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PDF Ð BOOK Rich Dirty Dangerous ´ I was a dead man the minute I inked her I’ve spent ten years as the ink man for the Black Dog MC When a member wants ink he comes to me — and I always obey Because even when you’re not a brother disobeying the Black Dog is deadly So they own me And they also own her Dani Beautiful sweetly sensual temptation Ritance from nowhere that will make me obscenely rich I have to decide Stay and we’ll both be sacrificedRun and we’ll both have a price on our headsTake Dani like she begs me to and I might not live to see the morning Some things I hear are worth dying forTonight is the night I find out The hero of this book is Cavan older brother of Devin from the first book You don't have to have read the previous two books to read this one but they are both excellent so you probably should anyway Devin and Cavan had terrible childhoods Their father disappeared early in their lives and their mother went from boyfriend to boyfriend until finally she was murdered by the last one Eighteen year old Cavan took off leaving behind sixteen year old Devin They inherited a huge amount of money from an unknown grandfather Devin got his share in the first book and has been looking for Cavan to make sure Cavan gets his share Cavan gets a brief chapter at the end of the second book and now this one is his storyCavan is associated but not part of a vicious motorcycle gang He's their tattoo guy While he has some autonomy when they want something he is expected to do it So when the gang leader expects Cavan to do a tattoo on his old lady Cavan really has no choice but to comply He really figures he's screwed and the president is a violently jealous guy and one finger in the wrong place could lead to serious trouble for Cavan He's left briefly alone with Dani and in that short amount of time she pleads with him to help her get away Cavan is most reluctant to help mostly because of the danger to them both but she brings out the big guns and tells him she knows that people are looking for him and that he's a new billionaire Cavan agrees and thus begins their road trip to escapeBefore we learn the why it's been easy to not like Cavan He left his younger brother alone at a time when Devin really needed him but we learn the why when Cavan begins telling Dani his story we get to see why he did what he did and feel for the choices he made and why he made themAnd we learn some unexpected things about Dani's past too while the two of them are trying to escape the gang that has a long reachAs with the first two books I loved this one Cavan is a deliciously good hero and once he commits to helping Dani he is all in While he is very attracted to her considering who she was involved with he is patient and when the barriers do come down very tender with herDani is wickedly good as a heroine Though a number of years younger than Cavan she is unusually mature for her age She knows how incredibly stupid she was in getting involved with this nasty gang of criminals but is determined to get free She feels bad for the pressure she puts on Cavan but was desperate to get away before she was killed She really does appreciate what has with Cavan

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Sensual temptation incarnate The president’s woman completely off limits But when she comes to me for a tattoo and begs me to get her out of the Black Dog before he kills her my blood starts to burn for the first time in a decade And when I realize my own reason for getting out an inhe I had read Dirty Sweet and Wild a few months ago and knew I wanted to read work by Julie Kriss Even though it is part of the same series this has uite a different feel to DSW but was just as well written and captivating I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and really liked both main characters They are finely crafted and very believable as was the insanely hot chemistry between them That said this book has a good story and the love scenes are a small part of a wonderful wholeThe book starts with uite a POW and continues that way until the end In fact I was surprised to see I had only a few chapters left to read as the story was still building and didn't feel like it was anywhere near winding up Often I can see where the plot is heading from a mile off but in this book I had no idea It isn't a mega twisty plot but it does have a few surprises and secret reveals What it does instead is focus on the two main characters Cavan and Dani and despite MOST of the book covering a matter of days the intensity of their time together and the connection between them is very well portrayed and believableWe get to see some other characters from this series and I loved the bar scene towards the end of the book I also found the second to last chapter so bittersweet but it also reflected how Cavan really got Dani how much he cared for her and how much she needed that to happen You'll understand what I mean when you read the book and read it you should It is well worth the time and money

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Rich Dirty Dangerous Bad Billionaires #3 I was a dead man the minute I inked her I’ve spent ten years as the ink man for the Black Dog MC When a member wants ink he comes to me and I always obey Because even when you’re not a brother disobeying the Black Dog is deadly So they own me And they also own her Dani Beautiful sweetly Cavan Wilder is not so easily liked mostly because of his decisions His father left the family when he was little and his mother was murdered by her boyfriend Cavan left behind his younger brother Devin hero from Bad Billionaire and disappeared Now he works for the Mortorcycle Club as a tattoo artist Dani lives the bad conseuences of her decision Getting involved with criminals and abused she is desperate for a way out She meets Cavan and begspressures to help herBoth Cavan and Dani made wrong choices during their teen years They try to escape their dangerous lives at the same time trying to keep their loved ones safe I enjoyed the thrill of the chase Dani's unexpected past was a surprise but I expected the secret to come out with suspense not yelling on phone This book is plotful and action packed than the first two booksAmong the billionaire themed books I read these billionaire heroes are rough and rugged totally expected from men who suddenly have lots of money They don't come out as posh they continue in their old life style just with much fecilities This main detail being a billionaire the author expressed it perfectly