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A Hall of Keys and No DoorsDoesn't know how to identify and Ella's parents refuse to return her calls Worse she finds trinkets from Stuart everywhere she goes ghosts of a game they used to play The leash she's kept on life's surprises for three years has snapped and Ella will have to learn that the road to peace starts with letting go of control and that sometimes the best family you have is the family you build. ‘A Hall of Keys and no Doors’ by Emmie Mears tells the story of Ella a young woman who lost her twin brother 3 years ago and now also loses her beloved grandmother Unexpectedly she inherits her grandmother’s house where she spent many summers On the top floor the house has a hallway with only keys and no doors hence the title Ella never got to touch the keys when staying at her grannies Gradually Ella discovers the secret of the keysThis was an easy read perfect to start my vacation and this book was hard to put down I loved the unfamiliar uite magical story entangled with some romance I felt a lot of sympathy for most of the characters who are well developed At the end of the book there were a few chapters I liked less for me there probably was a bit too much of magic going onIn spite of coping with loss grief and difficult family relations being big themes in this book it doesn’t feel like a book with a heavy theme Above all it’s a book about believing in the future and surrounding yourself with people you trust and loveThank you to BHC Press for the review copy

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A Hall of Keys and No Doors characters ↠ 107 ½ Ella Keyes thought the death of her twin brother Stuart was the last time she'd let life surprise her She's up for tenure at her university she escaped a doomed engagement and her fluffy cat knows exactly when to expect her home every day But when her grandmother passes and leaves Ella heElla Keyes thought the death of her twin brother Stuart was the last time she'd let life surprise her She's up for tenure at her university she escaped a doomed engagement and her fluffy cat knows exactly when to expect her home every day But when her grandmother passes and leaves Ella her house Ella discovers that the third floor corridor of keys is than just a family pun The seemingl. How I read this Free ebook copy received through NetGalleyDo you know how sometimes you'll finish the last sentence of a book and think This was magic Pure magic This is what happened to me with this book Although slow to start – what a satisfying book and what a strong ending Really left my heart full Read the full review here A Hall of Keys and No Doors is a poignant story about letting go forgiving yourself and learning to live with loss and grief With uite a healthy dose of magical realism in the mix as wellIt was slow and I mean really slow to start as it took me half of the book to get into it But not in the sense that stuff wasn’t going on It was and plenty of it but I wasn’t at all invested in the book for at least half of itBut then I kept reading anyway and I’m so glad I did The ending was so powerful it almost made my cry and there was also a lot of emotionally charged stuff by the end as well I even got so indignant about some of the charactersI feel like this book will stay with me I’m still pondering some of the decisions the characters made I can definitely recommend it but I must say just stick with it It may take you a while to get into it if you’re like me but its well worth itThe story has some serious triggers – like view spoilerlosing a sibling being cast out by your family being abused because of being ueer losing a job hide spoiler

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Y unremarkable keys don't unlock any doors in the house but each time Ella touches one something in her life shifts Her life's carefully grown roots are ripped out of their soil Flowers bloom in the middle of a Buffalo winter A blind date with the wrong person ends up being just maybe the right one Her grandmother's batty twin sister turns up every day searching for something even she. Ella Keyes is a college professor who inherits her Grammy Helen's house The house has a long hallway without doors but hundreds of keys hanging from nails The keys are magic and even though Ella doesn't believe she notices that things happen when she touches one Ella doesn't want the house because she's uite content living in her modern rented condo with her cat and frog but things happen and she has to keep the house She is whiny about it She is whiny about everything because she still can't cope with her twin brother Stuart's death 3 years ago She obviously uit therapy too soon She had broken up with her fiancé Brett before Stuart's death and since then her best friend Jace keeps setting her up on blind dates with women because she wants Ella to pick a side The story of the keys is wrapped around subplots involving Ella's growing relationship with Callum; Jace's being closeted but wanting to move in with her girlfriend; Ella's 93 year old great aunt who keeps tearing up the house looking for something she can't name; and Ella's relationship with her parentsThis is a solid 4 star read It is well written and the characters have depth I did take away a star because Ella is morose and in need of a good shake Okay I admit I don't know how it feels to lose a sibling and I hope I never do But I have lost both parents and my husband 42 at the time and anyone crippled by grief 3 years later really should seek counseling You never get over it but you should be able to resume some level of happiness Just sayinAnother reason to take a star was because there really isn't any lightness or humor Hey even Shakespeare's tragedies aren't totally darkI got this in both ebook and audio free with KindleUnlimited and because I got that the audio was extremely inexpensive I should have skipped the audio because the narrator is laconic and makes Ella seem even whiny Stick to the electronic or printed edition