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Family Dont End with BloodHow a Show and the Support of Its Fandom Changed and Saved LivesMay 2017 marks the end of the twelfth season of the CW hit Supernatural a television show about two demon hunting brothers and an angel that is at the center of a fan community as tight knit as family a virtual support system that spans the globe The three time People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Sci FiFantasy TV Show and Tumblr’s 2015 Most Reblogged “Live Action TV” show has made a name for itself by supporting and encouraging its fans to “always keep fighting” a main theme echoed in the show and demonstrating the inspiring truth to a memorable line from early in the show’s run “Family don’t end with blood”In twenty powerful chapters written by Supernatural’s actors and. Be warned this isn´t a review for my Goodreads friends; this is a review for the SPNFamily and for me so I can put my thoughts in orderI read through Family Don´t End With Blood with a heart full of love a smile on my face and tears filling my eyes and sometimes tears all over my cheeks For those who didn´t care about my warning and are still reading this it´s a book where fans and cast of the show Supernatural share their stories about how the show and the fandom changed their lives And it is breathtakingI have to admit that not every story reached my heart but those were the minority Most of them got me emotional to the point that I had to close the book because the tears wouldn´t let me go on And I´m talking mostly about what the fans had to say; their stories were so brave and vulnerable and full of heart that despite I couldn´t always relate to their specific struggles I wanted to reach out to them and tell them that they are not alone; that we are all in this together whatever this may beKristin Ludwig Hallie Bingaman Breda Waite Burner Cade This are some of the fans that share their stories and that deeply moved me; perhaps they broke my heart with their courage and their openness is that how you spell it but it was worth it I think it was one of them who wrote Take it one day at a time one hour a time one minute at a time if you have to Keep pushing forward just focusing on today and do the best you can to keep yourself happy and healthy Take Jared´s campaign to heart and always keep fightingOuch That hit home Tears all over the placeFor me the most important part of FDEWB is that this isn´t about the cast and what they say Don´t get me wrong some of them wrote so meaningful essays and I´ll get to that in a minute but the fans warmed my heart with what they had to say Because I´m also on this side of the fence I´m a fan myself and as all of you I too have my own demons to battle So yeah I relate to the fan´s stories and I´m damn proud of them Lynn did a hell of a job putting this book together and if I ever have the chance I hope to thank her in person I only wish we could know the fan´s Twitter accounts or e mails or whatever so we could reach out to them and tell them how their courage affected us Because I know I speak on behalf of everyone of us when I say that we are SO PROUD OF THEMAbout the cast yeah some of them also had so significant things to say For me it was Osric Matt Rob And Jared Always Jared But I´ll talk about Jared at the end There are hundreds even thousands of people who readily say no to things You can´t be one of those people Those were Osric´s words and they hit me deeply My name starts with a “No” and I´ve always joked that it was a warning of what my life had to be like I don´t know if I always say no to things but I do know that I feel compelled to and that I have to struggle to say yes to many things adventures happiness opportunities I´ll think about these words and try not to be “one of those people” I´ll do my best I promiseMatt said something that also resonated with me The funniest part about all of it is that none of the fans ever knew they were making me the man I always wanted to beThey truly admit proudly non the less that the fandom changed their lives too For the best And here I thought that we were just part of their obligations and not making a difference to them; that maybe we annoyed them with our passion I´m glad I was wrong Rob´s story had me at the edge of my seat We were so close to losing him I can´t even think about it without feeling emotional Some of you may not agree with me and that´s okey but I truly believe that he is the heart of the SPNFamily And we are so damn lucky to have him still with us I´m making a shape of a heart with my hands and sending it to you RobbieAnd if Rob is the heart of the SPNFamily Jared is our soulHe may draw strength from us from our love and support but I don´t know if he is aware of just how much strength we draw from him Every one of us He saved so many lives whether he knew it or not and despite that he is afraid to let us down because sometimes he can fall too Because he´s only human and he struggles and he hurts You can´t let us down Jared; you are our hero And I´m not talking about Sam even though God knows we are fucking proud of him too but you Alright And we got your backWe get scared at least I know I do every time that he goes off the grid for than a couple of weeks I worry that his demons caught up to him again and that he may be having a hell of a hard time finding peace and solace But he´s strong and even though sometimes he doubts and stumbles and falls because hey we all do he´s the strongest of us all And I´m so fucking proud of him We may be part of your dysfunctional family Jared but you are certainly part of ours too Keep letting your light shine I will do the same And keep fighting Always Keep Fighting That´s what all of us repeat to ourselves over and over again when we are struggling many times we repeat it out loud some other times we write it on our bodies like he did on his arm when he broke “I broke Plain and simple I Broke” And we say it proud and loud and it fucking helps every time I know it does the AKF phrase and what it means got me through a lot this past year so I know what I´m talking aboutSo thank you Jared Truly you changed our lives and you gave us hopeMy god I went on and on with this endless review Perhaps I should have used only gifs to express myself Chuck knows Supernatural has a gif for everything So SPNFamily if you are willing to take an emotional ride pick up this book and dive in You will laugh and you will cry and when you finish it there will be a smile on your face and a certainty you are not aloneAKF guys Love y’all

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characters à Family Dont End with Blood å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ How a Show and the Support of Its Fandom Changed—and Saved—LivesMay 2017 marks the end of the twelfth season of the CW hit Supernatural a television show about two demon hunting brothers and an angel that is at the centeAttitudes in Reverse whose mission is to educate young people about mental health and suicide preventionContributors from Supernatural’s cast includeJared Padelecki “Sam Winchester”Jim Beaver “Bobby Singer”Ruth Connell “Rowena MacLeod”Osric Chau “Kevin Tran”Rob Benedict “Chuck Shurley aka God”Kim Rhodes “Sheriff Jody Mills”Briana Buckmaster “Sheriff Donna Hanscum”Matt Cohen “Young John Winchester”Gil McKinney “Henry Winchester”Rachel Miner “Meg Masters”Edited by Lynn S Zubernis a clinical psychologist professor and passionate Supernatural fangirl Family Don’t End with Blood provides an insightful and often uplifting look into the way international fan communities become powerful positive forces in the lives of so many. I honestly always thought I'd end up crying my way through this book and not in a bad way just in an this is so beautiful somebody hug me way But the truth is that couldn't stop smiling instead although I have to admit my eyes did start to water during two of the chapters This isn't a book about how shitty life can be why bad stuff happens to good people and all of that In fact it's uite the opposite These stories every single one of them resonate with hope and joy In this book that one of the main actors reuested a fan to put together fifteen fans and fourteen castcrew members tell you exactly what makes the SPNFamily such a uniue phenomena Every story is completely different and yet they're all about the same thing how one TV show has made an enormous impact on the narrators' lives If you're a part of the Supernatural fandom you'll know exactly what they're talking of and if not this book is a great way to learn what this family is all about Some of the stories are so easy to identify with that it should be almost scary but actually it's really comforting All of them are real heartfelt and beautiful in their vulnerability That's where the power of this book is hidden It's people opening up their hearts and allowing you a look inside It takes a lot of courage to do something like that and the results are astonishing truly inspirational and one of a kindAs an SPNFamily member I can only summarize this book in a uote from the one and only Dean Winchester I'm proud of us ❤

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Fans including series lead Jared Padalecki Family Don’t End with Blood How Supernatural Has Changed Lives examines the far reach of the show’s impact over the last eleven years Supernatural has encouraged fans to change their lives from getting “sober for Sam” to escaping a cult to pursuing lifelong dreams But fans aren’t the only ones who have been changed The actors who bring the show to life have also found in the show and its community inspiration courage and the strength to keep going when life seemed too hardIn keeping with the show’s message to “always keep fighting” and to support the important work of combatting stigma and encouraging those who are struggling to speak out a portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to charity. 45⭐️If you are a fan of Supernatural I think you’ll like this If you are part of the fandom of supernatural I think you will love this We get testimonies from both diehard fans and some of the cast thats lives were changed from supernatural and by the looks of it everyone that was a part of supernatural either acting directing writing creating any single part of creating the show their life was changed And seeing their lives changed for the better and the good that came out of it the good that came out of such a monster filled show but also a show filled with family and friendship and protection I really enjoyed this