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Download Four Parts of the Universe Book Á 452 pages ñ Polina traore ð A story about love but not just a love story“Never a Dream” tells a tale of eternal love the one that never ends and lasts longer than one lifetime The kind of love everyone is searching for Except for maybe Matt — he is too S wide open jumps straight into another Her passion for antiues drags her into a new adventure that like every castle builder’s wish begins in dreams Wishful thinking is not something Ed is familiar with His life used to be strictly practical however Ed suffers from solitude that even he fails to recognize Even in a relationship he is still lonesome But changing that means changing his whole life Changes are also the thing Charlie is craving for She’s been p I was offered a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I accepted it because the idea of the book sounded interesting It's a fun mystery about four different people and how their like will interweave and progress into romance and friendship And their meeting will impact on their lives I loved the characters in this book At first I found it hard to figure them out but once I had I was intrigued about where the stories would lead I loved each of their little uirks and personalities I admit it took me a little longer to warm up to Matt then the other characters but I loved him just as Ed Rain and Charlie by the end of it I also really enjoyed the interconnections of the characters at the different levels it helped with the mystery of trying to figure out where the book would lead you I think this book exceeded my expectations over all I was intrigued by the synopsis but I struggled with the first we chapters because I was adjusting to the structure of the book and trying to figure out the characters But once my brain figured it out I was hooked I read the authors plan to bring a second part out for Never a Dream to explore the characters further and that they have some other projects in the works in an Interview they had with Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar I will be keeping an eye outI have also published a copy of this review on my blog

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Laying warm family life for long enough to get tired so now she is ready for another step Only she has no idea where exactly is that step supposed to be leading her and how many people she might hurt on her way If there is something they all share it's a burnt down mansion a small ominous town and a century old legend about two crosses Darren H Pryce is a pseudonym for Polina Traore and Dana Kaledin Never A Dream is only available under real names not a pseudony I am so glad I read this great book that gives you lots of great characters Rain is the designer who always has a smile on her face and loves her dream Matt a real rock star who has a the life lots of people dream of Charlie the PR manager that’s ambitious but also has his work cut out for him and Ed the club owner you are really going to love these You want to keep reading it because you need to know what happens next it all flows and you just keep wanting I received this from the author and this is my honest unbiased review

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Four Parts of the UniverseA story about love but not just a love story“Never a Dream” tells a tale of eternal love the one that never ends and lasts longer than one lifetime The kind of love everyone is searching for Except for maybe Matt he is too busy living the classic rock star’s dream full of music drugs and girls Lots of girls Life is treating him well until reality starts to bite Rain on the other hand is a dreamer She recovers from one failed relationship and with her eye 375 StarsThis was story of expectation of looking at what you have where you are and where you hope you are heading and taking steps hopefully the right steps to take you in the right direction But there are occasions where no matter how much you want or don’t want something fate has something else in mind and in this story the impact of those other expectations had a lot to sayRain’s dreams weren’t only her imagination they were depictions of her past a place where she was not a viewer but an integral part of the story as it unfolded in her head but what happens when her imagination isn’t content to remain contained when the characters that keep her company as she lies asleep are ready to cross into her here and now? There was to this story than I had initially anticipated I didn’t read any blurb prior to opening the front page and I think I gained from that I had no expectations as I made my way through the book I could take the journey that the authors had planned alongside the characters and because of that I found that the depth of character was much entertaining This was about love and it was one that was played on repeat across time I liked Rain she was a survivor a touching woman with a liking for antiues but I also found that the secondary characters were than able to stand their ground I don’t think for one minute that it was coincidence that these people were interacting in the way they were But was I right?I wasn’t sure about Matt; he was doing what he could to fulfil his dream of making it in the music industry but did he really have to absorb all the aspects of the lifestyle too His extracurricular activities were exhausting but were his days numbered? When would it all come crashing down because I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he had another path to follow?And then there was Ed now I have to say out of them all I think Ed was the one I liked best he had been around the block a bit hit both the highs and lows in his time and all that meant that he was not willing to see life through rose tinted glasses he called it like it is and as you would expect not everyone was going to like that He was a lonely man and for the most part he seemed to enjoy that it was just the way he was I wasn’t sure that he was willing to make any changes but then again I didn’t actually think any of them had a choiceCharlie well there was a woman on a mission ready and willing to take a new direction she embraced the fact that and she had the foresight to make a change but at what cost?You have to pay attention while not a complex read this isn’t a story that you should skim through there are details pertinent details littered throughout the pages and a story that will drag you all the way from start to finishI enjoyed this I can’t say it was what I expected as I didn’t actually know what to expect but having finished the story I will now say that I am glad have