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??გზაუროს მაგრამ მეზღვაურები გემზე ამბოხებას მოაწყობენ სისხლიანი ხოცვა ჟლეტის შემდეგ ოთხი კაციღა რჩება ცოცხალი შტორ. Some authors were never meant to be novelists Some authors are meant to write short stories and some authors are poetsIn The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Poe's thankfully only full length novel we witness the struggles of an author looking to branch out into long form and having no fucking clue what he is doing You can see a beautifully wretched and bleak novelette or novella in here but Poe overstays his welcome by about 50 pages Even Poe considered this novel silly You have people on Goodreads touting this pile of shit as SUPERB and A MASTERSTROKE when literary scholars have agreed that they're not even sure what the fuck Poe was talking about half the time Sorry Weekend Lit Majors I gotta go with the scholars on this one It's a book of madfuck ramblings and stolen navigation notes Poe cribbed from Jeremiah N Reynolds' many explorations And you can tell when these stolen sections come into play because Poe's prose dials down and we're left reading paragraph after paragraph of nautical speak and goddamn coordinates Anyone who gives this meandering and overlong novella than three stars needs their heads checked I doth believe they've skipped a cog and hath traveled down the path of the dodo At the very least they lack research skillsMuch like Mr Pym Poe is lost at sea here The book was originally written in serial form but was then discontinued unfinished As Poe was want to do he revised the text and extended it into the shitbrick castle we view today But that's okay No one's perfect Poe will go down in history as the man who wrote The Cask of Amontillado and The Raven and Masue of the Red Death and so on He was a brilliantly dark author of spectacular fiction This novel is simply not that And the fact that he knew The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym was in his own words a very silly book makes me respect him all the In summation I hate that I finished this one but at least my buddy Thomas finally picked a stinker I thought he'd never break my streak of choosing truly crappy literature but he came through for me this time Thanks dude Overall this book is a trunk novel that people want to find reasoning in but have so far in almost two hundred years not been able to clearly pin down And that's because there's nothing to pin down Not everything written has to make sense Sometimes some books are just bad This is one of those bad books by a great writer Deal with itFinal Judgment The anal leavings of a master wordsmithSource

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The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucketმი თითქმის გაანადგურებს გემს და ისინი აბობოქრებულ ოკეანეში რჩებიან მშიერ მწყურვალნი და ზვიგენებით გარშემორტყმულნი. I've read The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket yesterday in one sitting and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it I'm certainly glad I picked it up and read it for it proved a fascinating read Nevertheless there were uite a few things I didn't like and that confused me about this one and only novel by Edgar Allan Poe On overall I have to admit to feeling a bit conflicted about this novel Firstly because it doesn't feel like a novel at all It feels like a collection of stories or novellas A collection of stories featuring the same protagonist but not a novel as such The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym doesn't have that inner connection and flow that a novel has There is no character development to speak of When I finished it I felt like I read maybe four stories or three short novellas I'll explain what I mean but there might be some SPOILERS so considered yourself warned The first story is when Arthur Gordon Pym decided to become a sailor and boards a ship in secret with the help of his fried August I would call it a mystery story with elements of horror The second story would be the mutiny on board that would be adventure with elements of horror Third story would be the castaway part and that would be pure horror for me The fourth part would be the sailing and exploring prior to meeting the indigenous people as well as the meetingadventure part itself That final part reads like an adventure with a symbolic ending so a mix of symbolism and adventure The symbolic ending was well done I felt and was very true to Poe If this book was a collection of novellas with the same protagonist it would just make sense because then we wouldn't have to pretend not to notice how disjointed it is The episodes or the stories aren't interconnected Even the writing style is different For example the graphic episodestory where they are stuck on a boat with no food is written so vividly and the author assures us it is something they will never forget but as soon as that part ends you guess what They never talk or think about it It just doesn't make any sense as a novel Long story short Poe wasn't a novelist He was a poet and writer of short stories and novellas Do you know what That doesn't make it any less of a writer Not everyone has to write novels Back to my pointsSecondly even if taken as series of stories it makes sense of it to see it that way this book still seems a bit chaotic In one instant Poe is writing horror in all its gore details and in the next he goes all sir David Attenborough on us devoting page after page to description of animals and nature Thirdly there were some expressions that are not comfortable to read nowadays and some parts feel racist from today's perspective Fourthly the book is a bit too graphic for my taste Finally Tiger the dog deserved space Now that I'm done with complaints let's say what I loved about this 'novel'Edgar Allan Poe had such a talent Poe's imaginative force is something that you don't come across often even in the best of writing let's put it like that Poe wrote so imaginably and originally it is always a pleasure to read The edition I read was uite old and it said how this novel was ignored by critics until some critic forgot the name said it was the predecessor to Moby Dick Do you know what It truly is Here you can see a description of a similar legendary friendship and whale hunting is mentioned It is crazy to think of how many writers Poe influenced With his stories Poe practically invented the detective and horror short story genre So if he published a collection of novellas and labelled it a novel I'm willing to forgive him for it Would I recommend this novel Yes I definietly would but only for adults There are many violent and graphic passages in this book that include cannibalism that make it non advisable for children andor overly sensitive adults

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The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Read & Download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è ნანტაკეტელი ახალგაზრდა კაცი არტურ გორდონ პიმი ბრიგ გრამპუსის ტრიუმში იმალნანტაკეტელი ახალგაზრდა კაცი არტურ გორდონ პიმი ბრიგ გრამპუსის ტრიუმში იმალება რათა ამ ხომალდით სამხრეთის ზღვებში იმ?. 15 starsThis is Poe’s only novel; published in 1838 I haven’t read any Poe for many years having read some of his poetry and his short stories in my teens This is an odd novel Arthur Gordon Pym and his friend Augustus are teenagers in search of adventure Augustus’s father is a sea captain A voyage is in the offing and Augustus contrives to enable Pym to stow away A series of adventures ensues; each farfetched than the previous There is a bloody mutiny followed by a shipwreck with Pym and a small number of survivors left on the wreckage of the ship A long period of floating around leads to cannibalism an encounter with a ship floating aimlessly with only corpses on board and finally rescue by another ship This ship is on a fur collecting expedition and it continues to slaughter lots of seals It sails into the Antarctic regions which prove to be surprisingly warm Poe attempts to invent lots of new species of bird and when habitable islands are reached invents a few mammals as well Inhabited islands are reached populated by “natives” who are primitive but appear friendly They prove to be unfriendly and most of the crew are killed and the ship destroyed Pym and three others manage to escape in a canoe and head for the South Pole as the descriptions become increasingly surreal The ending gives a nod to Reynolds and the hollow earth theories popular at the time On the surface this reads like one of many nineteenth century adventure novels by writers such as Haggard Stevenson and Kipling; comparisons are also drawn with Moby Dick This being Poe of course there is going on; indeed there is a whole industry of interpretation There are clearly allegorical and autobiographical elements and there are also elements of cryptography an interest of Poe’s Some of the allegorical elements are said to be religious not convinced by that The novel was obviously written in haste and there are lots of continuity errors Poe is also a bit of a geek about the sea and sailing and there are long descriptive passages about navigation climate latitude and longitude which although well written can be irksome However it is on lots of best novel lists; Borges rated it and Freud was fascinated by it as he felt it explored man’s unconscious desire for annihilation However you analyse and break down this novel and it is well written with some interesting and experimental aspects there is an issue which stands out and that is race Poe was from the South and this was written when slavery and everything that went with it was still in place Poe’s biographers have pointed out that Poe did not approve of the abolition and believed that black people were inferiorIt is noteworthy that one of the principal mutineers was the black cook who portrayed as a monster with no redeeming features;“The bound seamen were dragged to the gangway Here the cook stood with an axe striking each victim on the head In this manner twenty two perished”The stereotypes keep coming The islanders who are amazed at the white skins of their visitors are portrayed as primitive and almost sub human; they are also treacherous Poe describes them thus;“In truth from every thing I could see of these wretches they appeared to be the most wicked hypocritical vindictive bloodthirsty and altogether fiendish race of men upon the face of the globe”You could blame the times Poe was writing in but this isn’t good enough Poe in his article “The Philosophy of Composition” argues that writing both poetry and prose should show truth and meaning The meaning here is that black is bad and white is the opposite Toni Morrison has forcibly made this point;“Africanism is the vehicle by which the American self knows itself as not enslaved but free; nor repulsive but desirable Africanist idiom is used to establish difference or in a later period to signal modernity”Matt Johnson’s novel Pym is an interesting counterpoint where a good black protagonist encounters white savages in the Antarctic; and the point is made;“You want to understand Whiteness as a pathology and a mindset you have to look to the source of its assumptions That’s why Poe’s work mattered It offered passage on a vessel bound for the primal American subconscious the foundation on which all our visible systems and structures were built”I wanted to like this but I’m with Toni Morrison on this one