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Summary Of Tender Sin í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ You'll belong to me And I'll belong to Charlie The three of us we'll have a wonderful timeAlvin Darby is a 29 year old insurance clerk with a comfortable apartment a beautiful wife and enough money in the bank not to have to worry So why does he wake up in the middle of the nighYou'll belong to me And I'll belong to Charlie The three of us we'll have a wonderful timeAlvin Darby is a 29 year old insurance clerk with a comfortable apartment a beautiful wife and enough money in the bank not to have to worry So why does he wake up in the middle of the night tortured by the image of a woman with platinum blonde hair And why is he suddenly convinced that his wife is having an affairConsumed by jealousy and determined to track down the woman with the. It began with a shattered dream This awesome opening line sets the tone for this brooding melancholy fever dream of a novel par for the course for a David Goodis book The book is a bit bizarre than anything else I've read by Goodis and it follows normal working suare Alvin Darby who in bed one night has a nervous breakdown and begins to be haunted by and obsessed with platinum blonde hair The cause of this might be his recurring memory of the blonde hair of his older sister who he was obsessed with when he was a child This naturally affects his relationship with his brunette wife Vivian who can't seem to understand why for weeks Alvin has been unable to get it up and perform his spousal duties in bed After his breakdown things get worse after Alvin overhears Vivian cuddle calling on the phone with another man and he journeys out with incestual memories and murder on his mind onto the snowy streets of Philly's Skid Row; streets filled with rotgut wine cocaine flophouses blackmailers and gold digging tramps with platinum blonde hair “Winter was gray and mean upon the city and every night was a package of cold bleak hours like the hours in a cell that had no door” If this sounds to you like a real downer of a book then you're right it is But that's what you should expect from the poet of despair David Goodis But as usual his writing is so poetic and evocative you can't help but he riveted and eager to follow the main character as he falls deeper into darkness If you read a Goodis book expecting a standard crime novel you'll be pleasantly surprised or terribly disappointed His novels never have standard villains like crime bosses or serial killers but his tales are pitch black noir and the adversary comes from the inner demons of the protagonists themselves The action and suspense in Of Tender Sin is emotional and psychological with the main character struggling to confront his paranoia fetishes sexual insecurities and feelings of helplessness In this way the book reminded me a lot of my favorite Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut that dealt with a very similar journey for the main character This book feels like it was written in a few nights of inspired manic writing sessions where I can imagine Goodis typing away in the late hours binging on wine whiskey and cigarettes This uality makes the plotting feel a bit rushed and uneven but it also gives the book a very earnest energized feel And the book probably has the very best prose that I've read so far in a Goodis novel with passages just pulsing with mood and imagery Under the blanket the outline of her body was slender and displayed a certain innocence a precious uality far significant than the elegance of her form She seemed to radiate kindness and essential goodness and Darby trying to measure the value of her told himself it was immeasurable

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Platinum blonde hair Alvin leaves his comfortable life to walk the streets of Skid Row intent on murder Caught up in an underworld of drugs and crime Alvin is soon out of his depth and back with his old girlfriend Geraldine whose seductive silver yellow hair and orange lips seem to hold the key to unlock the dark and terrible sin of his pastLong unavailable Of Tender Sin is a brilliant tale of paranoia and jealousy femmes fatales and dark secrets With its seering portr. So much can be said about the French And while I'm tempted to write about all of it here I realize this a book review of an American pulp novel from the 1950's so I will keep myself in check Why do I bring up the French you may ask Well because we can thank those les hommes de bonne for reintroducing us to one of the great authors of American Pulp Fiction David Goodis was extremely active in the 40's and 50's churning out his special brand of despair in magazines like Dime Mystery and Terror Tales Sadly after America turned its attention away from the world of noir he was lost in time and almost completely forgotten Thankfully French film auteurs like Francois Truffaut and Jean Luc Goddard kept his brilliant work alive in films such as Shoot the Piano Player and Made in USA Piano Player was essentially my introduction to Goodis and sent me down the rabbit hole in to his prolific body of work Of Tender Sin initially caught my attention because of its universal themes A cheating wife Check A husband trapped inside his own mind and going through a complete mental break down resulting in a phase of prostitution and drug abuse Check Our main character Mr Alvin Darby is a good enough guy He has a boring desk job in the financial district of Philadelphia he eats lunch with his good friend Harry each day and at night he comes home to his lovely wife Vivian The couple will typically eat a nice dinner before they retire to their respective twin beds in true 1950's fashion On this particular night however something is off Mr Darby can't shake the image of a platinum blonde beauty from his mind Unfortunately this is not such a good thing as some might think The image haunts him slowly driving him mad Vivian a stunning brunette suddenly has platinum blonde hair herself and Darby can't figure out what is wrong with him Vivian can sense something is off and after a brief argument and a secret phone call we see the full collapse of Alvin Darby I've read my fair share of pulp novels and while it's easily one of my favorite genres I tend to complain that some works are simply too sterilized for my taste It's 2011 and things were much different in the 1940s and 50's Watch a John Wayne film and you'll know what I'm talking about With that being said there are several authors that get it so right it would make most prison inmates feel uncomfortable David Goodis is one of those authors While reading this book you can almost see the dark cloud hanging over Mr Darby We are taken on a twisted ride through adultery street life and even incest as we try to figure out just what is going on with this guy At the same time Goodis allows us to connect with him in a way that makes you feel oddly empathetic We may have not been in the same situations as Mr Darby but we've all suffered through similar emotions That is the beauty of Goodis He is able to tap in to the darkest human conditions and make you feel the way the characters do Meanwhile the dialogue is outstanding and images of an ugly city come right off the page Clearly not everyone wants to feel manic depressive while doing some light reading so keep that in mind should you choose to pick up this book However for the person who loves seeing others in their most desperate state and also enjoys things like rainy days and the color black then this is for you Highly recommended Goodis has uickly become one of my favorite authors and a must read for anyone interesting in Film Noir Pulp Fiction French New Wave andor dark American literature JRS

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Of Tender SinAyal of the mean streets of Philadelphia and its underworld of drugs and crime Of Tender Sin is as hard hitting today as it was when it was first published in 1952Introduction by Adrian Wootton Goodis captures the bleak desperation of the urban jungle like no other writer before or since Neon A lethally potent cocktail of surreal description brilliant language cracker barrel philosophy and gripping obsession Adrian Wootton No one does existential loners better The Heral. Of Tender Sin 1952 This may be the best David Goodis novel I’ve read I read it in the Paper Back Original form which is how I like to read these The cover is a typical Gold Medal Original cover painting with a ripe looking blonde breasts spilling out legs suggestively open spread over a cheap looking couch It takes place in urban Philadelphia with good chunks of it taking place in skid row flop houses and cheap apartments Alvin Darby is a typically troubled Goodis hero He works as an actuary in a large life insurance company He has a beautiful wife named Vivian but he can’t get it up with her and he is obsessed by dreams of a platinum blonde woman who turns out to remind him of his slightly older sister Marjorie with whom he certainly was physically obsessed with when he was fifteen and they probably had sex His search for platinum blonde women draws him to Skid Row and an ex girlfriend who is addicted to cocaine and who is probably a hooker He also is obsessed with a man from his past whom he suspects of having an affair with Vivian He is so obsessed that he steals a knife planning on killing the guy and is seen and blackmailed by a couple of thugs There is a wild scene involving the two blackmailers and the suspected cuckholder So there’s drugs and violence and sex but this reads less like a typical pulp novel than it does Dostoyevsky’s Notes From Underground There are a lot of nightmare scenes and nightmarish scenes and an unconvincingly hopeful denouement I imagine most readers were disappointed but there is much to admire here The Tender in the title linked with the lascivious cover painting suggests a titillating heavy breathing soft core paperback but the novel is sensitive and tender in the most flattering meaning of the word Highly recommended