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EBOOK è EPUB Climate Wars ë ä RANDARENEWABLES Ú Best PDF, Climate Wars author Gwynne Dyer This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.Od and a main topic to read the readers are very amazed The title Climate Wars hints at Dyer's contention that global warming will not be a benign phenomenon where things will continue as before Rather like the human body where a fever of only three and a half degrees Celcius is potentially fatal an increase of only a few degrees can potentially cause massive changes in the earth's climate The earth's biosphere appears to be fine tuned and fragile than we thought and we have unknowingly pushed it far toward making the earth a far less habitable place for humans to live He believes that irreversible changes are coming at a rate higher than even recent generally accepted predictions so that the goal for example of the US and British governments to achieve 80 percent cuts to emissions by 2050 is not enough To illustrate what may be coming then he creates a number of fictitious scenarios set at various times in the relatively near future These scenarios are possible futures he imagines in a world increasingly under stress from the effects of climate change They illustrate his point that global warming is not the relatively easy problem that for example CFC's and the ozone layer was where the world could simply rally together and deal effectively with it Though there are technological hurdles to be overcome they are not insurmountable and could largely be dealt with in the next couple of decades if the international community with a single mind made a decision to move away from oil and coal energy sources and develop alternatives Of course that would include among other projects building five million wind turbines around the world in the next five years uite an undertaking but certainly doable especially if you consider that the world builds 65 million cars a year He believes that we could achieve 80 percent cuts in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 if the political will were there And politics is the arena where the game will be decided It is political will not technological solutions that that will limit our response to the coming crisis As the effects of climate change manifest themselves it will become clear why the international community will not be of a single mind Developing nations such as India and China will not agree to curb their emissions to the same degree as the old fully industrialized nations at least not at first They will consider it a matter of basic justice that they be allowed to catch up in economic development before making their cuts and that the West will have to take the initiative and actually accept deeper cuts initially than if everything were across the board This is going to be an extremely hard sell with voters in the developed countries who will certainly object to paying for benefits that will be spread to countries that not only are not paying for them but are continuing to belch out greenhouse gases Another feature of climate change that can lull policy makers to inactivity is the huge amount of latency between cause and effect There is roughly a 40 year lag in seeing the effects of current levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide So at the time when we need to act now climate effects are only beginning to be felt and we don't feel th

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And always take inspiration from the contents of the boo t is a shame I did not read the book when it was published maybe it was the flashy cover that turned me away from it Without being a real expert on the field it seems to me it reflects well the knowledge and policy on the subject at the end of the previous decade interspersed with future conflict scenarios motivated partially by climate change In ten years the political situation has changed and so does the science I think we can be a bit optimistic on CCS but for the untrained eye the climate wars might still be the same One could argue many of these potential conflicts could start reasons other than climate or food security but the general idea still stands if war is politics by other means we might end up doing environmental policy with a rifle in our hands It is probably cheap of me to say that I found the isolationist UK EU and US scenario a bit too current for my own peace of mind but there you go We might end up building a wall or two even if climate is not to blame for most migration The last third of the book was the most interesting for me starting with Chapter 6 Real World Politics probably because I had forgotten most of what had happened at the the Copenhagen 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference Chapter 7 Emergency measures on geoengineering was also very good at least for someone who knows next to nothing about the subject The last War scenario is great because it is not a war one I should certainly read Under a Green Sky The final chapter was also very good starting with the Clark reference For all the apocalyptic blurbs and a certain pessimismrealism at the beginning of the book it was good to finish with a positive note We can do this Or so I hope

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Climate WarsBest PDF Climate Wars author Gwynne Dyer This is very go 45 Fancy some bigger concerns as a distraction from the horrid new homepageI won’t be the only person whose Goodreads shelves aren’t an accurate reflection of all their interests and opinions but it still seems weird that I only have ten “environment” books – it’s just a subject that since I was a kid in the 80s I’ve mostly read about in newspapers and journals as books go out of date so uickly My knowledge has become bitty over the years a lot of recent models seemed to be showing pessimistic results but I didn’t really have an overall sense of where things may be going Since the Brexit vote probably by way of displacement or catharsis I’ve been watching and reading a fair bit about natural disasters climate change about the absurd lengths US preppers go to and relishing episodes of the BBC historical farm series I hadn’t got round to Strange that that obscure 2005 thing Tales From the Green Valley one of my most watched DVDs eventually spawned a whole set of similar programmes millions love Yes but I like their first album best and I got it when it was newly released Wartime Farm proved to be one of the most thought provoking things about climate change I’ve ever encountered – because it’s not directly about it but it does show how a society organised to deal with multiple shortages and where the strains were and could be that if the war had lasted a year or two longer there could have been people starving; that fields were becoming worn out because of constant cultivation and the lack of manure following the cull of livestock Then watch the Tudor one and consider that that was a society starting to run short of wood with the number of people it had even then which is why coal slowly became popularThe very existence of these series that our current society has capacity for people to reconstruct these sites and activities for the sake of entertainment and academic interest started to seem incredibly poignant and decadent something that could only happen in a fleeting and unusually comfortable place and age like the indoor flight of Bede’s sparrowMost of the recent environment books that interested me were expensive so I ended up scrabbling around on Scribd looking at various titles around 5 years old I’m really surprised how good this book was given its disaster movie cover It appealed to me in a trashy kind of way and I started it expecting a bunch of hard cli fi short stories not something with such solid research foundations and pragmatic examinations of different possibilities Outside fiction there still isn't much in book form that looks at how climate change might interact with geopolitics other than saying there would be wars because of water shortages and that's what this book by a military historian and journalist addresses often basing his hypotheses around studies that were commissioned by the US and UK military and international organisations I would like to see historians examining climate change and other future scenarios as they are already trained in looking at a bigger picture behind events whereas other types of specialised commentators tend to miss out mu