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The Virility Paradox review ´ 103 É Testosterone makes us stronger happier and smarter It also makes us meaner violent and selfish A scientific look into the vast and unexpected influence testosterone has on our behavior our society and our bodies The brain of every man and every woman is shaped by this tiny molecule from before birth it propels oCrime and selfishness Recent revelations of the science of testosterone show that high levels will deplete compassion and generosity and even reduce the affection we show our children In Virility and Its Perils internationally renowned oncologist and prostate cancer researcher Charles Ryan explores this complex chemical system responsible for a diverse spectrum of human behaviors and health in both men and women Ryan taps his vast experience treating prostate cancer with testosterone lowering therapy observing that this often leads to profound changes in the patients' perspectives on their lives and relationships Often for the better Ryan uses. In the politically correct world there are some who think that men and women were created eual They believe that whatever differences that we observe are 100% created by societyenvironmentI'd love to throw Dr Charles Ryan's new book The Virility Paradox at people who argue that men and women are eual in almost every respectTHINGS I LEARNEDWomen's serum testosterone levels are 5 10% of their age matched male counterparts according to Dr RyanWhereas men produce almost all their testosterone in their testicles women make it in different parts of their bodiesAfter 30 both sexes experience a gradual decline in serum testosterone levelsHigher fetal testosterone causes the brain to filter out what it considers noise Which is why men are often oblivious than women Women who get testosterone injections get a huge libido surge DHEA helps women lose fat and gain moneyAnn Mallen's testosterone experiment changed the way she looked at men it's worth reading her Washington Post article about itTestosterone has little to do with love and may even be inversely proportional to it Testosterone makes you want sex but it doesn't help men get an erection Viagra can make a man hard but it's purely mechanical For the urge he needs testosterone and so do womenIt's worrisome that andropause the gradual decline in testosterone in aging men is seen as a problem or medical conditionTestosterone prescriptions have increased 10x between 2000 and 2011 One point the book makes clear is that there seems to be a clear correlation between testosterone and PSA which measure your risk of prostate cancer When men supplement themselves with testosterone they may be fueling their prostate cancer growth Testosterone makes us 27% less generousGiving testosterone to females makes them less empathetic Marriages are happier if there is less combined testosterone in the coupleDivorce rate increases when the wife makes money than the manTestosterone levels are 33% lower in fathers of newborns than non fathers while oxytocin levels are 25% higherCONCLUSION If you want to understand testosterone this book is a must readDISCLOSURE The publisher gave me an advanced copy to do a review

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The journeys of these patients and others to illustrate the vast and sometimes unexpected influence testosterone has on human lives Through the stories of real men and women he also explores the connections between testosterone and conditions like dementia autism and cancer as well as the biological underpinnings of sexual assault and the effects it has on on everything from crime to investing to everyday choices we make Integrating the molecular and the medical sociology and storytelling Virility and Its Perils offers a fascinating look at how one hormone has shaped history and the connections between our biology our behavior and our best selve. Arnold Schwarzenegger Aristotle WB Yeats Winston Churchill Rene Descartes and Eubulides of Miletus sit down at the dinner table across from Dr Charles J Ryan and his prostate cancer patients Together they begin to engage in a dialogue about medicine and wellness what makes us sick what makes us well but the conversation uickly expands in scope By the time they depart they have seamlessly pivoted from the science of testosterone to the construction of gender from the perils of virility to the role of the father in American families from the biology that shapes us to the philosophy that guides us Theirs is a conversation that examines not just what it means to be sick or to be well but on what it means to be whole to be human At first glance The Virility Paradox is a book about medicine Dr Ryan is after all an oncologist who specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer in its advanced stages The book begins with the story of one of Dr Ryan's patients but make no mistake the book is far than a memoir of clinical medicine Written for the scientific layperson The Virility Paradox adeptly balances scientific information clinical stories and philosophical introspection Having read the book with next to no background in the molecular biology involved with the treatment of prostate cancer I found the book's anecdotes compelling its characters rich and nuanced and it's inuisitive and curious style uintessentially inviting Just as the book explores a virility triad based on three factors related to testosterone the book posits a triad of life experience one in which the human condition is certainly influenced by biology but also by the influence of the mind and the impact of interpersonal connection It is a book that begins with the science of life and uickly grows to encompass something else simply life Ultimately The Virility Paradox is one that deepens the reader's scientific literacy while simultaneously promoting philosophical inuiry introspection and contemplation This book is an important contribution to a world where science is too often seen as a greater good than the humanities

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The Virility ParadoxTestosterone makes us stronger happier and smarter It also makes us meaner violent and selfish A scientific look into the vast and unexpected influence testosterone has on our behavior our society and our bodies The brain of every man and every woman is shaped by this tiny molecule from before birth it propels our drive for exploration and risk for competition and creation and even our survival The effects of testosterone permeate the traditions philosophy and literature of every known culture without it the world would be a drastically different place Testosterone also has a role in humanity's darker side contributing to violence hubris poverty. This book raises a lot of concerns that are not easily addressed It addresses them from the perspective of an oncologist who has seen the effects of high and low testosterone'Testosterone is the chemical of aggression dominance and reduced empathy'Consider this scene from Plato's Republic written than two thousand years ago I Cephalus was once with Sophocles the poet when someon asked him How do you feel about sex Sophocles Are you still capable of having sex with a woman He replied Be uite man To my great delight I have broken free of that like a slave who has got away from a rabid and savage master I thought at the time that this was a good response and I haven't changed my mind I mean there's no doubt that in old age you get a great deal of peace and freedom from things like sex When the desires lose their intensity and ease up then what happens is absolutely as Sophocles described freedom from a great many demented master 43 Page 74 For now exercise nutrition and keeping the brain active are the best we can offer as a recommendation to prevent Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment Page 94 I can imagine a future in which I have this potential conversation with patients If you undergo hormonal therapy to reduce testosterone levels you might get Alzheimer's disease; if you don't you might die of prostate cancer Page 94Chapter 9 Poetry and Placebos The placebo effect may actually be one of three phenomena1 The Hawthorne effect because they are being observed by a researcher 2 The ritual effect in which the subject' experience of the therapeutic ritual for example of taking pills results in reports of improved symptoms; or3 The attention effect In which having the attention of doctors and the medical community result in self reports of improvement107 Page 146 147 About 80 percent of beef cattle in the United States get dosed with Trenbolone or someting similar before slaughter Page 178 The end of the last paragraph in the book is At the heart of our knowledge is the fact that while virility gives life amazing color and dynamism it can also extract a cost That's a paradox we'll just have to live with Page 203 There are 142 notes and an indexPart 1 The chemicals that bind us chapters 1 4Part 2 The many faces of virility chapters 5 8Part 3 Evolution manipulation and adaptation chapters 9 12Chapters1 From competition to compassion2 How fetal testosterone shapes our thinking 3 Women and testosterone Inner virility and outer identity4 Bell curves and binaries Womanhood and testosterone among the outliers5 The chemistry of coupling6 Testosterone and Alzheimer's 7 Of hair and hormones8 The biological underpinnings of sexual aggression 9 Poetry and placebos The ongoing uest to rekindle virility10 Supplementation and its discontents11 Beauty versus the beast Bodybulding steroids and the aesthetics of manhood12 Hormones and the nurturing environment that shapes families