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DOC Ü READER Dutch II Dutch Trilogy #2 ☆ 9780967224961 FREE ✓ TERI WOODS ´ Dutch went out with guns blazing The final day of the Month of Murder ended in the decimation of the Essex County Courthouse and the deaths of all inside participating in his trial Angel and One Eyed Roc tNgel and Rahman now stand on different sides of the game Both are focused and determined to accomplish their individual goals Will the old friends become enemies or without their leader will their malicious ways destroy Dutch's camp for good Dutch II Angel's Revenge is the exciting second installment of the Dutch trilogy and a must read for Dutch fa Dutch II picks up right where Dutch left off Bernard aka Dutch is presumed dead and with both Angel and Roc doing bids in the pen it leaves Young World Dutch’s protégé to run the empire With Dutch out of the game everyone is trying to eat Will Young World be able to rise to the occasion and represent the dragon chain Or will he be caught with his ass out Early in the story Roc and Angel are both released from prison on some technicality issues Roc who is a now a turned Muslim goes by the name of Rahman Rahman has an entire new agenda it’s about to be a war when certain folks aren’t down for the cause With Angel back to her notorious ways she finds herself the most respected bitch in the game Will the two be able to work together or will an all out war break loose I gave this book 4 stars but it’s like a 35 I gave Dutch II this rating because the first 80 90 pages were really confusing to me Maybe it was just me or that I took to long to read the 2nd installment to the trilogy but it seemed to jump from one character to the next character to often The story really begins to pick up about half way through the book; once you get to that point the story is GREAT However I’d say the last three chapters are the BEST and have so many surprises it’ll have you saying DAMN while running to go pick up #3 I can’t wait to see what is in store for the crew now

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Dutch went out with guns blazing The final day of the Month of Murder ended in the decimation of the Essex County Courthouse and the deaths of all inside participating in his trial Angel and One Eyed Roc two of Dutch's lieutenants were captured tried and sent to prison for life A legal technicality overturned their sentences and after three years be Their individual Peace PieceThe main focus is on Angel Alvarez This ill famed Chica who is one of Dutch's most trusted lieutenants As we parted in Dutch Angel was looking at serving a life sentence GUESS WHO'S BACK ANGEL THE BADDEST BEYOTCH Now it's time to get to get retarded in here After three long years of wondering she uses all of the wisdom from years past to set herself into her rightful positionON TOP OF THE WORLD BUT it's always a mountain to get to the buried treasure What's a girl gotta do to ascend into the game Use what she's been blessed with That's right men are all so sick and stuck on what they got but the true power is buried deep between two legs and real Chica's use what they got to get what they want Now that's GANGSTRESS They weren't prepared for the game Angel prepared With major people falling to her surmise it's still got to be someone who opposes what she's for One eyed Roc because he's a co conspirator he's also about to breath again BUT is the newly reformed Brother Rahman ready for what awaits him or will One eyed Roc make a guest appearance In prison One eyed Roc turned his life over to Allah and now he's all new So new that he scares himself Deep inside The Muslim tussles with that once infamous killer All praise due to Allah Now that Brother Rahman is fighting to represent the war that has plagued the community How much opposition will he meet In the past One eyed Roc willingly bust his guns in order to infect the city of Newark but now Rahman is in the same war against the same people he put in the game Can Rahman win the war he started Poor Nina is loosing her freaking mind I mean he's dead isn't he Is he alive I could've sworn it's a bad case of what ifs as she struggles to involve herself with a decent black man who is employed and importantly alive But is that enough TOO bad her heart is taken Can there be a man for her or is she meant to be lost in love with a ghost The book is filled with memories of Dutch and his legacy Not to mention it has been two years so you needed to be able to recall what you might have forgotten PERSONALLY I feel as though Dutch II lacks the POWER of how Dutch began I won't front it's filled with plenty of DRAMA It does seem to teach you a lot about Muslims It would've been nice had there been somewhere in the book that she put the Muslim and Spanish words with their meanings It isn't always a given Now my uestions Is it going to take another 2 years to get part 3 on the shelves Will we FINALLY learn why he's hailed as Dutch

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Dutch II Dutch Trilogy #2Hind bars each is released with a master plan of their own to recapture what they had lost Fueled by her devotion to Dutch and her lust for power Angel with prison lover Goldilocks sets out to take back the streets One eyed Roc now a Muslim called Rahman seeks to right the wrongs of the streets in his own iron fisted way Once 'ride or die' cohorts A I loved the pacing of this book The ending brings a lot of action and the plans of roc man and Angel are so detailed Can't wait for book three I also have to go back and read book one