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Download Prodigals Book º æ Greg jackson è Οι Άσωτοι είναι νέοι ερωτευμένοι ή όχι ακριβώς αταίριαστοι αεικίνητοι και συγκινητικοί και αναζητούν νόημα και αυθεντικότητα σε μια καθημερινότητα δια?ομεύονται από μια επιθυμία που σκάβει σαν ρίζα μέσα στις κούφιες κοιλότητες αυτού που μέσα μας δεν γεμίζει με τίποτα Που μπορεί ποτέ να μη γεμίσει Που μπορεί ποτέ να μη θέλει να γεμίσε? Greg Jackson wrote a very perceptive op ed piece recently for the LA Times about the uses and losses of the recent past It was enough for me to seek out his initial book Prodigals I may have read his New Yorker short story several years agoI found I did not like his short stories which were abundant with long sentences and a show off vocabulary Further his tales were about a new lost generation of millennials trapped in making statements about life many times while stonedTo be frank I could not figure out what he was doing at all what he was doing with his themes his narratives his characters He may have had something to say but it escapes me He has been compared to David Foster Wallace OK I know he is a creative writing person and I wish him well I do not think I will dive into his literary pool again

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Οι Άσωτοι είναι νέοι ερωτευμένοι ή όχι ακριβώς αταίριαστοι αεικίνητοι και συγκινητικοί και αναζητούν νόημα και αυθεντικότητα σε μια καθημερινότητα διαβρωμένη από την εμμονή στον εαυ This was by turns breathtaking and piercing a stunningly intricate and perceptive group of short stories I picked it up because it ended up on a list of best writers under 35 featuring Homegoing and The Mothers books which I'd enjoyed for the most part but whose young authors' promise intrigued me than the stories This book did bothI was tempted to remove a star because the stories all started off strong but often ended in a way that seemed abrupt or cryptic never with the surprise twist or satisfying payoff that characterize so much of my favorite short story writings But the writing in this I found so virtuoso that I couldn't begrudge the star particularly given that it's a debutThis is a short eminently consumable read that I'd feel comfortable recommending to anyone If you pick it up please let me know what you think

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Prodigalsτό Λυρική και αδίστακτη εγκεφαλική και παραισθητική η γλώσσα των Άσωτων χαρτογραφεί την περίπλοκη συνθήκη της σύγχρονης ζωής έρωτας δημιουργικότητα ναρκωτικά χρήμα και επιτυχία υπο? Very impressive debut collection The first two stories Wagner in the Desert which was in the New Yorker this summer and Serve and Volley Near Vichy are worth the price of admission Also enjoyed Tanner's Sisters which brings back some of the noirish otherworldly elements of the second story Nice little twist in Dynamics in the Storm Jackson seems to be at his best when writing about privileged young men wrestling with their identities These stories are both fun to read and thought provoking While I admire his shots at writing from a woman's perspective the female centered stories don't uite ring as true