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ePub ¼ mobi Dickens AUTHOR Peter Ackroyd ò 9780099437093 â Peter Ackroyd â Dickens was a landmark biography when first published in 1990 This specially edited shorter edition takes the reader into the life of one of the world's greatest writersHere Ackroyd attempts to peel away the mask In his work Like many eminent Victorians he led a double life although he insisted that nothing in the newspapers he edited should upset his middle class readers he regularly indulged in dubious night time escapades with fellow author Wilkie Collins and for the last 13 years of his life kept a secret mistress This is an outstanding biography surely the best on Dickens and with few peers on any other subject Ackroyd is exhaustive in his scrutiny of primary and secondary source material and is sensible perceptive extraordinarily thorough and sound in his analysis and conclusions His inter chapters where he variously imagines meetings between Dickens himself and some of the characters for me grate a little However this minor irritation is of no conseuence when put next to the fine scholarship which melds Dicken's life and his writing I particularly appreciated Ackroyd's balance in dealing with the all too imperfect man whose writing included so much that is magnificent Unlike many of the Goodreads reviewers I found Ackroyd's reluctance to jump to salacious conclusions about the Dickens Ternan relationship and the alleged son is very fair and reasonable He considers the various testimonies on the uestion and poses a conclusion which with one ualification I can accept All the engagement of his nature all the idealism and veneration were elicited only by the innocent young girl or young woman; and since this is the tone that Dickens always adopted towards Ellen Ternan it seems almost inconceivable that theirs was in any sense a 'consummated' affair we might consider this at least as a hypothesis therefore all the evidence about Dickens's character and all the evidence we possess about Ellen Ternan herself suggest that the relationship between them acted for Dickens as the realisation of one of his most enduring fictional fantasies That of sexless marriage with a young idealised virgin Ch 30 My one niggle in relation to this is that Dickens appears on the evidence of his wife's freuent pregnancies to have had a lusty libido still active in years when he was struggling in his relationship with Catherine In view of that libido can I believe that he was celibate with Ellen after ejecting Catherine from the family home I do struggle with thatRegardless Ackroyd's examination of the evidence and of Dickens's unusual character contains no fatal flaw whether we agree with him or notFor anyone who admires Dickens's writing and wishes to understand better the man and the books this is essential reading

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Dickens was a landmark biography when first published in 1990 This specially edited shorter edition takes the reader into the life of one of the world's greatest writersHere Ackroyd attempts to peel away the mask of a man whose life was outwardly a picture of Victorian rectitude but whose love life was as com Dickens Gifted with a flawless memory boundless energy extraordinary talents of organization and management Endlessly nursing without relief the wounds of childhood poverty and abandonment Channeling that endless grief into a broad sympathy for the poor both in his writing and in his activism Also an almost monomaniacal control freak in his personal life domineering unforgiving and startlingly unfeeling towards those closest to himAckroyd Trying to stitch back together the textual evidence we have of Dickens's personal psychology with the fiction he created Weaving together the incidents of his daily life personal and social with the books Dickens wrote to try to find the mundane sources of some of Dickens' wildest flights of imagination Throwing in ample cultural background so that a reader might use this biography as a decent starting point for knowing something about Victorian England But the primary focus is psycho biography without a doubtThe Verdict Not primarily for academics who will be driven nuts by its lack of systematic citation this biography creates Dickens as a character appallingly flawed but fascinating for all that Only clocking in at just under 1200 pages in the hardback edition the book also suffers from baggy repetitiveness Which I guess befits an author who made baggy repetitiveness into high art Still the dilatory speculative nature of a lot of Ackroyd's prose feels prolonged and hesitant Is it not possible that his real yearning is toward his own mother a yearning he so freuently and often denied Was he in this dream expressing all the real pining of his nature for the young mother who had once nursed and nourished him and whose later apparent abandonment of him led to so much bitterness and even coarseness in his relationship to her Was he returning to his origins in such dreams It cannot be known Of course it can't be known Peter We know that going into this biography It goes without saying Carry onThis biography does a nice job of fleshing out Dickens' complicated but not consistently unloving marriage to Catherine Dickens the wife whom he abandoned and publicly shamed But I remained unconvinced by Ackroyd's assertion that Dickens could not have been conducting a sexual affair with Ellen Ternan the young actress with whom he became obsessed at the time he left his wife All of the evidence he cited as proof of the impossiblity of such a relationship could be just as easily recruited to prove that yes of course they had an affair

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Dickens AUTHOR Peter AckroPlicated and unconventional as any modern writer's Dickens had everything fame success and riches but he died harbouring a deep sadness he had experienced all his life He was a man of mercurial character had enormous vitality and humour but he also had a sense of loss and longing that would constantly appear Read this in 1997 and noted at the timeA massive tome that should have been half the length; Ackroyd can’t keep his busybody nose out of it and he’s forever ‘discussing’ Dickens' behaviour and surmising and assuming; often to the extent that he merely repeats what the actions of the people involved tell us anyway A most irritating writer who should have been sorted out by some sensible editor Dickens comes across as pretty irritating too – a typical genius you might say with that overriding sense of purpose that can’t see that he can ever do anything wrong When he ditched his wife of 22 years she got all the blame He was just perfect And such a goer – never stopped walking mile after mile writing novels at the same time as he was providing articles and stories for Household Words and other papers entertaining travelling doing readings performing in plays that he usually produced as well and keeping himself busy until he practically broke down