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Download Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr Ebook Î 442 pages ó From award winning author John Crowley comes an exuisite fantasy novel about a man who tells the story of a crow named Dar Oakley and his impossible lives and deaths in the land of Ka A Crow alone is no CrowDar Oakley—the first Crow in all of history with aH monks searching for the Paradise of the Saints; and how he continuously went down into the land of the dead and returned Through his adventures in Ka the realm of Crows and around the world he found secrets that could change the humans’ entire way of life and now may be the time to finally reveal th After having been to the Limestone Kingdom and magical Austin in my last two books I thought this was the best choice thematically Well We meet Dark Oakley a crow yes yes I know the bird above is NOT a crow but ravens are prominent on the internet shrugs We meet him back when he didn't have a name We follow him when he is named when he finds a world next to his own Ka We follow him when he travels from one world to the next meeting horses owls boars foxes humans of all ages and Eventually we watch him find his mate and steal the secret of immortality and when he loses it again Dar Oakley dies is reborn without memory of his former lifeknowledge always regains the memory eventually learns from life to life but always dies again eventually Until This is an Odyssey ish uest through a number of realms that combines a number of mythological tropes and themes and characters Coyote is in here too just like in my previous two books The problem The way these tropes and themes and characters were treated weren't anything new Add to that the fact that the way the story is told is long winded and just trickling along at too slow a pace There is no rise and fall there isn't any or much suspense and while the realms change and therefore challenge Dar Oakley and his mate I never felt challenged or surprised or much of anythingI sometimes liked the philosophical examination of the nature of things creatures and evolution of stories as well as the book's point that we all ARE stories As a bookworm the thought that we are nothing without thought and memory Hugin and Munin without stories we tell and stories that are told about us appealed to me There is a saying that people cannot live on bread and water alone because we need stories to tell us HOW to live Sadly this story despite its potential and the research into the social behavior of crows the difference to ravens too didn't have much to say on that subject It reminded me of the ramblings of a guy I'm trapped in a car with on a long ass road trip through the middle of nowhere after I made the mistake of asking for a story because I know he's written a book lol That sounds harsh I know but while I didn't DNF or scream with frustration I was disappointed with how the source material was treated here especially after the interesting foreshadowing we got in the book's prologueThe writing also didn't blow me away After a few people I know have called the prose graceful and lyrical and beautiful I might have expected too much I'm not sure But the prose was nothing special in my opinion So while this wasn't truly bad it was also nothing remarkable sadly So why 3 stars Well because I'm a sucker for corvids and mythology and stories about the nature of stories thought memory stories mythological creatures and us silly little humans smack in the middle of it all

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O When a man learns his language Dar finally gets the chance to tell his story He begins his tale as a young man and how he went down to the human underworld and got hold of the immortality meant for humans long before Julius Caesar came into the Celtic lands; how he sailed West to America with the Iris Stories Coyote said Not to tell you something you don't already know We're made of stories now brother It's why we never die even if we doIn the near future a dying man tells the story of Dar Oakley a Crow who steals and then loses the most precious thing in the world and is doomed to eternal life The deaths and rebirths of Dar begin in Iron Age and medieval Europe then jumps to North America with Native Americans the Civil War and ends with a world in gradual decline I want to understand about the dead how it is they are in than one place at the same time or in no place at all which is perhaps the same thingThe line between worldsLife deathMyth historyDream reality We seemed to go back the same way we came but I've learned just as Dar Oakley learned that here you can never go back the way you came That you never do anywhere You only and always go on810

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Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of YmrFrom award winning author John Crowley comes an exuisite fantasy novel about a man who tells the story of a crow named Dar Oakley and his impossible lives and deaths in the land of Ka A Crow alone is no CrowDar Oakley the first Crow in all of history with a name of his own was born two thousand years ag John Crowley’s writing is so graceful and lyrical and contemplative that his novels often feel like long elegiac poems masuerading as prose fiction His latest Ka Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr is uite possibly the most John Crowley esue of John Crowley novels It is a beautiful work of art – enchanting and reflective rendered in stark images and hermeneutical musings on the nature of life and mortality It is also relentlessly and frustratingly cerebral; intellectually and aesthetically satisfying but lacking any identifiable emotional core It is essentially the history of western civilization as experienced by an immortal crow named Dar Oakley As climate change wreaks havoc on the natural world an injured Dar Oakley relates his life’s story to an unnamed human narrator who filters it through his own experience with a recent tragedy Dar Oakley’s biography is captivating the narrator’s relationship to the crow and his tale less so A thrilling and complex – if somewhat opaue – novel