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doc ↠ The Mighty Heart of Sunny St James Hardcover read Ñ ashley herring blake à Twelve year old Sunny St James navigates heart surgery reconnections with a lost mother first kisses and emerging feelings for another girlWhen Sunny St James receives a new heart she decides to set off on aO set off on a New Life Plan 1 do awesome amazing things she could never do before; 2 find a new best friend; and 3 kiss a boy for the first timeHer New Life Plan seems to be racing forward but I am so looking like a rotten tomato after all that crying and cryingI didn't know that this book would make me all soft and cry like it's everything I needed to feel aliveIt's just one of the best books I have ever read with the most realistic characters The character representation is uite diverse and represented so well that it literally makes you feel like you have adopted them as your family forever Starting from the cover itself yes I as a human has her shallow reasons it's one of the best middle grade plus coming of age fiction I would ever read in my entire life Not exaggerating a bit I will always nominate this one for the best books I have ever read kind of polls The plot is uite good It talks about alcohol addiction and rehabilitation relationships found families friendships which can be either real or fake and the best part It's the subtle romance Three different romance stories Done with perfection I cried a lot because of the way it's written how the words express exactly what I would have felt if I was the character who's been feeling like she's been abandoned by her own mother all this time The realisation the reality the acceptance and the way everything comes together in the end make the read totally unforgettable and so damn beautifulI am a puddle of tears still And I need to fix this headache I am seriously wondering what made me cry so much while reading this book I gave my reasons but I am still wondering why it affected me so much🤧

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When she meets her new best friend uinn Sunny uestions whether she really wants to kiss a boy at all When the reemergence of her mother Sunny begins a journey to becoming the new Sunny St Jame The cover of the book grabbed my attention when I saw Carrie adding it to her tbr I read the blurb did some research on the authorbook and asked Kid1 if she would like to read it with me Thanks to Book Depository for making it possible for her to have a copy as I decided to read in style by getting the audio no regrets the narration was superb I get to admire the stunning coverSo why should we adults pay USD1O for this book just to read about a 12 year old Because we can and if you do I hope that you will not judgecriticize Sunny's attitude What she was going through the heart disease abandonment betrayal transplant living not living and loneliness her plate was fuller than The Klumps' when they attacked the all that you can eat buffet in The Nutty Professor || movie Despite all her hardships she was a cool kid and I love her to bits The island setting was perfect for this semi intense read Blake's superb writing sucked me right into Sunny's world She didn't pull any punches when it comes to Sunny's setbacks triumphs as well as the emotional and physical effects while functioning with adjusting to a new heartandAccepting and welcoming two people one blood and the other a stranger into her life One who brought her to this world then abandoned her seeking forgiveness and a second chance The other who offered her unrestricted friendship and presented something beautiful and promising for them to pursue even though they were both females and only 12 years oldKid 1 finished this first and she sent a selfie of her gorgeous megawatt smile No words needed we knew we found ourselves a winner reread worthy and could not wait for our next beach trip where our hanging spot matched Sunshine's and uinn's on the cover and talk about The Mighty Heart Of Sunny St James MsBlake well done Carrie thank you

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The Mighty Heart of Sunny St JamesTwelve year old Sunny St James navigates heart surgery reconnections with a lost mother first kisses and emerging feelings for another girlWhen Sunny St James receives a new heart she decides t I have read and enjoyed everything else Ashley Herring Blake has written so of course I was beyond excited to dive into this copy I am also so very happy this author is exploring LGBTIA themes because her stories are realistic and important This one in particular follows Sunny St James whose mom left her in the arms of her best friend Kate eight years ago She hasn’t seen her mom for that long but this summer everything is different new heart new friend new crush new momWhile I somewhat prefer Blake’s young adult titles since I connect better with the characters and enjoy the mature scenes featured I thought this one was wonderful Sunny is someone you will immediately adore and it’s impossible not to sympathize with her situation unless you know YOU DON’T HAVE A HEART In which case move along because you don’t deserve this book That was brutal man I just feel so protective of Sunny I love her It’s not that I see myself in her since we’re pretty different people but she’s so confused and I most certainly understand what it’s like to NOT KNOW If you like the right person If you trust the right person If this is who you are or who you think people want you to be And I’m not even referring to her sexual orientation at the moment although that’s an important topic as well I admit it’s a bit long for my tastes which is a tiny problem I had with her previous middle grade title if I remember correctly This is interesting because her young adult titles don’t feel as though they drag But in this case there are certain things that Sunny takes time to comprehend whereas the reader does immediately or uickly such as her new friend’s preferences or her mom’s secret That can be annoying at times and make you want to move things along But all in all this was very beautiful and a story I am proud has been written and published Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’