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review Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À His touch can heal anything — except her Her touch can kill anyone — except him He’s her salvation She’s his doom Sarcastic Short tempered Definitely not sparkly Paramedic and firefighter Hugh Argent is no one’s idea ofIm this brave fierce infuriating woman But a unicorn can only take a mate at a terrible cost More than hearts are at stake And every secret is about to be revealed at last Combining romance action and a generous helping of humor Firefighter Unicorn will delight fans of TS Joyce Terry Bolryder and Sherrilyn Kenyon All books in the Fire Rescue Shifters series are standalone romances and can be read in any order No cliffhangers. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but it was good I like how they take part of the mythology around unicorns to make Hugh's life complicated and in a way it makes sense I liked the complications the misunderstandings even the cliches This is another example where the book lived up to its potential Or maybe I just love unicorns that muchAlso I like tortured characters and both Ivy and Hugh were good examples of that view spoilerHugh like everyone else in the team hates Ivy because of the attack on Chase's mate even if she wasn't really trying to kill her and even if she was forced into that situation because of what she is Griff is the only one that really stands up for her until Hugh finally meets her and finds out she is his mate then he starts to help her but at the same time to force her to stay away from him Ivy is very poisonous and she has lived her whole life trying not to hurt someone especially her little sister Hope She is doing her best to protect Hope but she gets involved with some very bad people and Ivy gets caught in the middle and has to fight off a basilisk shifter Then she meets Hugh her mate but she knows that no one would like someone like her as a mate so she tries to respect his desire to stay away from her until she finds out he can help save Hope from the poison that's killing her So they start a game where they are going around each other pushing and pulling and they start opening to each other Ivy confesses that the basilisk is interested in Hugh and wants her to confirm he is a unicorn and if she doesn't help him then she is in danger Hugh promises to protect her and goes to his friends for help but they aren't really willing to help Ivy even if the help is really for Hugh they don't know that so he cuts ties with them and goes away Then it turns out he is not in good terms with his family turns out sex is very bad for unicorn shifters and that if he has sex he will lose the unicorn the reason he doesn't want a mate Hugh thinks that his father has been unfaithful to his mother and he hates him especially because he is always pressuring him to lose his unicorn but it turns out his father has been only looking after him but in all that he forgot to mention that a true mate wouldn't make his lose his unicornSo Hugh gets kidnapped and the basilisk cuts his horn to try and steal his power his friends go to help him and manage to arrive before he is dead but without his horn he can't control his powers and he is constantly in pain so Ivy has sex with him to make the unicorn go away only that makes him a shadow of his former self Ivy doesn't trust herself to be with him thinking that she is going to kill him without his unicorn so she starts to pull away until Hugh confronts her and her own wyvern tells her that they are safe for him So they finally mate and in the process Hugh gets his unicorn back and Ivy finally learns to control her poison so she can be safe around others hide spoiler

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His touch can heal anything except her Her touch can kill anyone except him He’s her salvation She’s his doom Sarcastic Short tempered Definitely not sparkly Paramedic and firefighter Hugh Argent is no one’s idea of a unicorn and he’s careful to keep it that way His life depends on hiding his secretsand on never meeting his true mate Outcast Unwanted Untouchable Wyvern shifter Ivy has been shunned her whole life. “if you want a happy ending you have to make it yourself”Zoe Chant keeps breaking my heart and putting it back together with these Fire Rescue Shifters novels I thought John Doe’s story was crushing but Firefighter Unicorn is an even match So poignant both Hugh and his Wyvern mate Ivy living in isolation and pain because they never could rejoice in a loved one’s touch pushing each other away because of their intense love of the other The hills and valleys of emotion that Ms Chant cycled us through almost too much to bear Knowing that this must have a happy ending but never uite seeing how that could possibly happen And yet it does for so many of our most favorite characters as well as for some newly introduced Just wonderful And the promise of finally hearing the story of the mighty Commander Ash Priceless It almost eclipses the fact that it signals the end As I’ve said in previous reviews for this series if you are a fan you can’t miss this installment and if you’re new to the series get started It will be one of your best Christmas presents ever I received a free copy from the author and willingly choose to review

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Firefighter Unicorn Fire Rescue Shifters #6Due to her uncontrollably venomous skin Now finally there’s someone who can touch herand he doesn’t want anything to do with her No matter how much Ivy craves to be touched at last there’s one thing that can make her give up her only chance at love a cure for her terminally ill younger sister So Ivy offers Hugh a deal Heal her sister and she’ll get out of his life forever The Hugh gets to know Ivy the he longs to cla. A great storyI've enjoyed all the books in this series Each new book I get a new favorite While I look forward to the next presumably last book in the series the author is going to be hard pressed to top this one With a fast paced storyline and well developed characters that draw you in I couldn't put this book down If you haven't yet started this series I highly recommend you do so immediately