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Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power Politics and Pesky PoltergeistsNenhum Primeiro Ministro trouxa jamais pôs os pés no Ministério da Magia por razões ue foram sucintamente resumidas pelo ex Ministro Dugaldo McPhail mandato de 1858 a 1865 'seus cerebrozinhos não conseguiriam lidar com isso' JK RowlingPotter Presents é uma coleção de textos de JK Rowling dos aruivos do Potter peuenas leituras aprese. Finally the extra writings by our UEEN OF MAGIC organized professionally edited bound in one ebookAnd this one about those Power hungry and ambitiousStories of Power and Politics From the ruthless roots of UmbridgeTo Slughorn’s early years as Potions master at HogwartsTo the inadeuate yet hungry for importance and Power uirrell Till power really goes to his headAnd for fun what d' ya know about Poltergeists Peeves back story will tell ya big deal about' Every witch or wizard with a wand has held in his or her hands power than we will ever know With the right spell or potion they can fabricate love travel through time change physical form and even extinguish lifeIn the wrong hands power and magic can be dark lethal and consuming And to complete the perfect editing of the book and as remark for the really good collecting and organizing topicsAfter Umbridge there's this complete history of Ministry for Magic its notorious prison AzkabanAnd after Slughorn there's this insightful look into Potions makingAlthough you may have read these stories before on Potter I really hate reading it all there and wanted it only as a book Though I still wish it all become one Huge Hardcover book The Long waited EncyclopediaBut really the editing and connecting the stories and the articles that followed every story was totally marvelous and charming and made a good feeling of it as actual book and the design and the chapters art are fun tooAnd this chapter following the most Evil Ministry employee’s Umbridge of The Ministry for Magic encyclopedic details from 1707 till now was something worth studying The Azkaban history is so brrrrrrrrr cold as hell you know what I meanAnd the crazy mind blowing ingredients of the Polyjuice Potion and how Rowling thought about it along with insightful look into the Potions making that followed Slughorn the next best potion master's chapter That was good tooAnd the broken connection between Slughorn and the memory Dumbledore wanted is finally reveled and why he was fearing something the whole timeI didn't like much uirrell’s and it needed better editing BTW it seemed as thought many timesBut I loved the 2 faces back to back of uirrell chapter art chapter arts in general are really talented and simpleAnd for Peeves I never knew Poltergeists aren't ghosts at all his piece was short yet so completeI wished he made it to the movie but I really enjoyed playing against him in the first 3 PC games of Harry Potter So finally as they promoted itIt's a a mix of previously released Potter content and brand new material all of which is penned by Rowling But it's really collected organized and bound in one digital bookjust so wellcan't say Really gald for these 3 books Merlin's beard It's really Harry Potter’s world books for 2016And sure I'll wait for volumes of this seriesBUT plz Potter shop let us re link our purchased ebook from the site to Kindleas beforeMohammed Arabey7 Sep 2016view spoilerThe First early reviewMerlin's beard More Harry Potter world books for 2016Short stories written BY THE UEEN OF MAGIC her self Though I wish it all become one Huge Hardcover book The Long waited encyclopedia This one mostly for the 'Green House' if you know what I meanfrom the description; This volume offers a glimpse into the darker side of the wizarding worldIt revealing the ruthless roots of Professor Umbridge the lowdown on the Ministers for Magic and the history of the wizarding prison Azkaban You will also delve deeper into Horace Slughorn’s early years as Potions master at Hogwarts — and his acuaintance with one T

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Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists Free download ↠ 2 ä Nenhum Primeiro Ministro trouxa jamais pôs os pés no Ministério da Magia por razões ue foram sucintamente resumidas pelo ex Ministro Dugaldo McPhail mandato de 1858 a 1865 'seus cerebrozinhos não coNtadas originalmente em pottercom com algumas novidades exclusivas Esses e books com curadoria do Potter levarão você além das histórias de Harry Potter pois neles JK Rowling revela suas inspirações detalhes intricados das vidas dos personagens e surpresas do mundo bruxoEssas histórias sobre poder política e poltergeists petulantes. 5 STARS probably my favourite of the three Potter Presents books In the wrong hands power and magic can be dark lethal and consuming In “Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power Politics and Pesky Poltergeists” you discover what happens when power goes to someone’s head uite literally in Professor uirrell’s caseIt's less in a “storytelling” tone and an account of their pasts with JK Rowling's thoughts tagged along I found its writing and whole design appropriate for its goal A brief interesting return to the history of the Wizarding World and the backstories of some our favourite love to hate characters Of course you won't have any interest in this if you haven't read Harry Potter The topics we learn about in this short book Dolores Umbridge Dolores Umbridge may have looked like an iced cupcake but she was anything but sweet She was savage sadistic and remorselessIf it isn't the character we all wanna strangle I appreciated learning about her past and family and of her personality analysing her terror of the unknown and the wild Her journey to power literally made me wanna throttle her Ministers for Magic This was probably my favourite chapter of the whole thing In this part we read about different Ministers; from the first female Minister for Magic 1798–1811 who established Department of International Magical Co operation and lobbied hard and successfully to have a uidditch World Cup tournament held in Britain during her term to the Minister who believed the Muggle technology telegraph interferes with wand function or the one who introduced the “pointy hat” legislationI utterly loved learning about the Wizarding World's policies and politics like the first Muggle born Minister for Magic and Suib Right marches and was impressed by how Ms Rowling twisted it around our facts and history such as and the Minister that was close buddies with ueen Victoria without her knowing her friend is a wizard Two of my absolute favourites among the many Porteus Knatchbull1781 – 1789Was called in confidentially in 1782 by the Muggle Prime Minister of the day Lord North to see whether he could help with King George III’s emerging mental instability Word leaked out that Lord North believed in wizards and he was forced to resign after a motion of no confidenceArcher Evermonde1912 – 1923In post during the Muggle First World War Evermonde passed emergency legislation forbidding witches and wizards to get involved lest they risk mass infractions of the International Statute of Secrecy Thousands defied him aiding Muggles where they could Azkaban Experts who had studied buildings built with and around Dark magic contended that Azkaban might wreak its own revenge upon anybody attempting to destroy itYup we learn the history of Azkaban the twisted origins of the Dementors and how the Ministers each attempt to use it—I LOVED it Horace Slughorn Oh I wanna hug this name dropper of a man and his life story was my second fave chapter of the book Potions From Potions expert stereotypes aka Snape incarnate to different Potions and how Rowling came up with their ingredients the best part really and about Polyjuice Potion and the choice of Cauldrons as the Wizards' instrument there's much and uirinus uirrell The half blooded Ravenclaw bet ya didn't know that huh who used to be a gifted but delicate boy I honestly feel bad for him Peeves the Poltergeist Now that's another fave troublemaker who terrorises the hallways respects the teachers and brings chaos upon any who dare attempt to throw him out Third favourite chapter of the book f

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Lhe oferecem um vislumbre do lado mais sombrio do mundo bruxo revelando as raízes da implacável Professora Umbridge informações sobre os Ministros da Magia e a história da prisão de Azkaban Você poderá sondar mais a fundo os primeiros anos de Horácio Slughorn como mestre de Poções em Hogwarts e sua relação com Tom Servoleo Ridd. A panoramic collection I loved to get to know about the characters who do evil things I appreciated how JKRowling provided both Heroes and Villians' back stories for her readersDefinitely recommended