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El laberinto de los espíritus review ß eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Barcellona fine anni ’50 Daniel Sempere non è più il ragazzino che abbiamo conosciuto tra i cunicoli del Cimitero dei Libri Dimenticati alla scoperta del volume che gli avrebbe cambiato la vita Il mistero della morte di sua madre Isabella ha aperto una vè un romanzo inebriante fatto di passioni intrighi e avventure Attraverso ueste pagine ci troveremo di nuovo a camminare per stradine lugubri avvolte nel mistero tra la Barcellona reale e il suo rovescio un riflesso maledetto della città E arriveremo finalmente a scoprire il gran finale della saga che ui raggiunge l’apice della sua intensità e al tempo stesso celebra maestosamente il mondo dei libri l’arte di raccontare storie e il legame magico che si stabilisce tra la letteratura e la vitaL?. 45 stars What a bittersweet moment ending a series you adore especially the follow up to a book you love with your whole heart There's no way a book like that can live up to what you've conjured in your mind but Zafon came close At times it was a bit overwrought and dragged slightly but I loved the conclusion and any time it connected to the other books in the series Re reading this series will absolutely reward itself and I imagine I might even enjoy the different installments upon a second read Needless to say I adore these characters and this magical Barcelona that Zafon has captured on the page and I'm sure I will find myself returning to it again and again and again

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Barcellona fine anni ’50 Daniel Sempere non è più il ragazzino che abbiamo conosciuto tra i cunicoli del Cimitero dei Libri Dimenticati alla scoperta del volume che gli avrebbe cambiato la vita Il mistero della morte di sua madre Isabella ha aperto una voragine nella sua anima un abisso dal uale la moglie Bea e il fedele amico Fermín stanno cercando di salvarloProprio uando Daniel crede di essere arrivato a un passo dalla soluzione dell’enigma un complotto ancora più oscuro e misterioso di ue. 45 The hope every maker of tales carries within that readers will open their hearts to these little creatures made of ink and paper and give them a part of themselves so they can be immortal even if only for a few minutesAn absolutely amazing and spellbinding book to finish off the Shadow of the Wind uartet This book draws on old characters and new strung together into a intricate interconnected web of a plot that had me absolutely gripped We get to see the beloved Barcelona in all its glory and walk the streets with mystery and political intrigue and espionageThis book starts with the disappearance of Mauricio Valls a prominent figure from previous books who overlooked Montjuic Castle where numerous people disappeared and were tortured and killed Sent to find Valls this book introduces the alluring Alicia Gris whose last assignment it is is to find Valls so that she can then be granted utter freedom from working as an investigator From this investigation Alicia is introduced to new mysteries and secrets and uestioning who she can trust Alicia Gris has the stand offish personality and a secret dark past rivaling that of Lisbeth Salander but also has the brave and brash actions and inuisitiveness of Clarice Starling; she has easily become one of my favourite investigators in a novel Through this novel she is entangled with the Sempere family and its secrets as well as being placed into the illusive and shadowy literary labyrinth including that of the seemingly magical 'Cemetery of Forgotten Books' Carlos Ruiz Zafon writes with such beauty and descriptiveness mirroring that of the first book The Shadow of the Wind Although this was a large book Zafon’s writing had me completely ensnared in the plot that I only put it down when I felt too tired He brings both beauty and humour as well as tragedy to his writingThe great thing about Zafon’s books is that you do not need to read the previous ones to understand the plot Everything can easily be picked up from one novel The exceptional thing about this last novel however is that he has brought together all the different plot lines and characters from previous books and has clarified and finished them up with no loose ends a very satisfying ending to an intriguing set of literary thriller books The memories we bury under mountains of silence are the ones that never stop haunting us

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El laberinto de los espíritusLlo che avrebbe potuto immaginare si estende fino a lui dalle viscere del RegimeÈ in uel momento che fa la sua comparsa Alicia Gris un’anima emersa dalle ombre della guerra per condurre Daniel al cuore delle tenebre e aiutarlo a svelare la storia segreta della sua famiglia anche se il prezzo da pagare sarà altissimoDodici anni dopo L’ombra del vento Carlos Ruiz Zafón torna con un’opera monumentale per portare a compimento la serie del Cimitero dei Libri DimenticatiIl Labirinto degli Spiriti. So write what has never been said Let your heroes do what no one has doneZafon responds to us denouncing Have you ever met someone who did or wrote what was not written yet I write your life as a readerThe circle of labyrinth is closed and every writer leaves a part of his soul lost forever between his lines; destinies are intertwined and ends intertwine between vengeance and poetic justice; sacrifice and eternal friendships;We leave the cemetery of the forgotten books With  three authors three officers three owners of the Sempre Library three women three girls and three miscreantsAnd  unforgettable tramp a  guard and a demon and don' t forget the black Hand And  a Narrator assures us by  lines of Zafun It is the sincere pain that we live alone It does not matter what you will write but what is important is how you will write it There are two ways to read this mazeTo read it as a lengthy independent thriller novel about the secrets and ugliness of the Spanish Civil War and its heroic investigator and investigator are exploring what should not be known in a framework of actionOr read it as the end of the largest literary epic on literature and libraries And as we patiently search for geeks for a rare book you will desperately search for the fate of the heroes I loved and an explanation of everything that has turned a blind eye in their Fate IN the last days of the year 1959 We go behind Weiss Spain's rascal Minister of Culture to Barcelona to search for the author David Martin and the minister disappears without a trace; so our new heroine Alicia Grace with  her older handsome policeman Bargas leave behind a complex relationship arising between them that started with hostility and turned into a friendly and harmoniousDuring their research journey we will get acuainted with the author of the Gothic fantasy series which is Victor Matiax; we will wander between the secrets and mysteries of Barcelona ​​the dark Gothic that has become a curse of blood; our weapons are A rare book Lethal booklet; numbers on a paper and antiue ink penAnswers  are always in the past The cemetery of the forgotten books does not have a single entrance as we thought; it is possible that you would fall on it from the ceiling if you were your name Alithia and an angel at nine years old with a bomb that detonated your waist and left you with the imprint of the pain that kills the soul; thus Alithia gained her connection with the book Alice In the land of wonders books are literally saved by them not figuratively like our former heroesI liked the surviving Alythia with the Seven Spirits and Iridiana the firm and gloomy and I liked Vargas than all I finally understood FerminMore importantly Daniel became a fully fledged mature hero and finally deserved the title Champion of the SeriesWars pollute everything but cleans the memory But the novel remains a literal masterpiece on the Spanish Civil War repression enforced disappearance and imprisonment during Franco's era and it is a superb seuel to the prisoner of HeavenAnd do not forget the will of all those who are lost in the grave of the cemetery one must make his mistakes not the mistakes of othersForever the past will remain our reality no matter how we intervene to fix its results We will not cancel what happened no matter how uglyArabic review