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Is thick enough to slice with a skate After all I already have a woman in my life My daughter Charli and we’re not sure if there’s room for someone else Until Jocelyn Jones breaks all the rules She lets her icy exterior begin to melt treating me to a view no man has ever seen before Suddenly I’m no longer certain if I want to be on her roster or in her bed. Boss Girl by Lily Kate was a nice surprise My first book by this author we are taken on a journey of two people getting to know each other Jocelyn “Ice ueen” Jones may be the best agent in town but not the most open The last thing Landon Boxer needs is that complication in his life But Jocelyn wants him as an agent that is Jocelyn is a workaholic that is dedicated to her job But suddenly her life is turned upside down by Boxer and his daughter Boxer is a hockey player with an adorable daughter I loved Charli his six years old daughter She was so sweet and stole the show He is such a good father always putting her first He is a good guy with a good heart that steals your heart Boxer wants an agent that is also a friend and understands his needs Though hockey is important to him his daughter comes first and he needs an agent who understands that Jocelyn is thrown off by this at first but is willing to do what it takes to sign Boxer It was so much fun seeing these two getting to know each other and their interactions with Charli I enjoyed Boss Girl by Lily Kate and will definitely be checking out Delivery Girl the first book in the series I liked the story and how it flowed and really loved the characters Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog Happy reading

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Boss GirlFor good Tangling business with pleasure has never been on the agenda Then again neither has falling in love They say it’s bad business to sleep with the boss But they haven’t met Jocelyn Jones This is a full length standalone romantic comedy with an HEA It is intended for audiences 18 due to mature content including romance language and ridiculously fun time. A little too similar to the previous in the series but overall a good read That fourth star was for Landon I'm sorry I cannot for the life of me call him Boxer and keep a straight face because I loved him from the very first pages It's hard to dislike a man who loves sprinkles ice cream and his daughter as much as he does

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Boss Girl Summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ô USA Today bestselling series Good things come in extra tall smoking hot stilettos Things like Jocelyn Jones Jocelyn “Ice ueen” Jones is the hottest agent in town and I’m determined to make her mine My agent that is She’s the best at what she does which is why I’m intent on keeUSA Today bestselling series Good things come in extra tall smoking hot stilettos Things like Jocelyn Jones Jocelyn “Ice ueen” Jones is the hottest agent in town and I’m determined to make her mine My agent that is She’s the best at what she does which is why I’m intent on keeping our relationship strictly platonic even if the sexual tension between us. 4 “Puzzles” Stars Having thoroughly enjoyed Delivery Girl the author’s debut novel I was definitely looking forward to seeing what she would be offering up next and I wasn’t disappointed Boss Girl is a uick easy and engaging read with just the right balance of humor heart and drama and characters that will worm their way under your skin and into your heartIf you read Delivery Girl You don’t HAVE to but you should you’ve already met Jocelyn Jones and may not have the best view of her I actually found her uite intriguing and wanted to know what made her tick and I have to say that I absolutely admire the woman Yes she is all business and can be seen as icy but she isn’t without heart and learning about her past and how it shaped her showed me that her heart is much bigger than anyone could even guess and seeing her evolve was a beautiful processLandon Boxer was simply swoon worthy Single dad hockey hottie and one of the most down to earth guys around made him absolutely ovary bursting Talk about a good man He loves hockey but he loves his daughter and her happiness is his first priority I loved how he viewed being a hockey stud and how he wouldn’t compromise his integrity for anyoneJocelyn and Landon have a few roadblocks to navigate around in their journey to their HEA but I enjoyed how they worked their way past and through each of them While there was some drama it stayed out of the angsty realm and they both acted like the adults they were instead of resorting to game playing and expecting the other to read their minds I was pleasantly surprised with how everything played out for them and thought they were a perfect matchI really enjoyed the path the author took with this book There were many times when she could have made things difficult and drawn out the drama but she didn’t go there She kept things simple and realistic Charli Landon’s daughter was a lot of fun to read and I loved what she brought to the story And though this book is apart of the Minnesota Ice series it doesn’t have much to do with the Minnesota Ice other than Jocelyn’s connection to the first book but there is still a little hockey in it I’m really enjoying Ms Kate’s writing style and voice and am looking forward to what Birthday Girl will bring us Copy provided by the author voluntarily reviewed