduction was a bit weak due to the considerable time spent getting the team back together again cycling through all the characters in order to catch up with every single one of them took up the entire first uarter of the book but still it’s probably safe to say Idle Ingredients is my favorite addition to Sin du Jour so farFor one thing I like how this series has settled into a rhythm—and no that does not mean things have slowed down or become stuck in a rut In fact it’s uite the opposite We seem to have found what works and now Matt Wallace is building upon those foundations with this fourth installment Apart from the intro the story in Idle Ingredients was fast paced and consistent focusing on some of the most interesting characters like Lena Bronko and Nikki The plot was tightly woven and we didn’t waste much time with distractions instead diving straight into the main conflict Even though there wasn’t as much cooking when compared to the previous three books I thought Sin du Jour’s catering job in this one—providing food for a party of elementals during a Sceadu candidate’s campaign speeches—was their coolest assignment yetI hope we’ll keep seeing these “big picture” plots because as much as I’m enjoying reading about Sin du Jour’s action packed and insanity fueled adventures I think I like following the characters’ relationships even As their personalities continue to grow and develop the books also seem to be getting better and Idle Ingredients is evidence of this upwards trend Besides with a teaser like that in the epilogue how can I not feel excited for the future of this series Thank goodness the next book Greedy Pigs is already on the horizon because I can hardly wait


Day of cupcakes and evil with your favorite demonic caterersAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Another thoroughly enjoyable adventure in the Sin du Jour series Matt Wallace treats readers to new tasty layers of each characters' stories when some of the team members fall prey to an unexpected foe and then rally together kick demon butt and show once again why they are the most bad ass caterers in this or any other world

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Idle Ingredients Sin du Jour #4And a promise is all it tookAnd for some reason only the men are affected It’s going to take cunning guile and a significant amount of violence to resolveAnother. Have I mentioned how much I am loving this series This fourth book was just as excellent a read as have been the previous three books In this one Sin du Jour is faced with catering events for an upcoming electionan election for the supernatural sort ; And they're being sabotaged by a force within their ranks a force that only affects the men view spoilerBut not all of the men hide spoiler