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The Light Jar doc ´ Paperback read Ï lisa thompson Á Nate and his mother are running away hiding out in a tumbledown cottage in the middle of a forest When Mum heads off for provisions and then doesn't return Nate is left alone and afraid with the dark closing in all around himBut comfort can come from the most uSure hunt and the reappearance of an old friend from his pastWill Nate find the bravery needed to face the troubles of his present and ultimately illuminate the future Really enjoyed this book I think it had some eery and tough subjects that may upset some children which is why I suggest only year 6 children read it such as broken family relationships and the suggestion of emotional abuse by one of the characters However I think the tough topics were lightened by the inclusion of the imaginary characters I think the reader went through all the emotions that the main character did I would recommend this book to children as I think it does introduce and address some themes that may be relatable to children such as being scared of the dark I thoroughly enjoyed this book as there was an air of mysteriousness which kept the reader enthralled to the end

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T alone and afraid with the dark closing in all around himBut comfort can come from the most unexpected of places a mysterious girl trying to solve the clues of a trea This is a book to give you so many feels Poor Nate his Mum chose an unsuitable man who made their lives a misery even keeping them in the dark for months on end controlling and manipulating them now his mum has run away taking Nate with her to a cottage in the middle of nowhere A cottage that is a lot worse for wear to the point where there is a chicken roosting on the couch Nate is a nervous boy and now his mum needs to go out to the shops and get them some supplies to start their new life but she doesn't arrive back Nate is frightened but copes with the challenges with the help of a friend who arrives back in his life his imaginary friend that he thought he'd left behind a long time ago This is just the sweetest book it has poignant moments and has a serious undertone but the awful experiences of abuse the his mum suffered and which still bring fear and trembling to Nate's tender heart are well handled I'll be recommending this book to our juniors for not just it's story but it's lovely tone

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The Light JarNate and his mother are running away hiding out in a tumbledown cottage in the middle of a forest When Mum heads off for provisions and then doesn't return Nate is lef I loved Lisa Thompson’s debut ‘The Goldfish Boy’ which a special book to me so when I heard of her news of her new book at the beginning of the year I was so excited and intrigued at the story prospect of ‘The Light Jar’ and I’m thrilled to say I bloomin’ loved it It’s always a mixture of feelings when an author whom you love their previous work brings out a new book there’s excitement anticipation and apprehension as to whether it’ll stand up to their other books and I can honestly say that Lisa Thompson’s done it Fans of ‘The Goldfish Boy’ won’t be disappointed and new readers are in for a wonderful encounter with one of the best children’s authors around In ‘The Light Jar’ we meet 11 year old Nate who is woken one night by his Mum to go on an adventure to start a new life far away from the ties of his Mum’s partner old life They find themselves in an old family friends uninhabited country cottage that has only the surrounding woods a lot of household ornaments and a rather weathered but hardy chicken to keep them company But despite the remoteness and unfamiliarity of the situation Nate actually sees his Mum relaxed and happier in a very long time indeed and although their living situation is far from perfect there seems to be some light through the tunnel However one day Nate’s Mum doesn’t come back from buying some supplies and poor Nate is left wondering worried and alone As time goes on he is reunited with happy and wise Sam his long lost imaginary friend and Kitty a determined funny treasure hunting girl from the woods who’s on a mission to uncover her families past Together mysteries are solved lessons are learnt and friendships are forged with plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you on your toes The pace of the book was very easy flowing kept you captured in the story long after you closed the book and was the type of book you can’t put down but eually don’t want to finish too soon I found the balance of characters the ease of being able to relate to them and empathy you felt towards them was brilliant and the dynamics were real to life and accurate The topics touched on though difficult sad at times is executed with understanding sympathy and accuracy and has the right balance of emotion and truthful insights of the topics featured but never over the top for her main audience of 9 13 year olds to be able to take in and understand which I think is really important I also love that Lisa creates awareness of ‘taboo’ subjects in her books such as mental health hard home life’s loosing someone or parents separating and gives children the chance to be able to relate feel less alone understand and break down the barriers of these generally skirted around subjects that effect all of us in our lives at some point She gives her readers stories that not only help get us talking about these things but stories that will keep your mind and imagination swirling in the stories and mysteries they hold that’ll make you smile and laugh and ultimately gives you books that act like a Light Jar in their own ways to brighten up this busy confusing old world we live in I can’t wait to share her new book with readers young and old