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Book × Cowboys & Virgins Å Cowboys & Virgins #1 â The title says it all This bundle includes dirty alpha cowboys innocent virgins ready to ride and lots of ridiculous steam to heat up those sweet country nights We’ve packaged Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride Branding the Virgin Roping the Virgin The Randing the Virgin Roping the Virgin The Wanted Virgin and The Virgin Cowboy all in one If you’ve never saddled up with our boys in Texas now is your chance They’re hot dirty and wear tight jeans What’s not to 5 StarsAlexa Riley will ALWAYS be a go to must read instant one click top five author of all time Whether their book is long or short I am always down to get all hot and bothered with these two chicks And now they have graciously bundled their delicious alpha cowboys all in one bundle that you need on your e reader like yesterdayWarning your kindle is liable to become hot and overheat Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride Branding the Virgin Roping the Virgin The Wanted Virgin and The Virgin Cowboy are all included in this set These stories promise heart heat and multiple happy endings I highly recommend this sexy bundle of delicious alpha cowboys and the innocent women they claim as theirsReview Post

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The title says it all This bundle includes dirty alpha cowboys innocent virgins ready to ride and lots of ridiculous steam to heat up those sweet country nights We’ve packaged Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride B ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewBranding The Virgin Alexa Riley is synonymous with sexy sweet and steamy happily ever afters If you haven’t read a book from them you are truly missing out on reading a uick drama free romance stories that leaves you smiling big With their Alexa Riley stamp of happily ever afters and insta love Branding the Virgin was another book to add to their long list of stories that was sweet short and ridiculously over the top lovable “It feels like I’ve known her so much longer than a day There’s still a lot I don’t know but something is happening here It’s not just her magic touch and all that I feel when I’m beside her There’s something deeper and sweeter and it’s shaking me to the core”Mary Jane wasn’t looking for love All she wanted was to start her own family even if it means going through a sperm donor But what MJ didn’t expect was to have the fertility clinic to accidentally use the sperm of Ty a former bull rider who did not consent the use of his sperms for insemination Not wanting any legal trouble MJ heads over to Ty’s ranch in order to inform him that the clinic accidentally used his sperms and that she is hoping Ty wouldn’t give her hard time legally When MJ appeared at Ty’s ranch he didn’t expect this gorgeous woman to knock his world on it’s axis After a bull riding accident Ty had trouble getting his “mini Ty” up but just one look at MJ everything seems to be working properly Right off the initial meeting Ty wanted to claim MJ and that didn’t take long to happen But what happens when Ty discover’s MJ baby bump how will he react when he finds out the truth that MJ is pregnant with their child? “We may have not known each other long but I already know she’s the kindest person I’ve met and I will do everything in me to take care of her To keep that soft sweet woman alive and vibrant as we grow together”If there is one thing you can count on Alexa Riley for is that they never disappoint their fans who are looking for that uick drama free romance and Branding the Virgin was the perfect uick read to escape the daily grind This book ridiculously sweet charming and brimming with passion So if you are ready to get branded by a possessive and protective bull rider then I suggest you saddle up to this sweet and sexy readRoping The Virgin Ridiculously sweet charming and over the top insta love romance and I absolutely loved every minute of it Alexa Riley continues to have me addicted with their short HEA love stories If you are a fan of protective alpha cowboys and virgin tropes then this sweet morsel is definitely the book for you Roping the Virgin is the second installment of the Cowboys and Virgins Series and most definitely can be read as a standalone Blake Jennings has set his eyes and heart on one woman only and so when the opportunity to get close to Luciana Salazar came about Blake didn’t waste anytime to rope in his woman It didn’t take long of course for this cowboy to make Lucy see that they belong together So if you are ready to get roped into an over the top sweet HEA virgin love story then you better saddle up to this Alexa Riley book As always Roping The Virgin was a fun entertaining read that will put a smile on your faceThe Wanted Virgin Cowboys and Virgins Yes you guessed it It’s another Alexa Riley book and once again you again you have another sexy sweet and possessive alpha male cowboy who didn’t take long in claiming his woman As a matter of fact you could say that Trace Jennings knew right away that Addison Beckett belonged to him“She looked like an angel sent to tempt a man Almost like she’d fallen right out of the sky and onto my ranch Part of me thought that it makes her mine This bare She looked like an angel sent to tempt a man Almost like she’d fallen right out of the sky and onto my ranch Part of me thought that it makes her mine This is Texas after all and possession is nine tenths of the law”Addison is on the run and Trace makes it known to her that he will protect her Instantly she knew Trace was different and felt safe around him He made her feel cherished and wanted So before danger could be knocking on Trace’s door he made sure to let everyone know who Addison belonged to So if you like your romance as sweet and sticky as molasses with a side of Alexa Riley signature of insta love then The Wanted Virgin may be the book for you The Virgin Cowboy A sweet and heartwarming virgin cowboy romance Alexa Riley never fails to deliver or in this case rein in their readers with their over the top protective alpha male virgin heroes who have been waiting for the right girl to come along and this time the Dolly Jennings has set her sight on one cowboy “You’re mine Have been from day one You sealed your fate the first time you turned those eyes on me and flashed those dimples You think I’m going somewhere but I’m not The only direction I’ve ever been headed is towards you”Dolly Jennings have seen three of her brothers get their happily ever after and this dairy farmer princess is ready for her own happily ever after ending with the only man that she has lusted and loved for since she was sixteen years old Brandon Knight has always had his eyes for Dolly but she was a forbidden temptation that he kept a distance since he was ten years older than her Now that Dolly is twenty will Brandon finally make his move and claim his little lamb? Or will Dolly have to rein in her man? If you aren’t familiar with an Alexa Riley story then you better get yourself familiar because these ladies never fail to deliver romance that are over the top sweet fun and sexy With their signature stamp of protective alpha males and virgin themed loved stories Alexa Riley will have you smiling big and sweetly satisfied Alexa Riley

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Cowboys & Virgins Cowboys & Virgins #1 4 Love? Warning This bundle doesn’t contain any new material but it does contain a whole lot of sassy heroines with lots of curves Get all of our cowboy books in one stop and binge read your old favorites Happy trail Branding the Virgin Book OneMary Jane aka MJ craved a family of her own but with no significant other and being a virgin she decided to fulfill her dream in a different manner Yes she'd be a single mother but she would be a mother and that's all she cared about She fell in love with her child the moment her pregnancy was confirmed However a slight snafu at the donation office results in MJ being inseminated with a donation from a man that wasn't an actual donor but had specifically stored his baby batter due to an injury potentially leaving him incapable of being able to father children any other way MJ resolves to locate the man to inform him of his impending fatherhood but once she meets Ty she's no longer sure of anythingTy a former bull rider was severely injured in an accident years ago His life now revolves around his family's farm He prefers to keep to himself with the exception of his siblings and even then he only allows them to get so close As his injury left him with the inability to fully be in a relationship he's resigned himself to spending the rest of his life alone But when he meets MJ she gets a rise out of him in ways than one wink wink Yeah I went there LOLWhat happens when Ty learns MJ's secret? Can Ty and MJ put aside their differences and focus solely on their soon to arrive baby? Can MJ bring joy back into Ty's life showing him that he doesn't have to be alone that he is loved? Will Ty accept MJ as the miracle that she is the person that is bringing him back to life in numerous ways? Will this little family get their HEA?Roping the Virgin Book TwoBlake usually the laid back member of the family is constantly on edge lately and tired of waking up every morning without her in his bed He knew Luciana was the one for him the second he saw her yet she barely speaks to him He doesn't know what to do he just knows she's meant to be his Thankfully it seems his sister in law Mary Jane MJ Ty's wife has a plan Read Ty and MJ's story in book one of the series Branding the VirginLuciana working toward becoming a vet wants to work with large farm animals and Dr Long feels she's ready to go out on her own plus he can't always make the trip and when emergencies arise every second counts When the opportunity to help at the Braided Rope Ranch presents itself she knows she can get the clinical hours she needs potentially be hired full time to work the ranch after she's certified and no longer have a two hour drive to and from work every day She's been so focused on achieving her dream and helping her family that she's neglected taking care of herself and hasn't tried to find love in the past But now that she's starting to wonder about her future she always pictures the blue eyed man from town that watches her whenever she's aroundUpon arriving at her new job Luciana is shocked and thrilled to see who's there waiting for her It's him the blue eyed man from town and her dreams As she actually gets to spend time with him instead of admiring him only from afar she uickly falls for him Blake and Luciana both know they're looking at their future and it doesn't take long before they start their journey together towards a HEAOne click now and watch as Blake and Luciana fall in love There's no drama just instalove with a man who knows what he wants and the woman that happily gives it to him PsstBlake and Luciana learn togetherif you know what I meanI highly recommend anything by the wonderful writing duo known as Alexa Riley You know you're always getting a safe read ie no cheating ever an alpha man that falls hard and uickly for his woman and the fiesty woman that can bring him to his knees with just a smile Please keep in mind this is book two in the Cowboys and Virgins series and while you could easily read this as a standalone I suggest reading book one either before or after It's a great storyThe Wanted Virgin Book ThreeTrace usually the organized sibling who cannot live with chaos of any kind for once isn't concerned with any of that nor with the storm that's bearing down on his land because something or should I say someone else has all of his focus All his thoughts are concerning the woman he found lying all alone in his fields However he does know without any idea as to how that she's his and she's running from something and seemingly to him as evidenced by where she ended up He brings her to his home taking care of her and ensuring she's okay As she starts suffering from a nightmare it seems his touch is the only thing that'll calm herAddison awakens next to a man scared that she only dreamed she had gotten away until relief courses through her upon realizing the man isn't who she feared it was Having just turned eighteen she thought she'd finally be free of her controlling father only to learn he had other plans for her futureCan Trace and Addison keep her location a secret? Will her Dad come looking for her determined to have her obey his wishes for her future? Will Trace and Addison get their HEA?One click now and follow along as these two new to relationships in all ways discover the love they were always destined forThe Virgin Cowboy Book FourBrandon a foreman for Cash McCallister is trying to relax at the bar but unfortunately has to deal with June yet again Cash bought out the Johnson farm allowing the previous owner's to keep their house and some land but their divorced daughter June came back a year ago and is staying with them She's like that fly that you can never get to go away at a picnic She's constantly buzzing around Brandon regardless of how many times he verbally or by lack of attention tries to swat her away He made one innocent comment during an attempt at polite conversation with her and all she heard was ooh ooh pick me pick me Ugh There's only one woman he wants has always wanted but he believes he'll never have herDolly is having a girls' night with Luciana when she spots June yet again trying to hang all over Brandon Brandon is Dolly's man he just hasn't accepted it yet Dolly uickly takes care of business by getting rid of June Psstshe was too nice about it I would've gladly contributed to bail money for her June has it coming Who's with me?Brandon and Dolly want each other but Brandon continually fights it feeling he's not good enough for her and that he's too old for her at ten years her senior Brandon determined to do what he views as the right thing and knowing he can't witness it when she moves on decides it's time to either start over somewhere else or finally make her hisWill Brandon give Dolly what they both want? Is he ready to claim the woman that's always been his? To start the family he's always wanted? Will Brandon and Dolly get their HEA?One click now and follow along as these two finally accept and embrace that they were made for each other and experience their first timetogether The end of this sentence has a few meanings You'll see winkI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this bundle