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Round someone has been waiting for Fionn As the battle to become the island's next champion rages a sinister magic is waking up intent on rekindling an ancient war Catherine Doyle weaves a touching heart warmingly magical adventure story from the myths and legends surrounding Arran Island her childhood home Fionn and his sister are sent to Arran for the first time to stay with their elderly Grandfather unaware that they are already bound by fate to the secrets and inherent magic the island hides It has a lot to say about the everyday magic of self belief courage and the abundant gifts of the natural world It also sensitively handles family tragedy grief loss and the anxieties surrounding advancing years in a loved one The narrative voice of eleven year old Fionn beautifully captures the often underestimated perceptiveness and emotional intelligence of childhood A wonderfully enchanting story poignant wise and beautifully writtenAll Fionn ever knew for sure was that Arran haunted her and he could never figure out whether that was mostly a good thing or mostly a bad thing Only that places can be just as important as people They can have the same power over you if you let themHe wanted it so badly it rocked him to sleep most nights and woke him up most mornings All his life it had dwelled in the sliver between his soul and his heart where desire dissolved inti impossibilityThe words swam off the page as his eyes glazed over thoughts of the wish he'd make crawling out of his head and sitting on his chest'Nothing on Arran is inconseuential No blade of grass no drop of rain no wisp of cloud There is magic in everything' He pressed his lips together like there was a secret underneath his tongue swelling and swelling until he chewed it up and then simply said 'There is magic in memory'we gave up and got sweets from the shop so we could eat our feelings insteadBravery is just a matter of forgetting to be afraid Fionn Nothing Nothing lessThere are many different kinds of bravery Fionn Often the journeys we take inside ourselves are difficult than the stormiest seasHis Grandfather turned his face to the sun It sprinkled its rays along the crevices of his face until he seemed not uite as old as before 'Ah a gift' The seagulls circled them in muted silence the rainbow glinting off their wings and painting colour wheels along the groundFionn wanted to say something ; he wanted to say that he loved his Grandfather fiercely that he was the only person in the world who made him feel better about living in his own skin that he was the brightest star in Fionn's sky that he couldn't bear to see him forget a single thing or to find that in all of the forgetting he would come to forget him too The words crowded together on his tongue until he felt too full to speak at all

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The Storm Keeper's IslandWhen Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and k A lot of magic and heart on a beautiful Irish island There's also a lot of heaviness in this story around a dead father a mother so depressed she can't take care of her kids a rapidly aging grandfather and general sibling drama But the main character Fionn was really sweet and my favorite parts were the scenes when his grandpa was fun and wishful I felt really connected to him from the beginning and that's rareThe build up around the threat of the big bad evil person and the upcoming war for the next books was kinda lame? I'm sick of these Voldemort stand ins and their oversized place in MG fantasy It seemed unnecessary because the rest of the magic was lovely and interesting all on its ownBut the island is lovely There are some beautiful passages too about how the magic affects the flowers and birds and how everything moves together The memories of the tides and the power in the storms made for a memorable settingOverall there was a lot of cool magic with storms and candles and a gentle but steady focus on family sadness Looking forward to book 2

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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK The Storm Keeper's Island ó When Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secretive and eccentric old man to step down Soon a new Eep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secretive and eccentric old man to step down Soon a new Keeper will riseBut deep underg ‘Magic and myth combine to make The Storm Keeper’s Island a novel like no other With a different kind of magic this is a contemporary classic that will move its readers to feel like they’ve discovered and rediscovered their love for reading all over again’ Inspired by Cat’s very own childhood connections to the island of Arran – off the west coast of Ireland – and intertwined with the ripe richness and rurality of Irish mythology The Storm Keeper’s Island is a novel like no otherOriginally I had started to write this review after receiving an advance proof copy of this story back in May before it had been chosen as Waterstones’ Children’s Book of the Month for July It is safe to say that it is no surprise to me that it has proudly earned this accolade because it blows everything out of the water and far away across the seaStarting off in the school holidays Ffion and his sister Tara are sent away across the sea by their mother who later on we find is still riddled with shock after the death of their father to a lonely island to stay with their grandfather From the very first page Fionn becomes the kind of almost hidden hero you can really start to root for as the angsty brotherly sisterly dynamic between him and his sibling starts to seep throughBut the island and his grandfather are not uite what Ffion first expected in fact they too are like no other The island of Arran is a larger than life land surrounded from within by magic ancient folklore and legend An island steeped in a strong sense of history and with a beating heart all of its own Inhaling gasping waking up and with a voice that seemingly speaks to Ffion in his deepest dreams this is an island that breathes and begins to come to life before your very own eyes through Cat’s choice of beautiful and almost lyrical language that lilts and sings itself off the pageAs candles memories including a grandfather living with Alzheimer’s and ancient wars meander and merge Ffion finds himself in the middle of a changing of the guard as the island seeks out to select its next Storm Keeper but than magic mystery and myth stand before himWith a feel of a contemporary classic like a blend of Funke with Millwood Hargrave and Rundell this is an all together different kind of magic and fantasy that’s on offer One that’s very much multi layered; it felt like there were so many stories within stories just waiting to be awoken to be told And it is this that I cannot wait to see progress in Catherine’s future storiesThis is a stunning secretly enchanting story imbued with a strong original and inherent sense of ancestral self from Catherine that makes it shine so brightly and will embrace its readers and move them to feel like they’ve rediscovered their love for reading all over againJust as once in a generation the island of Arran chooses a new Storm Keeper; once in a while a book as special as this comes aroundIf I could mould this book in to its very own candle calling it The Storm Keeper – 1st July 2018 it would continue to burn to be relived and reread For this is a book that I hope never goes out and one that I will be waxing lyrical about for years to come