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Himself author Jess Kidd review ↠ 3 µ Blending strange kindnesses casual violence and buried secrets an unforgettable debut from a dark new voice in Irish fictionWhen Mahony returns to Mulderrig a speck of a place on Ireland’s west coast he brings only a photograph of his long lost mother and a determination to do battle with the village’sNation to do battle with the village’s lies His arrival causes cheeks to flush and arms to fold in disapproval No one in the village living or dead will tell what happened to the teenage mother who abandoned him as a baby despite Mahony's certainty that than one of. 45 Magical and delightful was not at all ready to leave this small Irish town nor these wonderful characters Mahoney raised in an orphanage come to Murdering to uncover the truth about the young mother he never knew He creates uite a stir with his Byronic good looks sets hearts a uivering but not all because many in this place are holding secrets and one is a murderer He meets some amazing characters willing to help him with his uest the old Mrs Cauley who was uite a stage sensation in her youth and still has vestiges of her bold character Bridget Doosey who has talents that are unseen and the intrepid Shauna a young women who falls hard to MahoneyMagical realism humor the paranormal all combine in this enchanting story Mahoney has an unforeseen talent like his mother before him he can see and talk to ghosts and his return stirs all the town's residents living and dead So much humor I laughed continuously smiled often Mrs Cauley owes a debt of gratitude to Jane Austen's Collected Works War and Peace and a few other large tomes after all books do save lives There is one part of only a few paragraphs that is uite unsavory concerning a dog and some violence because as I said there is a murderer about and he is bent at not having his secret uncoveredMore plot oriented than Lincoln in the Bardo but if you enjoyed that one you will probably love this one

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Blending strange kindnesses casual violence and buried secrets an unforgettable debut from a dark new voice in Irish fictionWhen Mahony returns to Mulderrig a speck of a place on Ireland’s west coast he brings only a photograph of his long lost mother and a determi. ''The dead are like cats Mahony You of all people should know that They don't always come when they're called'' I added Jess Kidd's book when I first saw its deliciously creepy front cover and the striking title It had all the right ingredients Ireland during the 70s magical realism dry humour gothic hints When the lovely Goodreads Ireland group members chose it for our uarterly read it was a perfect opportunity for me to start reading Plus it came highly recommended by my good friend Maria ní Chnoic so what could I ask And I can tell you it has been a wonderful trip with an exciting book ''Here is a handsome stranger'' Mahony arrives in Mulderrig in 1976 searching for answers about his parentage about the disappearance of his mother seeking justice from the members of the community He is clever extremely charismatic attractive aloof and a torchured soul himself and can you tell I fell in love with him immediately Howeverhe has some demons of his own to fight and at the same time a number of significant allies It was the nature of these allies that made me think I was reading a uniue kind of book ''For the dead are drawn to those with shattered souls''Mahony is a shuttered soul no matter how hard he tries to hide it Orla was a shuttered soul Shauna is troubled too There is this large majority of the people in Mulderring whose lives have been plagued by secrets sins hatred and dogmatism The dead demand justice for crimes committed by people with shady lives and motives At the heart of this story lies an institution that is supposed to provide comfort and shelter to those in trouble the ChurchThe ominous figure of the village priest is a recurring theme in British and Irish Fiction The priest gives sermons about the dangers of superstitions and speaks against ''the wind of change coming from the cities'' It is merely the favourite hobby of many members of the clergy who fear progress and the traditions of the ''pagan'' past alike He considers Theatre a pagan notion of corruption and disruption and tries to build up his defenses when he understands that Orla has returned for retribution in the face of MahonyThe characters in Himself jump right from the page both the ''good'' and the ''bad'' They are realistic depictions of a closely knit society who punishes those who wish to break free from suffocating beliefs and stereotypes Mahony is easily one of the most fascinating characters I've ''met'' recently I confess I am totally and absolutely biased and I regret nothing The fact that Kidd's description of him reminds me slightly of my boyfriend doesn't help but for me the real ''star'' of the story is Mrs Cauley My God I loved her She is a wonderful character saucy and sassy and unashamed to put everyone in their place I liked Shauna too She is a calm level headed tender soul On the other hand I hated Róisín she disgusted me to no endThere is a great danger of revealing spoilers with this novel It is a book that flows Short chapters and interactions pass by like a flash and make the story move so uickly you need to pay your fullest attention in order to absorb everything that is going on The language is simple but beautiful it makes you search under the layers to look for motives and answers There are elements of black humour that are able to make you laugh out loud in a story that blends Crime Fiction and Paranormal Mystery in a brilliant way Kidd has created some memorable scenes throughout the narration The introduction of Ida and a nightly storm that brought the Ten Biblical Plagues in mind are particularly powerful momentsI loved this book I loved it as an example of Historical Fiction of Mystery of Crime you name it It is uniue beautiful and one addition to all those fascinating books that we have the pleasure to read nowadays ''The night is clear from mountain to sea as Mahony climbs the dark ribbon of road Ahead of him the starlit forest slumbers Behind him the moonlight skims and breaks over the mild s

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Himself author Jess KiThem has answers Between Mulderrig’s sly priest its pitiless nurse and the caustic elderly actress throwing herself into her final village play this beautiful and darkly comic debut novel creates an unforgettable world of mystery bloody violence and buried secrets. Himself started off with a bang and kept me engaged until the very endAbandoned in a Dublin orphanage as a baby Mahony now aged twenty six receives a letter left for him long ago that hints he might not have been abandoned after all Returning to the remote coastal town of Mulderrig in search of the raw truth about his mother a profoundly complicated past rises and the local ghosts come out to greet him giving the story an otherworldly spin Jess Kidd’s rollicking debut is chock full of magical realism Irish folklore and devilish humor with a bit of romance adding the cherry on top The characters are well thought out and Kidd’s writing is intriguing I found myself cheering on Mahony and his band of lovely ladies as they unwind the layers of lies and deceit surrounding the mystery of his and his mother’s disappearance from MulderrigI thoroughly enjoyed Himself with its many twists and turns and recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great mystery allied with supernatural elements