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Wild Life epub Ï Hardcover read ´ Keena Roberts split her adolescence between the wilds of an island camp in Botswana and the even treacherous halls of an elite Philadelphia private school In Africa she slept in a tent cooked over a campfire and lived each day alongside the baboon colony her parents were studying She could wield a spear as easily D from the bush was cowed by the far treacherous landscape of the preppy private school social hierarchyMost girls Keena's age didn't spend their days changing truck tires baking their own bread or running from elephants as they tried to do their schoolwork They also didn't carve bird whistles from palm nuts or nearly knock themselves unconscious trying to make homemade palm wine But Keena's parents were famous primatologists who shuttled her and her sister between Philadelphia and B I went into this thinking it might be similar to Alexandra Fuller's Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight But no There was no alcoholism And no family dysfunction And no terrorists And no Uzis And no residual racist postcolonial attitudes So No it isn't like Fuller's book Maybe like Swiss Family Robinson Botswana style Black mamba snakes in the sink Man eating crocodiles and hippos that want to chomp your little boat in two Climbing a tree to avoid a lion attack Large dangerous animals shuffling around outside your tent at night Living outdoors in 120 degree weather so hot it melts your pens and shampoo bottles Singing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs so as not to startle any critters when you go out to pee Yep Good times on the Okavango DeltaKeena's parents were primatologists studying baboons in a wild game preserve four hours from the nearest town She was born in California but from babyhood Africa was all she knew She first lived in Kenya and then Botswana Baboon Camp was her normal She and her younger sister were given far responsibility than most of us would expect kids to handle Their parents told them We will treat you like adults and we expect you to act like adults Keena was even allowed to have alcohol from a young age just like a little adult One day when she was thirteen years old her mother asked her if she fancied being a test case for the new stun gun Keena turned to her sister and said Lucy hold my beer Eventually her parents' obligations reuired that the family alternate between Philadelphia and Botswana This caused her some very painful cultural and social whiplash She had never been to school or lived in a city or learned to socialize with kids her age She knew nothing about American pop culture Even wearing shoes was foreign to her The things she thought were cool were alien to her classmates and she was an outcast The way you and I would have felt being dropped on an island in Botswana as a child was the way Keena felt in America To her Africa was home Being indoors was tortureAs she matured Keena came to understand that her idyllic life at Baboon Camp was not real life in Africa She was a privileged white American with options not available to the African people The HIVAIDS epidemic was sweeping through Botswana tearing at the fabric of their society To her credit she went to college and earned multiple degrees that would allow her to work in the public health arena to try to end the crisisIt would almost be a crime to have an upbringing like this and not write a memoir There were times when I seriously uestioned her parents' choices in exposing their children to danger and I'm glad they all survived It could have gone very differently on a number of occasions with tragic conseuences

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Keena Roberts split her adolescence between the wilds of an island camp in Botswana and the even treacherous halls of an elite Philadelphia private school In Africa she slept in a tent cooked over a campfire and lived each day alongside the baboon colony her parents were studying She could wield a spear as easily as a pencil and it wasn't unusual to be chased by lions or elephants on any given day But for the months of the year when her family lived in the United States this brave ki I was fortunate to be able to read an advanced copy of Wild Life This is the kind of memoir that surprises the kind you can't put down It's going to appeal to a broad audience — will please both adults and the YA crowd I absolutely loved this book Keena's strong voice is funny and fresh and bright I was enthralled with her adventures; there is a certain magic that comes through the pages I highly recommend this captivating gem of a book

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Wild LifeOtswana every six months Dreamer reader and adventurer she was always far comfortable avoiding lions and hippopotamuses than she was dealing with spoiled middle school field hockey playersIn Keena's funny tender memoir Wild Life Africa bleeds into America and vice versa each culture amplifying the other By turns heartbreaking and hilarious Wild Life is ultimately the story of a daring but sensitive young girl desperately trying to figure out if there's any place where she truly fits This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksI really enjoyed this book If you follow my reviews you probably already know that my taste in books is pretty eclectic While I am willing to read anything that sounds interesting I don't read a lot of memoirs because they rarely appeal to me I have zero desire to read about celebrities which eliminates a lot of memoirs A story about a normal person doing extraordinary things is exactly the kind of thing I can get into so I went with my gut and gave this book a try and I am so glad that I did Once I started reading this book I didn't want to stop and ended up reading the whole book in a single day Keena's childhood was uite uniue Her parents studied animals in their own environment and took the whole family with them She spent the first few years of her life in Kenya but most of her childhood was split between Botswana and Philadelphia While in Baboon Camp in Botswana Keena and her family lived in tents and had to watch out for lions elephants and buffalo While in school she had to deal with kids who liked being mean to anyone who was a little different From her descriptions I would have preferred life with the lions over going to high school as she didI loved getting to know Keena through her stories There were times that I worried about her and feared that she would get hurt I sympathized with her when she struggled to fit in at school I was a little jealous of her when she described the days that she would spend the day in a tree reading while at camp I was amazed by her ability to think clearly in highly stressful situations The descriptions in the book are very well done and I felt like I had a good idea of what life was like at camp I loved that there were a few photos scattered throughout the book to help illustrate some of the things discussed in the bookI would recommend this book to others I found this book to be very entertaining and I feel like I learned a few things in the process I wouldn't hesitate to read from Keena Roberts in the future I received a review copy of this book from Grand Central PublishingInitial ThoughtsI really enjoyed this book I don't read a lot of memoirs but when I do decide to pick one up it is usually about a normal person doing extraordinary things instead of anything dealing with a celebrity I couldn't imagine growing up like Keena did before reading this book I understood her love of nature and animals while struggling to fit in during her times in the United States I thought that she did a fantastic job of letting the reader see what both aspects of her life were like I was worried about her safety at times and her emotional welfare at others I am so glad that I decided to give this one a try