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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Rendición ´ RAY LORIGA Ï Premio Alfaguara 2017Una historia sobre la autoridad y la manipulación colectiva con ecos de Kafka y Orwell Una fábula sobre el destierro la pérdida la paternidad y los afectosHan pasado diez largos años desde ue estalló la guerra y el matrimonio sigue sin conocer el paradero de suSencilla y rutinariamente Un día un muchacho mudo entra en su propiedad Al principio lo encierran como a un prisionero pero acaban por tomarle cierto cariño y cuando las autoridades comunican ue la zona debe ser evacuada y ue tienen ue poner rumbo a la ciudad transparente los tres parten juntos En ese momento el muchacho es bautizado como Julio Las puertas de la metrópoli muestran una clara advertencia el aire mece los cuerpos sin vida de los traidores En su interior Is a sparkling new world in which everything is provided – food protection shelter good health no financial worries – a utopia or a dystopia? Ray Lorgia does a magnificent job in revealing what it is that makes us humanThe unnamed narrator has “married up” and their two adult sons are gone fighting a vaguely defined war They share their home with a silent boy who appeared of nowhere and has garnered their great affection At the book’s opening the three of them are being evacuated from their home and re established in “the transparent city”Everything in this gleaming city is transparent; privacy does not exist Its residents are granted everything they could ever need their own transparent homes a job all the necessities to stay healthy and content Everyone is happy and non stressed But in this first person narrative we are given hints about the man telling the story he is extremely careful forthcoming family oriented and cautious—he waits for events to unfold The incessant and intense happiness is crushing and so is the loss of the emotional life he once had Without secrets mysteries desires and imperfections life loses its meaningRather than an overreliance on sci fi or adventure elements this book’s key strength is its restraint Ray Lorgia and his fantastic translator Carolina De Robertis an excellent author in her own right and one of the reasons I chose this book make the entire premise feel organic Put another way it is easy to stand in the narrator’s shoes and feel him struggling with his dual desires to recognize and praise the efficiency of the new order while urgently trying to not lose the essence of who he really is It’s unsettling and compelling at the same time

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La ciudad transparente es casi un paraíso ue provee a sus habitantes de todo auello ue cualuiera desearía en un hogar armonía limpieza y protección Impera un orden riguroso una calma autoritaria y una absoluta transparencia no están permitidos los secretos ni las paredes En una sociedad en la ue lo privado es de dominio público en un mundo feliz y asfixiante ue ataca pasivamente a la dignidad del ser humano emergen los más estremecedores augurios de nuestro futur Not much to say about this one other than it's a uiet story that never goes where you're expecting it to If you liked 1984 but thought there was too much going on this one's for you

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RendiciónPremio Alfaguara 2017Una historia sobre la autoridad y la manipulación colectiva con ecos de Kafka y Orwell Una fábula sobre el destierro la pérdida la paternidad y los afectosHan pasado diez largos años desde ue estalló la guerra y el matrimonio sigue sin conocer el paradero de sus hijos sin saber si su país fue el agresor o el agredido Fuera cual fuese el origen de la contienda él hombre de campo y ella su antigua patrona siguen amándose y sus vidas transcurren Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThis Spanish dystopian novel was just translated into English and I am super excited to be one of the first English readers to read it The blurb compares this book to Margaret Atwood and Jose Saramago which really shaped my expectations while reading it since I am a fan of HANDMAID'S TALE ORYX AND CRAKE and BLINDNESS Do NOT listen to the blurb The blurb is wrong While enjoyable I would not say that this work is of the caliber that those two authors are If anything it kind of reminded me of Cormac McCarthy's hit dude bro classic THE ROADSURRENDER is a very soft dystopian novel It's about a man unnamed who is our narrator He lives in the countryside with his wife and a child they kind of unofficially adopted when he wandered on to their property one day They are under an oppressive militaristic government and one day said government announces that they are going to have to evacuate and burn their house; they are being moved as refugees to a place called the glass cityThe glass city is uite literally a glass city with walls you can see through Everyone can see everyone while they do all kinds of things including bathroom and bedroom stuff Yikes I'm sure this is Swiftian commentary on transparency taking the reductio ad absurdum approach to show what happens when a government forces its citizens to uite literally reveal all their secrets The effect is appropriately disconcertingI thought the translation was very smooth for the most part and flowed well The story was interesting and I liked the narrator although some of his actions towards the end of the book felt odd and unnatural compared to the beginning and I'm not really sure why Even he the narrator remarks on his strange behaviors at times so you know it was intentional Mostly it was fun to read a literary dystopian novel set in a place beyond the United States I liked it but I think I may have liked it if the blurb didn't hype it up so much by comparing it to two of the greatest modern dystopian authors EVER Your mileage may vary but I don't think this is a book that is going to appeal to everyone Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review3 stars