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Download Cavanaugh on Call (Cavanaugh Justice #34) ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ A detective and his mysterious new partner must crack an impossible case in USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella's thrilling new novelDetective Bryce Cavanaugh already has one tough investigation an elusive home inA detective and his mysterious new partner must crack an impossible case in USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella's thrilling new novelDetective Bryce Cavanaugh already has one tough investigation an elusive home invasion team on a dangerous crime spr. I have been reading about the Cavanaugh family since the first book came out and they just keep getting better and better I have really enjoyed meeting each new family member and seeing what is in store for them Love the suspense and mystery that comes with each new book Really love the family get together so I can find out how the the members of the family are doing And I am left wondering who is next and is there family out there to discover

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Ee And his enigmatic fellow cop Alexandra Scottie Scott keeps throwing him curves She's relentless at taking charge and running down leads But getting the stunning blonde to reveal her secrets is a challenge Bryce just can't resistScottie prefers to solve cas. Scottie does not represent law enforcement in a very positive light Especially in the beginning of the book but also later when she rushes in without backup She made this book less likable for me I don't think these issues would bother me so much in the past but in light of current events I really would like to see characters be a bit professional and follow procedure I have loved the Cavanaugh Justice series but in the last few books I notice a lot of repetition and it can seem like you are reading the same story with just a different name plugged in Good story and overall I think most readers will enjoy it Maybe my expectations make me a bit harder to please but there you have it Sample uotes“He takes a little getting used to” Bryce confided as if he could read her thoughts As do you probably Bryce added silently “No than anyone else” she replied with a vague shrug “Everybody’s got their rules and uirks” “What are yours” he asked as they got back to their desks “I’ve just got two” she told him simply “Rules not uirks” she clarified “Do a good job and never mix work with home Can we get to work now” she asked“Why do you react to everything I say to you as if I was either challenging you or trying to reduce you to the status of some kind of mindless rookie I’m not trying to insult you or belittle you or make you feel as if I regard you as anything less than a very capable police detective One I would like to get to know because like it or not as long as we’re partners I expect you to have my back and I damn well intend to have yours That kind of thing depends on a certain amount of predictability when it comes to one another’s actions—and that comes from getting to know one another” Impatient Scottie curbed her desire to shift from foot to foot “Finished” she asked“Look if you wanted a chatterbox who never stopped talking and didn’t have a thought in her head that she didn’t immediately share with the world at large then maybe you should ask Handel for another partner” she told him annoyed Part of her was tempted to get out of the car and walk but that was pointless “You do know that there’s a happy medium between being a chatterbox and a monk who’s taken a vow of silence right” Bryce asked“Do you never not argue” Bryce sighed as he shook his head He was clearly going to have his hands full dealing with her Somehow he didn’t mind it “Wait there’s too many negatives in that uestion for me to sort out properly and my head hurts” He spared her a look doing his best not to allow the smile he couldn’t suppress to curve the corners of his mouth “Funny mine does too” he told her “I just figured it was a side effect from dealing with you”

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Cavanaugh on Call Cavanaugh Justice #34Es and save those close to her on her own Keeping one step ahead of Bryce's hardheaded persistence is difficult enough But tension filled nights and high adrenaline days are only fueling the passion between them and putting an inescapable target on their back. Received a signed copy from the author in a contest I have not read any of her other books I liked the picture of the Cavanaugh family and how that differed from Scottie's They each had ways of helping family members and ways of making a difference when it is not always easy I liked both the suspense and the romance of this book and enjoyed the read May read of the series but this was a nice easy HEA read Thanks Marie