SUMMARY é Paul Simon

SUMMARY Paul Simon

SUMMARY é Paul Simon ´ A publishing event from music legend Paul Simon an intimate candid and definitive biography written with Simon’s full participation—but without his editorial control—by acclaimed biographer and music writer Robert HilburnFor than fifty years Paul Simon has spoken to us in songs about alienation doubt resilience and empathy in ways En favorite books of 2013 The result is a landmark book that will take its place as the defining biography of one of America’s greatest artists It begins in Kew Gardens Hills ueens where raised by a bandleader father and schoolteacher mother Simon grew up with the twin passions of baseball and music The latter took over at age twelve when he and schoolboy chum Art Garfunkel became infatuated with the alluring harmonies of doo wop Together they became international icons and then Simon went on to even greater artistic heights on his own But beneath the surface of his storied five decade career is a roller coaster of tumultuous personal and professional ups and downs From his remarkable early success with Garfunkel to their painfully acrimonious split; from his massive early hits as a solo artist to the wrenching commercial failures of One Trick Pony and Hearts and Bones; from the historic comeback success of Graceland and The Rhythm of the Saints to the star crossed foray into theater with The C. First off I am a huge Paul Simon fan During my moody adolescence I discovered Simon and Garfunkel and they seemed to soothe my tortured soul I mean Hello darkness my old friend They got me By the time I discovered them they had broken up mostly so I had to rely on their back catalogue for material to listen to Also and I am dating myself here this was well before the days of music streaming and the internet So I had to rely on the good old record store to get my material and find out what was available As I moved from moody teen to less moody adult ish I really got into Paul Simon's solo stuff His songs spoke to me and helped me feel less alone and that someone out there understood me For me the lyrics he wrote got to the heart of the human existence The line that stands out for me is from Slip Slidin' AwayShe said “A good dayAin’t got no rain”She said “A bad day’s when I lie in bedAnd think of things that might have been”That line got me hooked And as I have aged it has stuck with me and gets truer and truer the older I getSo the bookHaving grown up in the pre internet age my knowledge of Paul Simon was limited to articles and what I saw on TV and obviously got through his music When I saw there was a book about him I jumped at the chance to read itI will say I thoroughly enjoyed the book I knew the main events of his life but didn't know much in depth of what he was about and how his writing process worked Although Mr Simon wasn't directly involved in writing the book the author used many hours of interviews with him and people close to him The author's previous subjects Springsteen Johnny Cash and John Lennon lends some credibilityI don't think there is going to be anything in this book that shocks anyone There are no gossipy insights into his relationships which I appreciate What there is is an attempt to understand the man and what shaped him into becoming one of the most prolific American songwriters of our time The portrait isn't always flattering For me it feels honest and not as if the author ever gushes or paints over Mr Simon's flawsThe section that speaks to the controversy around the Graceland album and recording with South African artists was of particular interest to me I was a huge fan of that album and was aware of the issues facing him and the public opinion around him at that time I was lucky enough to see one of the Graceland concerts and it was one of the coolest concert experiences I have had The other being Simon and Garfunkel reuniting for a benefit concert and sobbing while they sang Bridge Over Troubled WaterI am always hesitant to read books about artists I really like I am afraid that it will take away somehow from my love of their art This was not the case with this book I feel like I have an even better insight and love for the artistry and depth of Paul Simon's workFull disclosure I received this eARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review Thanks NetGalley

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A publishing event from music legend Paul Simon an intimate candid and definitive biography written with Simon’s full participation but without his editorial control by acclaimed biographer and music writer Robert HilburnFor than fifty years Paul Simon has spoken to us in songs about alienation doubt resilience and empathy in ways that have established him as one of the most beloved artists in American pop music history Songs like “The Sound of Silence” “Bridge Over Troubled Water” “Still Crazy After All These Years” and “Graceland” have moved beyond the sales charts and into our cultural consciousness But Simon is a deeply private person who has resisted speaking to us outside of his music He has said he will not write an autobiography or memoir and he has refused to talk to previous biographers Finally Simon has opened up for than one hundred hours of interviews to Robert Hilburn whose biography of Johnny Cash was named by Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times as one of her t. I can clearly remember the first time I heard Paul Simon To my six year old brain the video for You Can Call Me Al was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen And the song wasn't half bad either When I was sixteen I found Simon Garfunkel's Greatest Hits among my cousin's vinyl collection and played it to death The angelic harmonies and poetic lyrics were like nothing I had heard before A couple of years later I bought Graceland on CD and it opened my mind to a whole new world of African rhythmsI feel like Simon's songs have been a soundtrack to my life so I wanted to learn about the man behind the music Esteemed critic Robert Hilburn has set out to write the definitive biography of one of America's greatest songwriters He has spoken to several of the key players in Simon's career and spent over 100 hours talking to the artist himselfThe story begins with Simon's contented childhood In those days he was interested in baseball than music and he was a decent player by all accounts but his height prevented him from going any further down that road He began to notice certain songs on the radio and dedicated several hours learning them on his guitar In a happy twist of fate the family moved to a house two blocks from the Garfunkels Paul and Art soon realised that they had a uniue musical chemistry They initially had some minor chart success as Tom and Jerry but that venture fizzled out Paul went to England and began to hone his craft By the time he returned his songwriting had jumped to a whole new level Back home in New York he recorded these new tracks with Art Homeward Bound and I Am a Rock became chart hits and the duo were catapulted to stardomSimon has had a tumultuous relationship with Garfunkel over the years and I was eager to find out about this friction Hilburn believes the resentment has always been present on Garfunkel's side jealous that his partner took most of the glory for writing the songs For his part Simon was angry when Garfunkel decided to pursue a movie career without telling him and this was what caused the pair to split in the first place They have reunited several times for tours but it feels like an argument is never far from breaking outOf course Simon has had a very successful solo career without his old pal Artie Hilburn explores it in great detail describing his inspiration for each album and the recording process involved The 70s were a very fruitful period There Goes Rhymin' Simon and Still Crazy After All These Years being commercial and critical hits However it was on 1986's Graceland that Simon reached his creative peak Introduced to South African music by a friend he travelled to the country to collaborate with local musicians and record an album there It was a big risk South Africa was in the grip of apartheid and Simon was criticised by other artists for violating a cultural boycott But Graceland turned out to be huge success worldwide and cemented Simon's reputation as a musical and lyrical geniusSo what kind of a person is Paul Simon A friend from his days in England describes him as paradoxical charming courteous shy arrogant self assured ruthlessly determined He could be aloof and opinionated and his ego sometimes took over But he was also very charismatic and kind he has raised so much money for charity over the years and always been generous in crediting his collaborators As a husband he was at times distant and preoccupied music took first place in his list of priorities However he seems to have found stability and true happiness with his third wife Edie BrickellIt's a fascinating read overall There is enough detail and juicy gossip to satisfy the most ardent Simon fan I particularly enjoyed the chapters about Graceland my favourite album of his A significant portion of the book is dedicated to the fourth phase of his career projects like So Beautiful or So What and Stranger to Stranger and I was less enamoured with this section but that's down to my own personal taste Paul Simon The Life is an absorbing worthy portrait of a uniuely gifted songwriter

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Paul SimonApeman and a late career creative resurgence his is a musical life unlike any other Over the past three years Hilburn has conducted in depth interviews with scores of Paul Simon’s friends family colleagues and others including ex wives Carrie Fisher and Peggy Harper who spoke for the first time and even penetrated the inner circle of Simon’s long reclusive muse Kathy Chitty The result is a deeply human account of the challenges and sacrifices of a life in music at the highest level In the process Hilburn documents Simon’s search for artistry and his constant struggle to protect that artistry against distractions fame marriage divorce drugs record company interference rejection and insecurity that have derailed so many great pop figures Paul Simon is an intimate and inspiring narrative that helps us finally understand Paul Simon the person and the artist “With train wreck moments and tender interludes alike it delivers a sharply detailed Kodachrome of a brilliant musician” Kirkus Reviews. I think one of the main reasons I gave this 5 stars is that it shines in comparison with the last rock legend biography that I read on Jimmy Buffet which was pretty terrible This one corrects the faults of that one and is an enjoyable well organized and entertaining readAnother reason for me to give this a 5 is that I admire Paul's music and creativity Granted I would find it hard to work with someone who can be overbearing sensitive prickly and nit picky as he often is but taking a listen to the end result probably means it is worth the suffering He did go up dramatically in my esteem when his movie production turned out to be a bust he gave the studio a 1 million to make up for their losses despite being under no obligation to do so He also cut one of his business managers a check for 100000 for arranging a profitable performance The manager protested that he had done nothing but make a phone call but Paul in recognition of the relationship pressed him to keep it That type of generosity and integrity is too rare in the world of business todayI enjoyed reading the ins and outs of the business if only to be glad I am not in it and found the details of his off and on again relationships with Art Garfunkel and Carrie Fischer to be uite revealingFolks in other reviews criticized the inclusion of many of his song lyrics we already know them but I found that in the context of this biography they added a lot If only to get the tunes going in your head as you read