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Sty action packed fourth book of t. Another great instalment of the Spellshadow series following the gang in their plight to free themselves and other mages trapped in the schoolsI gave the book 4 stars as I felt it a little long winded in comparison to the others and a little long in parts but it's still a great read and the reader finally gets well awaited answers when Alex gets them The Keep is a downright miserable place and scary too showing the author has written well to take the reader in to this world of evil and nightmares I am looking forward the next book

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The KeepHe Spellshadow seriesPre order now. Series Has Kept Me ReadingWhile not the best I have every read this series had kept me reading through the most current book available I am rating it 4 stars The loss of the 5th star would be because I long for a hero who doesn't continually act on childlike impulses and unfortunately this one does Otherwise it had been a good story with very interesting and imaginative characters

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The Keep Download » PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç Continue Alec's journey in the twisty action packed fourth book of the Spellshadow seriesPre order nowContinue Alec's journey in the twi. ABSOLUTELY SPELLBINDING Title The KeepSeries The Secret of Spellshadow ManorAuthor Bella ForrestDesignation Book Four of Series Full Length Novel Approx 400 pages NOT A Standalone Cliffhanger AheadGenre #fantasy #sciencefiction #actionadventure #mystery #comingofage #romanceReading Platform Kindle Edition My Rating Five Spellbinding StarsOh my Oh my Oh my Bella Forrest rocked my world AGAIN with The Keep the fourth riveting release in her captivating new magical fantasy series The Secret of Spellshadow Manor And great balls of fire it just gets better and better Forrest has been a busy little beaver After publishing a new season of the international bestselling A Shade of Vampire series in the past twelve months as well as introducing two other new blockbuster series The Gender Game and the Detective Erin Bond mystery thriller series you'd think Forrest would be ready to sit back and take a breather Nope just the opposite I honestly don't think Forrest ever sleeps Not that I'm complaining not one little bit Like thousands of my fellow Bella Forrest fans around the world I've been hooked since the first book of Forrest's megahit A Shade of Vampire series and now 56 books later I still eagerly await each new release I don't even care what genre it is If Forrest writes it I'll read it And it comes as no surprise Forrest has delivered another new installment in this gripping fantasy adventure that curls our toes makes our hearts pound and keeps us begging for The Secret of Spellshadow Manor is a beautifully written young adult saga unlike any I've ever read If you loved Harry Potter or Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Secret of Spellshadow Manor is definitely for you uite simply it's an irresistibly delicious all you can eat buffet of magic fantasy action adventure mystery danger suspense angst and blossoming coming of age romance But never fear my friends it's also a deliciously tasty treat for us older adults who remain young at heart The story is well crafted imaginative thrilling fast paced action packed suspenseful sweet romantic and at times also dark and mysterious Whew what a mouthful but these are only a few of the words that come to mind after reading The Secret of Spellshadow Manor The narrative is exceptionally well written in the third person with a primary perspective from seventeen year old high school senior Alex Webber of Middledale Iowa The dialogue is smart well executed and flows effortlessly Although the premise and storyline for this series is beyond intriguing and the vividly depicted world of Spellshadow Manor is nothing short of extraordinary it's truly the cast of complex characters that truly steals the show They are well developed fascinating engaging endearing and most importantly memorable They literally explode from the pages grab your imagination capture your heart and hold you completely enthralled from beginning to end Forrest skillfully combines every single one of these elements to craft a beautifully written coming of age fantasy filled to the brim with magic danger action adventure fantasy mystery suspense magic loyalty and heartbreak lies deceit secrets angst young love and plot twists that will blow your mind After reading every single one Forrest's books there are two things I've learned beyond a shadow of a doubt First when reading anything written by Bella Forrest always expect the unexpected and two absolutely nothing is ever impossible as any of her readers have witnessed time and time again In each book Forrest pens she takes her readers on an emotionally thrilling roller coaster ride unlike any other one that keeps us on the edge of our seat and riveted to each page while screaming OMG that didn't just happen And the icing on the cake Forrest's books are always exceptionally well crafted edited formatted and have gorgeous covers Did I like this book No I LOVED it Would I recommend it You bet and I am for ages 12 to 112 Will I read this author again Of course just as soon as Forrest publishes her next book Forrest has the most extraordinary imagination of any author I've ever read one which knows no bounds And finally was I entertained OMG YES Completely I was glued to my seat completely enthralled white knuckling my ereader with my heart beating wildly in my chest as the pages flew as uickly as the time and all the while screaming Don't do it OMG I was a nervous wreck lol I can hardly wait to see what's in store for Alex Natalie and their friends in Book 5 The Test Fabulous entertainment and an awesome readBook OneUnlike his friends seventeen year old Middledale Iowa high school senior Alex Webber spends all his free time learning to write computer code and building websites He's becoming uite the young entrepreneur Unfortunately his efforts are born from necessity rather than pleasure Since Alex's mother was diagnosed with a debilitating long term illness leaving her unable to work he desperately needs to earn enough money to supplement their meager monthly income Hosting a foreign exchange student was supposed to be just another way to add much needed funds to their dwindling monthly budget until Alex meets the studenta lovely young seventeen year old female student from France named Natalie Chevalier Oh my What normal red blooded seventeen year old young man wouldn't appreciate the beauty of a charming French girl right When the two teenagers meet they instantly become fast friends with each looking forward to the upcoming new school year They're just a couple of normal teenagers who want to enjoy their senior year right Hmm But Alex and Natalie may not be uite so normal after all What happens when these two seemingly unremarkable young people brought together by fate realize they may not be as ordinary as they thought In fact they may be uite extraordinary After seeing a strange and very frightening ghostly figure following Natalie which apparently one no one else could see Alex is faced with a life altering decision that may interrupt his well laid plans and change his life forever But there is only one choice for the pragmatic yet sensitive young Alex no matter the risk he must protect his new friend Natalie But at what costThe Breaker Book 2It's been several months since Natalie was abducted by the ghostly phantom known as Finder and Alex was mistaken to also be a new recruit for the magical school located within the walls of Spellshadow Manor No matter their efforts Alex and Natalie find themselves still imprisoned behind the ivy covered walls of the mysterious manor There's only one little problem and it gets worse with each passing day Unlike the other students at the school including Natalie Alex has no magical ability at all In fact his problem is just the opposite Alex discovers he is a Spellbreaker and possesses an inherited genetic trait enabling him to wield a power called anti magic an anomalous force which counteracts magic when used correctly But according to the limited information available it appears Alex may be the sole surviving Spellbreaker And why is he the last Because the other spellbreakers have been hunted to extinction and destroyed by Finder and his predecessors which means his unnatural new ability is very dangerous to his continued well being at Spellshadow Manor and must be kept a secret Of course we all know seventeen year olds are never good at keeping secrets especially not when he needs the help of his friends Natalie Aamir and Jari to cover for his lack of magic Unfortunately Aamir may no longer be an ally Alex's friend and former roommate Aamir Nagi is now Professor Nagi To avoid the impending uestionable fate of 'graduation' two weeks ago Aamir challenged and defeated the now missing Professor Derhin in a magical duel Alex and his friends had hoped this would give them an advantage possibly helping them to escape but by all outward appearances Aamir now seems to be controlled by a magical golden band placed around his wrist by the headmaster of the school The Head Yup you read that correctly; the headmaster is named The Head and he is one scary dude Nothing is as it seems but Alex is still determined to rescue Natalie and orchestrate their escape Join our brave young heroes as they continue their perilous adventure where they must learn to navigate the ever changing hallways of the mysterious magical and very dangerous new world of Spellshadow Manor where nothing is as it seems and where one mistake could cost them their lives For lurking in the shadows at every twist and turn Alex discovers even treacherous forces laden with dark magic and murky secrets all waiting to make an appearance But are they friend or foe We'll seeThe Chain Book 3After almost a year of continuing the ruse as a student at Spellshadow Manor Alex orchestrates a daring escape unexpectedly aided by a student uprising two of his professors and crucial information from the strange shadowy Elias Our brave young heroes travel through a magical portal in search of safe haven but rather than the human world they find themselves at Stillwater House another school for magical students which at first glance appears to be the antithesis of Spellshadow But appearances can be deceiving and all is not what it seems In his search for a way home to his mother and a normal teenage life Alex finds only dark secrets leading to uestions about his abilities and heritage With new enemies and perilous danger at every turn Alex desperately attempts to protect his friends but the cost is high maybe too high This time the price may be his life Not all will survive Who will live and who will die We'll seeThe Keep Book 4Tricked into revealing his true identity and developing powers by Princess Alypia Alex and his friends risk everything in another desperate escape which lands them at yet another magical haven but there's nothing safe about Keepstone Keep Thankfully they find two familiar faces who agree to help them Alex learns about his origins and his powers but with Alypia hot on their heels time is of the essence and sadly his heroic efforts may not be enough to keep them all alive As dark secrets are revealed Alex meets an unexpected ally and is finally given the answers he's sought his entire life But is it too little too late Will he and his friends ever find a way back home We'll see