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Social Sciences as Sorcery epub Ü Hardcover read Ü Amazing Book, Social Sciences as Sorcery by Stanislav Andreski This is the best favorite book isbn 9780233962269 > format Hardcover and others > 240 pages and has a text language like English Cover and others240 pages and has a text language like Englis It's always humorous to see scientists become self deprecating about their research as well as methodology While the logical judgement can be intuitively legitimate the uestion becomes are we really limited by the means we know about social science or is it possible for us to find a proper method that is concise enough to draw a meaningful conclusion especially as in social science where too many factors are affecting the results that we measure?

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This is the best favorite book isbn 9780233962269format Hard The edition I read was published in 1973 by St Martin's Press in New York but I couldn't find an ISBN anywhereA masterful polemic albeit a bit dated obviously that badly needs to be released in a new edition or better yet someone should write a completely new and updated version as Andreski himself sadly died in 2007It's not perfect of course Andreski's persistent habit of referring to the likes of Marx and Freud as geniuses and master thinkers is especially annoying but his point is that they appeared that way in contrast to the sorry excuses that passed for their intellectual descendants in the social sciences in the 1950s 1960s and early 1970s But then again that amounts to little than stating that a small dung heap is smaller than a big oneAndreski is a sworn enemy of obscurantism jargon and pretentious nebulous verbosity and that's what makes this book a joy to read There are some slower patches here and there between the polemics but when he really lets loose in one broadside after another the fireworks are something to behold And what he has to say is just as true for the humanities as for the social sciences although he limits himself exclusively to the latter since he himself was a sociologistHighly recommended if you can manage to find a copy somewhere It's hardly surprising that the academic powers that be have allowed this book to be forgotten

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Social Sciences as SorceryAmazing Book Social Sciences as Sorcery by Stanislav Andreski This informative book points out a number of problems related to how social science is conducted meaningless verbiage useless technicalities research about things found long ago and many times since fads jargon hiding behind methodology to avoid commitment overreliance on uantification and other techniues and factors Although written years ago most of the ideas presented are still relevant now a days