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Cadmium Dragon Dragon Guard of Drakkaris #2The Cadmium dragon has found his mate and now he’s on the hunt The hunt for things to buy online so he has an excuse to see the curvy delivery woman that brings him his packages And when a chance occurrence gives him the opportunity to get to know her better he springs into action to show her just how much a dragon can offer inside the bedroom and out Casey can’t help enjoying each fleeting moment she gets at her last stop on h. I FUCKING LOVE DRAGON SHIFTERS

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Um knows he has a lot to explain Like the fact that he’s a dragon And as their time together uickly runs out both will have to determine how far they’re willing to go to follow their hearts Warning This series contains a team of powerful dragons who are on earth to finds mates settle down and help save the planet while saving their own lives at the same time These books contain exciting action some violence and hot sexy scenes?. Boy the dragons keep showing up Can't wait for the next oneCadmium and Casey are so cute The dragon guards have come to Earth to find mates but need to learn about humans Casey is the delivery lady for all of Cadmium's many online purchases He knew right away that she was the one for him but how could he gather to know him when all she did was deliver his packages and then leave What a dilemma Fortunately Fate steps in and the story rolls onIf you like sexy dragon shifters a little out of their element feisty females some action but not a lot a character driven story with steamy scenes then this is for you I would recommend that you read these in order if you haven't already Two slightly different but introductory series are Double Dragons and the follow up Tiger Protectors but you don't have to read them The rest in order are Awakened Dragons Rent a Dragon Date a Dragon Awakened Sea Dragons and then this series They do follow in order and you will see characters in following stories Please Terry Bolryder do Zinc's story next He deserves a mate as giving as he is who needs him as much as he needs her To the rest of you enjoy and then wait like I have to for the next one

REVIEW Cadmium Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris, #2)

CHARACTERS ✓ Cadmium Dragon (Dragon Guard of Drakkaris, #2) ↠ The Cadmium dragon has found his mate and now he’s on the hunt The hunt for things to buy online so he has an excuse to see the curvy delivery woman that brings him his packages And when a chance occurrence gives him the opportunity to get to know her beEr delivery route Who wouldn’t The man she sees is tall ripped and has charm for days even if he goes by the strange name “Cadmium” So when her truck breaks down and help is nowhere to be found she follows her heart and lets Cadmium take her in for the weekend As it turns out it’s going to be a weekend Casey will never forget filled with fun romance crazy antics and spine tingling sex But not everything is perfect and Cadmi. Like I said about Lead Dragon I really enjoyed the whole concept of the dragons needing to find their mates for their hearts the metal poisoning that's an interesting twist I will say I did enjoy the second book a little than the first Some parts of both books feel rushed I think there could be a little bit detail on certain things it's like things were glossed over in the first book the Oracle gets her panties in a wad because lead wants to make Chloe but in the second book Cadmium and nobody seems to say anything I also think it's pretty strange that there wasn't a little bit interaction with the two humans or the dragons in their Dragon forms considering they are meeting these people for life also one of my big pet peeves so far that I'm hoping as we get further into the series will be cleared up they speak as if their names Lead cadmium arsenic zinc are all names of houses and familial lines Hence Leads usually never make it inside the palace First they say that their names are because of the type of Dragon they are then they speak sometimes as though there are than one of that type Dragon if so then should they not have mentioned another type of identifier for each of them for instance this this is the cadmium Dragon problem Or other sentences like that in for their name and their metals is part of the cast identifier sort of If this is the case then that means there has to be than one Dragon of that type cadmium zinc arsenic and so on So one would think they would have some other type of identifier also the first two books allude to them having other magics which supposedly they only discuss with their mates but then there's no mention of things after that I'm not one for writing negative reviews and I don't wish this to be one I really do love the concept of the story and I actually enjoyed the second book a little than the first so I'm hoping there's to be only improvement I was glad to see in this book that this female Cadmium's female wasn't just going to let herself be locked away Although I will reiterate that I think it is very odd that the two human females did not have interaction with each other and I'm hoping that will be different in the next couple books