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White Line Fever The Autobiography eBook ☆ Paperback Read Õ Lemmy Kilmister Ë After years of notorious excess his blood would kill another human being This is the story of the heaviest drinking most oversexed speed freak in the music businessIan Fraser Kilmister was born on Christmas Eve 19To experience everything he could get his hands on And he never looked backLemmy tripped through his early career with the Rocking Vicars backstage touring with Jimi Hendrix as a member of Opal Butterflies and Hawkwind In 1975 he went on to create speed metal and form the legendary band MotorheadDuring their twenty seven year history Motorhead has released 21 albums been nominated for a Grammy and conuered the rock world with Summary So I meet this geezer not a sissy like they are nowadays and we do a bunch of speed together while I'm shagging his bird but back to rock and roll eh The longbox CD trend was a bad idea Here are my thoughts on 911I love Lemmy I love Motorhead and I love music autobiographies but this reads like a compilation of Penthouse letters sent to Kerrang magazine

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Such songs as Ace of Spades Bomber and Overkill Throughout the creation of this impressive discography the Motorhead lineup has seen many changes but Lemmy has always been firmly at the helm White Line Fever a headbanging tour of the excesses of a man being true to his music and his pleasures offers a sometimes hilarious often outrageous but always highly entertaining ride with the frontman of the loudest rock band in the world 'Since I was about twenty five nothing changed except I got smarter and wiser and things have an effect on you But I never thought I was any older really It was just a very long twenty five I can't imagine being fifty'Well there you go That tough and rock n' roll punky energy that goes on and on and never stop the louder than everything else 'born to loose live to win' and raw attitude that Lemmy incarnated just stemmed from that an over the top passion for everything hedonistic about life and a refusal until the end to surrender to the rank and file And why should he have Motorhead was rank and file in its own way like an army even if an army of one at time crushing it all when on march No matter how old just listen no but LISTEN to their uniue sound Motorhead was rock n' roll drunk and on speed If you don't like it well sorry to say but you have no taste or as Lemmy would have asserted 'fuck you' Sure they weren't much original and album after album what you got is was what you'll get And so Now I confess I love Motorhead they contributed to define metal for Pete's sake but I loath druggies alcoholics alcoholics gosh I can't fcking stand the lot of them It's personal and as tolerant as I can be 'sex drugs and rock n' roll' is not the type of life I look up to I don't care; just not for me Lemmy having been the rock star we all know I worried would I get here a long and stupid brag of all of the above excesses I am glad to say not at all Or rather yeah of course there's that too; but not only In fact when it comes to booze drugs shags gosh the guy even lusted on teenage girls in Thailand how sick is that you can easily skip over because the music always takes precedence And the musicI got lost when he details all the scene before joining Hawkwind; but it's not my generation so I was happy to see the usual metal cast popping all around John Lord personal opinion to me no Deep Purple no metal; there you go Ozzy Randy Rhoads Lars Ulrich and Metallica Dave Mustaine Slayer Slash Alice Cooper Twisted Sisters and Dee Snider that he keeps calling Dee Schneider that must have been a private joke between them two What's striking is that apart from the people who tried and screwed his band he never has a bad word for anybody Lemmy might have been a killer onstage but he seemed to have been a fairly friendly geezer indeed Apart to the people who tried and screwed his band Following the change of line up is rocambolesue Being human he also allows himself a good rant against the music industry Sony in particular 'Those Neanderthals corporate executives at Sony are all stupid ignorant fucking elitist twats they've got no idea about music at all They're the most inept bunch of motherfuckers I've ever seen in my life Oh yes''These people treat music purely as commodity like selling cans of beans Most people that promote bands have never heard of the bands they promote Nobody seems to believe in the music any The industry's building all the time but they're killing the music' Well what did he expect Most importantly he obviously talks about his music too The loss of a guitarist 'when they are two guitars you can never get things worked out completely because somebody won't agree with it With one guitar player the bass can do anything' His recording process 'We go in with nothing and just hammer it out It costs less that way and obviously it works''Look at Jeff Beck Clapton and Page they played a lot of their early classic work in one take'His albums '1916' 'one of the best records of our career' 'Bastards' 'one of the best album Motorhead has made so far Every song on it is strong' 'Ace of Spades' duh 'one thing that will always puzzle me are those people who for some bizarre reason think our career ended with 'Ace of Spades' 'Yo dude Ace of Spades that's the famous cry that has come to plague me Occasionally I get really pissed off' Well Sadly that wave of rock n' rollpunky energy which was supposed to go on and on who thought such a guy could even die stopped for good in 2015 when his cancer finally got him Here's an updated edition of his original autobiography which was first published in 2003 so it has a couple of tributes added in the end It's a nice touch All in all 'White Line Fever' is not as trashy as you may have expected Lemmy was Lemmy and all the way through dark sense of humour and all you can hear him in here chatting his life away with that unmistakable voice tarred by whiskey and cigarettes And who doesn't want a chat with Lemmy The king is dead but long live metal

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White Line Fever The AutobiographyAfter years of notorious excess his blood would kill another human being This is the story of the heaviest drinking most oversexed speed freak in the music businessIan Fraser Kilmister was born on Christmas Eve 1945 Learning from an early age that chicks really do appreciate a guy with a guitar and inspired by the music of Elvis and Buddy Holly Lemmy uickly outgrew his local bands in Wales choosing instead to head to Manchester A fun uick read for anyone interested in the music of Hawkwind or Motorhead White Line Fever is Lemmy Kilmister being as honest and goofy as one would thinkLemmy hates the longbox packaging of CDs from the early 90s He brings it up three times over the course of his 2002 autobiography White Line Fever Citadel 0806525908 and while he’s not as scatterbrained and God sized as David Lee Roth Crazy From the Heat or as into faux debauchery as Motley Crue The Dirt it’s these repeated complaints that remind the reader why Lemmy made it in the first place he’s just a nerdOldies but GoodiesThe fact that drugs will never kill him helps but the nerd thing just seals it His ramblings about the Liverpool scene in the 50s and 60s are a carbon copy of any record store dude’s experience of living through Seattle in the early 90s the Sunset Strip in the late 80s or Washington DC in the early 80sHowever unlike the parade of delusion the numerous former grunge or metal or hardcore scenesters march in Lemmy isn’t stuck in that era He shows an obvious affinity for his roots but he stays the same throughout his entire life While a static personality might not be the best attribute in a person Lemmy comes off as charming a true rock and roll soul in a world full of irony and posingA Great Read but Only for the InitiatedPicking this up as a fan of Hawkwind or Motorhead – or rock biographies in general – is a fantastic idea The tone is laid back the text is huge and the details are there That said there may not have much appeal to those who don’t follow Lemmy and his projects as opposed to a book like Motley Crue’s autobiography The Dirt which is dumb and ridiculous enough to warrant a read by anyoneSure there are lots of pills lots of girls and lots of pranks but nothing is so over the top that a person will read it and immediately recommend it to her buddy who enjoyably listens to Top 40 radio and has no interest in music This is certainly geek foodFor the initiated this story is stripped down and forward moving occasionally senseless and always honest The tone is pub talk as if Lemmy’s buying the reader shots and letting loose a gem of a storyLemmy leads a life filled with women songs and stories and he treats them all the same If there is one thing we learn about Lemmy from his book it’s that he like it fast and loose And of course that he hates the longbox