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Mina Harkers Diary Read & Download Ù E-book, or Kindle E-pub ë While on summer holiday Mina notices her friend Lucy is beginning to act strangely expressing sensuous appetites considered shocking in late Victorian England Mina soon learns the cause recurring dreams of a sinister man ravishing Lucy in her sleep But when MWhile on summer holiday Mina notices her friend Lucy is beginning to act strangely expressing sensuous appetites considered shocking in late Victorian England Mina soon learns the cause recurring dreams of a sinister man ravishing Lucy in her sleep But when Mina experiences these dreams too and her own forbidden desires awaken the women embark on an adventure of pleasure together not realizing that their nocturnal seducer is Count Dracula the Prince of Vampires A brilliant man of science consumed by the mystery of life Victor Frankenstein is determined to ‘correct’ the failed human race by making a n. “Confessions of Mina Murray Confessions of Mina Harker Seduction of Mina Harker”Mina Murray Harker is a shy retiring young lass in the throes of young love She decides to visit her dearest friend Lucy and is immediately struck by the mysterious changes that have taken place Lucy has become wanton and vocal in her sexual desires In turns horrified intrigued and yes secretly titillated by the changes Mina longs to explore the ways of Sappho Experiencing strange waking “dreams” Mina finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into an unknown world of carnal delights Despite herself Mina succumbs to Lucy’s overtures and begins a physical sexual relationship with Lucy But all is not well as Lucy’s mother then Lucy fall prey to a strange wasting illness and soon past through the veil of death The arrival of a learned man Dr Van Helsing causes Mina much distress as he is confident that neither Lucy nor Lucy’s mother died of natural causes Rather a vampire is to blame Mina herself is in danger of following in Lucy’s footsteps if she doesn’t take some precautions“Professor and the Brides”Dr Van Helsing finds himself in a precarious situation when he attempts to reach Count Dracula’s castle before Dracula can return Traveling with Mina Dr Van Helsing and Mina are ambushed by Dracula’s brides before they can arrive at the castle The brides are planning a special “welcome” for Mina and Dr Van Helsing falls into their trap“Secret Pleasures”Dr Jekyll finds himself in a bit of a conundrum when presented with a strange tale told by a distraught young woman A tale that shocks and appalls yet doesn’t surprise him One of debauchery and deceit subjugation and debasement and yet And yet“Leaping Pulses”Dr Jekyll receives a call from a well known “madam” who presents him with a bill for services rendered At a loss as to what this may pertain to Dr Jekyll is invited to listen to her tale and therein lies the rub“Instruments of LifeShe’s Alive In Elizabeth’s Boudoir”Dr Frankenstein is found wandering the frozen wastelands of the Arctic Rescued from the brutal cold he precedes to tell his tale a tale of an overweening pride his greatest accomplishment and his greatest failure A tale of self loathing and self hatred brimming with a sense of “if I had done this then” a harrowing tale of debasement depravity and the glimmering depths of the soulless Ms Curie is a talented author and each tale has its own style and manner of narration Mina Harker’s Diary is written in an archaic Victorian tone whereas the Dr JekyllMr Hyde stories are of a contemporary tone and flavor Regardless of which style of prose Ms Curie’s musings are fascinating and will sweep you away into a fantasy world where the unexpected happens This is a collection of stories that expand on the erotic possibilities in some well known horror classics This is NOT a sweet and cuddly fluffy unicorn with a rainbow glitter tail tale; no this is down dirty graphic and gritty If overt sexuality and “deviant behavior” offends you then this book is NOT for you

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Ew one He achieves his ambition and creates the New Adam But his awakened creature perfect in every other way is lacking the one component Victor cannot replicate the human conscience Victor realizes his folly when his unrestrained creation driven by an insatiable libido turns against him Doctor Henry Jekyll discovers the formula that will divorce the evil side of the human creature from its better portion Tempted to indulge his bodily appetites unfettered by moral restraint Jekyll releases his inner demon Mister Edward Hyde But Jekyll learns that his repressed perversions go beyond the pursuit of sexual. Not for the faint of heart in spots and definitely 18 and older should read Great read I'm not sure how to describe what I feel after reading these tales that Divalle put into words There is such eroticness along with taboo and debauchery that you can't help but continue to read Based on the Tales of Dracula Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde along with Frankenstein these tales Divalle gives a new sense to these tales and what was back in those centeries This a great read but during the telling of Frankenstein you might proceed with caution because this tale is not for the faint of heart for it seems brutal in the erotica told You will be drawn in and feel the characters as you read along

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Mina Harkers DiaryDesires as Hyde forces him to witness what depravities he commits in the guise of his unscrupulous alter ego What might Bram Stoker Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and Robert Louis Stevenson have written without Nineteenth Century s inhibiting their pens And what did they write to hint at sexual license lurking just beneath the surface of propriety and the printed page Mina Harker’s Diary explores the hidden eroticism of their famous novels and that of six other classic horror stories of literature and cinema to cast these familiar tales in a new and voluptuous light Click on Look Inside above for a previ. I chose to read and review this book It is a very sweet short collection to read I am a fan of this genre and enjoyed this bundle a lot Everything is well written the plot the flow of events and the characters It is the right amount of seduction and hotness The amount of erotica in this one was great I recommend this one you will enjoy till the very end of the last story