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kindle Ó Song of Edmon Fracture World #1 × Paperback read ½ In Adam Burch’s thrilling series debut a young man must choose between violence and peace in a distant world divided between those who thrive in endless sunlight and those who survive in eternal darknessThe isolated planet of Tao is a house divided thIders pursue power and racial purity through the violent ritual of the CombatEdmon Leontes the gentle son of a ruthless warrior noble and a proud Daysider embodies Tao’s split nature The product of diametrically opposed races Edmon hopes to live a uiet life pursuing the music of his mother’s people but his I legitimately read the entire thing possibly out of a weird need to punish myself This book is bad If prime hadn't provided this book to me for free I'd feel like the author owed me a refund I rarely come across books told in 1st person present tense but this one takes the cake The narrator's internal monologue is anachronistic and bizarrely consistent considering it spreads across many years of the characters life starting as a 9 year old child; however it is not compelling at all Dialogue is stilted Many characters are thrown up to interact with him and I found it very difficult to care about any of them or believe the narrator cared about them except that he insists it repeatedly so you know he cares I guessAs others have said this book contains egregious examples of the disposable woman trope You won't find yourself attached to any of them and anyway the book is set in an incredibly patriarchal society where women are basically powerless property except those who aren't except they are all depicted as powerless andor incompetentThe book has a pretty unhealthy relationship with sexuality It's either coercive orgiastic or salacious descriptions of virginal coupling I never write reviews but this one was so bad that I felt the need to vent

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Nightsider father cruelly forces him to continue in his bloody footsteps to ensure his legacyEdmon’s defiance will cost him everythingand spark a revolution that will shake the foundations of Tao His choice to embrace the light or surrender to the darkness will shape his own fate and that of his divided wor Excellent book Very good job Plot well considered and executed Characters fairly well developed with some depth Dialogue sounds natural and nuanced Well written not just simple fantasy writing Consider it a slightly sophisticated Hunger Games or MazeRunnercoming of age through hard trials Will look forward to books from this first time author

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Song of Edmon Fracture World #1In Adam Burch’s thrilling series debut a young man must choose between violence and peace in a distant world divided between those who thrive in endless sunlight and those who survive in eternal darknessThe isolated planet of Tao is a house divided the peaceful Daysiders live in harmony while the pale Nights Firstly a WARNING This book contains graphic descriptions of violence rape implied sexual activity between a child and an adolescent non consensual surgery brainwashing the Magical Negro trope fridging antiziganist stereotypes possible Evil Gays eugenicsIf you can get past all that though it's actually pretty good Sort of a cross between Ender's Game and The Hunger Games with solid worldbuilding and a compelling story I just wish it didn't lean so heavily on the same old tropesLook first the sexism There are very few women in this book and the ones that do exist are one dimensional and mostly exist so their suffering andor death can make Edmon really sad Or sometimes they pop up to give Edmon advice then disappear for another fifty pages Also there's a scene where Edmon rescues a woman from a gang of would be rapists and she rewards him with sex SO MUCH is wrong with that where do I even startNext the racism One character is referred to as a space gypsy or spypsy REALLY and he's described as slithery secretive and sneaky Also he has knowledge of technology so advanced it might as well be magic So you're making a character a space gypsy and then giving him attributes of negative stereotypes about the Romani Really You could have just NOT done thatEventually we meet Edmon's Wise Old Master who is black and has magical healing powers He's an interesting character especially when you learn about his past but he still fits the Magical Negro stereotype He's there to impart the secrets of his powers to Edmon so Edmon can become stronger and knowledgable And although there are other PoC characters he's the only black character with actual lines in the book making the trope especially obviousEdmon is mixed race and the book condemns the overt racism of the planet's white people but you can't just say racism is bad and then use racist tropes in your work I mean you can but it kind of undercuts your messageI'm also not sure how I feel about the depiction of homosexuality in this book The one explicitly gay character is described as a depraved sex addict by our protagonist and while Edmon's best friend is definitely attracted to Edmon he's also an antagonist who believes in the superiority of the blond and blue eyed master race so It's not great Kind of plays into the Predatory Gay stereotypeListen I WANT this book to be so much better Because the worldbuilding is superb and I devoured all the parts about the history of the planet and space travel and the Fracture Point and the technology of the future And the plot twists kept coming surprising me almost every time But I couldn't love this book as much as I wanted to especially after the midpoint when view spoilermultiple characters get fridged hide spoiler