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Black Friday and Selected Stories Summary Ø 100 ☆ It's winter in Philadelphia January cold coming in off two rivers Hart is broke freezing looking for a place to lay low from the cops If he can't find somewhere soon he might do something rash like steal an overcoat and accept a wallet containing 11000 from a man dying from gunshot wEst meanest melancholy thrillers In the character of Hart it features one of his classic tortured romantic heroes a man who becomes mired in circumstances from which there is no escape In this edition Black Friday is combined with short stories unpublished since they were first written for pulp magazines in America over 50 years ago. This is the first novel I've read since February I've read a ton of short stories some novellas here and there since then But I got a taste for something hard boiled and nasty Black Friday is a good hard boiled crime novel that centers around a group of criminals hiding out in a house in PhiladelphiaIt's very focused on the personalities involved not a lot of traveling The story centers around Al Hart a man in the run for killing his brother in New Orleans After he takes the wallet off a dying man in the street he's chased by two men who take him back to their hideout There he wonders who he can trust and whether they trust himIt's full of sleazy sex spurts of violence and even a ueasy dismemberment scene Pretty hefty for 1954I would have preferred to see a bit journeying out into the world this story is very claustrophobic I think the next pulp I read will be about a private detective who does a bit travelingSome examples of the hard boiled dialogueA crook tried to climb through that window a month ago Rizzio hit him in the face and threw him out the window We went down and picked him up out of the back yard the alley part along this side of the house He had a broken back and both legs were broken Mattone ended it for him with a knife and then we put him in the car and rode to a uiet street and threw him in the gutterMy usual meal in the morning is six or seven cigarettes and three or four cups of black coffee without sugar But if you've prepared something I'll eat itit's a cold world and the only thing you can trust is an adding machine

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A bed though even if that means hanging out with a bunch of thieves and drifters while the heat blows over Lucky for Hart he's handy with his fists And if he can use his looks and smarts to get in with the gang maybe he can ride this out and score big on his own Originally published in 1954 Black Friday is one of David Goodis's lean. RATING 30Aficionados of noir have reason to cheer about the reprinting of BLACK FRIDAY and selected short stories by David Goodis The original book was issued in 1954 and is arguably the best of his works After many years of neglect Goodis's work is starting to be reprinted both by Serpent's Tail and Hard Case Crime His work is highly distinctive As noted in the introduction by Adrian Wootton Goodis remains a cult writer admired by a small group of fans for his emotionally intense melancholy and at times violent creations His failure to connect with the public at large in a way that some of the other hardboiled classic writers did may be attributed to the fact that he produced standalones Some of his short stories had recurring characters and those were uite well done After reading a few featuring Sergeant Ricco Pasuale Maguire I wished that he had created a series based on that characterBLACK FRIDAY features a tortured romantic soul by the name of John Hart Hart is on the run having killed his own brother back in New Orleans He's ended up in Philadelphia a city he knows well It's cold and dark; he doesn't even have an overcoat He manages to shoplift one from a men's store; and while leaving the scene stumbles across a dying man who tells him to take his cash filled wallet Hart does so but is almost intercepted by a couple of thugs After a little back and forth he goes with them to their safe house and tries to become part of their gang He helps dispose of the body of one of the gang members but overall he's having a hard time meeting the standards of the gang leader Charley and keeping up the pretense that he's a professional criminal Perhaps it's because he's fallen into bed with Charley's girlfriend and into love with one of the other female housemates Suffice it to say that there are not very many happy endings in this bookThe selected stories included in the book were a mélange of Goodis's efforts spotlighting a wide variety of different types of story telling and written in the period of 1942 to 1958 Some focused on many of the elements included in BLACK FRIDAY including the doomed love relationship Some were spare and economical; others were descriptive and lush Detective stories romantic thrillers black comedy – Goodis crafted original well told tales Generally each had some kind of twist to its resolution which wasn't always executed successfullyI was glad to be exposed to the works of this underappreciated author I found that many of his techniues and approaches didn't appeal to me personally particularly his obsession with a femme fatale type of character that pervades most of his work Perhaps it's that writing styles have changed over the years and the tortured romanticism just doesn't wear well in today's world However unlike many other noir works Goodis's characters are responsible for their own failures—they are not victims of circumstance and external events BLACK FRIDAY and Selected Stories is worth reading just for the introduction to a skilled writer who time almost passed by Thanks to Serpent's Tail Goodis may be found and appreciated by a new generation

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Black Friday and Selected StoriesIt's winter in Philadelphia January cold coming in off two rivers Hart is broke freezing looking for a place to lay low from the cops If he can't find somewhere soon he might do something rash like steal an overcoat and accept a wallet containing 11000 from a man dying from gunshot wounds in the street Whoever killed him might have. There's a certain perception of crime fiction that Black Friday didn't at all live up to Normally these stories either feature a detective a former detective or someone with a gritty but righteous outlook who has to get his and it's always a he hands dirty in order to combat a world full of corrupt menDavid Goodis sucks the heroism right out of scenario The main character is on the run right from the get go; cold starving desperate and out of options He falls in with a group of criminals essentially out of a lack of optionsA number of striking characters emerge in this lean little book all with an impressive amount of depth and with moments of surprising poeticism Most of the cast are living out small sad lives and the notion of any greater importance is only ever suggestedThere's a since of dread that hangs over the story and from the first chapter I had the feeling that no matter the outcome things would not end wellThe slim 4 edition of Black Friday suggested an old timey salacious crime drama and while I like those the discovery of a tragedy centering around a group of low level hoodlums and their meager lives is a much rewarding find