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Free read ñ Perspectives on Church Government Five Views of Church Polity ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¾ Perspectives on Church Government presents in counterpoint form the basic models of church government which have developed over the course of church history with aBiblical historical and theological issues within each governance tradition In addition each writer will have the opportunity to give a brief response to the other traditio. This is a solid overview of the major positions concerning church polity from the hierarchical Episcopal structures to the congregational led structures Each theologian articulates his position well and counter responses from each participant helps to round out the discussion as if one is sitting down to lunch watching the discussion unfold Of the positions James Leo Garrett’s on the “Congregation Led Church” seems to align best with Southern Baptist doctrine although a couple of the other positions could also be seen in some Southern Baptist churches

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Perspectives on Church Government presents in counterpoint form the basic models of church government which have developed over the course of church history with a view tow. What is church polity And is it really a central issue And can one model really be called the ‘most Biblical’ These uestions are all addressed in Perspectives on Church Government 5 ViewsThis is a reduced review from my blog Editors Chad Owen Brand and R Stanton Norman have brought together five contributors to present their case for a particular form of church government Each author presents their case and then the other four respond with areas of agreement andor criticism Here are the contributors and their positions Daniel Akin Single ElderPastor Robert Reymond Presbyterian structure James Garrett Congregation Led Paul Zahn Episcopalian structure James White Plural Elder LedI have mixed feelings about this book It was informative but uneven My enjoyment and understanding rose and fell depending upon the author It felt as if the authors were playing by different rules since some believe that the NT doesn’t give enough information to prove one view over the others Some may see this diversity as a strength but I think the book would have been effective if all authors defended their view as being the most Scriptural This would have leveled the playing field and probably would have led to interaction with the texts that others used in their presentationsAkin Garrett and White all presented a form of Congregationalism One could argue that having three presentations devoted to one view is unbalanced or unnecessary However Garrett and White’s positions are really uite different In contrast Akin’s wasn’t uniue enough from either of theirs especially considering he argued for a permissible model rather than one he saw as best or even beneficialA few of the authors took pot shots at non denominational churches andor mega churches and their supposed lack of polity Since I attend Calvary Chapel I was a bit defensive to the charge of such churches not taking polity seriously especially considering some of the authors didn’t see their own view as being objectively Biblical A chapter attempting to defend a non denominational model could have been worthwhile additionConclusionDoes this book succeed It depends what you want from it If you want to read authors all arguing for their position from Scripture this may not be the best book to buy However this is never promised in the book internally so I can’t criticize it too strongly on this basis If you want introductions to some of the key issues and positions and to see how others would respond to these presentations this would be worth looking into Since I feel that the contributions could have been stronger I’m a little hesitant to endorse itSpecial thanks to Jim Baird and BH Academic for providing a review copy of this book

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Perspectives on Church Government Five Views of Church PolityArd determining which is most faithful to Scripture Each chapter will be written by a prominent person from within each tradition with specific guidelines dealing with the. BH has a nice little series titled Perspectives where they get scholars to write out their reasons for why they believepractice what they do Varying from Worship to your child's education to this particular book on Church government A very important topic which wont be settled via a 368 debate book of sorts but definitely a good place to start for one curious on the differing viewsCovered in this volume are 5 views of church polityDaniel Akin Single elder led congregational modelJames Leo Garret Jr Democratic congregational model Robert L Reymond Presbyterian modelJames R White Plural elder led congregational modelPaul FM Zahl Episcopal model I find this volume to be good on an introductory level Obviously each author could not go as in depth as I'm sure they would have liked to but they do for the most part articulate their views uite well Some White better than others Zahl Of course I would encourage anyone who studies this subject or reads this book to base their views on Scripture and to study what God's Word has to say first and foremost