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Free download ´ Unexpected 107 ´ Self made business owner Dale McGuire has always enjoyed two things in life women and fast cars Now in her mid thirties she’s restless and can’t work out why Then one day a ten year old boy turns up claiming to be her son and her simple ordered world turns upside downRebecca Harper bears the emotional scars of herWoman he believes is his other motherWhen distrust turns to understanding and passion can Dale and Rebecca two women bound by fate make a family neither expectedWords 70500Genres Contemporary Romance Tags Secret Baby Blue Collar Good girlsBad girls Friends to Lovers Romance ChildrenFamilie. 45 Stars rounding up to 5 starsA really good pleasant romance Jenny Frame style You've got your single Femme Rebecca a mother of a gifted 10 yr old son and she is pregnant with her second Fiercely independent and private which leads to problems when her pregnancy is not going smoothly Then you have your Butch Dale A player who has become weary of her lifestyle I feel that Dale isn't Frame's typical Butch a bit softer maybe All the MC's are very likable except for the villain of course I also loved Jake scarily genius but still a 10yr old if not younger sociallyFunny it was one those books that I read over half in one sitting Then I forced myself to slow down and not rush through it I will warn you everything is very predictable But it didn't matter to me I enjoyed the book Frame has become one of my favorite authors who's books I enjoy rereading I'm looking forward to her next book Charming the Vicar with the Vicar Bridget from Courting the Countess

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Self made business owner Dale McGuire has always enjoyed two things in life women and fast cars Now in her mid thirties she’s restless and can’t work out why Then one day a ten year old boy turns up claiming to be her son and her simple ordered world turns upside downRebecca Harper bear. I was going to make some corny joke about how unexpected this book was but I will save you all from that I have read almost all of Frame's books and they have been really up and down for me It almost feels like Frame has been trying to find her perfect zone as a writer but had not uite gotten there yet Well that is until now For me this was by far Frame's best book yetThis is a sweet family style romance While the chemistry was not jumping off the pages at you it was such a feel good romance that I didn't mind I was absolutely sucked into the story from page one and enjoyed every second of itThere are two main characters Dale and Becca Both characters have flaws but there is valid reasons for them They are really likeable characters especially Dale At times Dale was almost to good to be true but I was so caught up in this fairy tale type romance I didn't care There also were a few kid characters in this book I think Frame does a good job of writing kids in lesfic She did well in Courting the Countess and again in this bookMy only small complaint the crazy ex storyline I didn't like You are in the POV of an awful women named Ash It does not take up too much of the book thank goodness I know Frame did this for a little excitement but I was enjoying the romance and didn't want this to interfere Luckily the way the conflict occurred was handled well I could feel a sigh of relief come out of me It did not ruin the book and I am so gratefulThis is easy to recommend to sweet romance fans I have a feeling a lot of people are really going to like this one As I said above I believe this is Frame's best by far I look forward to reading books of hers like this An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review

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UnexpectedS the emotional scars of her father’s crimes and now she has two rules never let anyone get too close and never admit weakness Thanks to an anonymous egg donor infertility didn’t stop her from having her son Jake Now pregnant for a second time she’s horrified when Jake brings home the. “Unexpected” was verywait for itunexpected First the cover made me think that the plot would involve an unexpected pregnancy for a lesbian perhaps as the result of a drunken one nighter such as with “Tats” by Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennet Oh yes the art folks certainly managed to stretch yet another cover for the audiobook Creating art takes talenttransfering art from one aspect ratio to another takes a special kind of talent to screw up what should be an easy taskSecondly this book is by Author Jenny Frame Despite there now being six of her books on Audible many well reviewed by GR friends my only previous experience with her books is “Heart of the Pack” one of the most truly awful books I’ve ever listened toSo what was most unexpected by me is the result I really enjoyed “Unexpected” I chose to listen to this book immediately after the terrific “The Secret Pond” and it compares very well As with “Pond” in Unexpected we also have two women trying to come to terms with tragedies in their past Also as with “Pond” it takes a precocious 9yo boy to act as a human emulsifier to bring the women together and combine everyone into a familyAt 36yo successful business owner Dale is tired of the one night stand bar scene and works hard to convince Becca that she has substance than her reputation as a player Intensely private Becca is reluctant and distrustful but is eventually won over in part by Dale’s endless stream of truly terrible jokes Why do cows wear bells Because their horns don’t work Oh there’s lots My RL friends are avoiding me until I tire of telling them every one of theseDale’s desire and efforts to protect Becca and Jake are very believable as is Becca’s desire to be touched and loved again after so many years alone Becca’s former gf Trent is believable in her role as are Dale’s friends at the office The villainess is rather over the top batshit crazy even if her reason for hating Becca was finally explained I would have liked to have seen the individual who betrayed Dale for money exposed but despite the betrayal we get a wonderful HEAThe narrator did a fantastic job with Scottish and upper middle class English accents and she really added to my enjoyment of “Unexpected” 45 and once again I wish goodreads offered half star ratings This is much better than many books I’ve rated 4 but isn’t uite as stellar as most of my 5 rated books I preferred “The Secret Pond” for example Still this was very enjoyable to listen to and perhaps partly because of the unusual accents I’ll probably relisten to it so 5 for “Unexpected”